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April 21, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(Iraq) 2 killed in car bomb attack in Baghdad’s Sadr City

(Iraq) Booby-trapped car explodes in Al-Sadr City

(Iraq) Roadside bomb hits U.S. patrol in Baghdad

(Iraq) Coalition forces arrest Al-Qaeda leader, 14 henchmen in N. Baghdad

(Iraq) Sunnis complain about Baghdad barrier;_ylt=AqCVlDMZIgSCrm0VNOf9ufZX6GMA
Iraqi presidency advisor did not meet with militants — statement

Taliban’s elusive leader Mullah Mohammad Omar urges more suicide raids;_ylt=Atai18JDtD1JSXRh3sSRpKXOVooA§ion=subcontinent&col=
(Pakistan) Video in Pakistan shows youngster beheading man - whilecrying Allah Ahkbar and hoists head in air in triumph

(Pakistan) Red Mosque cleric Aziz: It’s time for Sharia or Martyrdom(Shahadat)\04\21\story_21-4-2007_pg1_3

(Pakistan) Talibanization could challenge viability of Pakistan: Altaf\04\21\story_21-4-2007_pg7_4

Pakistan says Afghans provoked border clash\04\21\story_21-4-2007_pg1_6

(Pakistan) Musharraf offers to visit Israel to help resolve Mideast crisis§ion=middleeast&col=
(Gaza) Palestinian Militants blow up part of American school in Gaza

Palestinian killed in Jenin shootout

Muslim Brotherhood General Guide Muhammad Mahdi ‘Akef’s Weekly Sermon Calls For Attacks in Palestine, Iraq, and Afghanistan: Direct Energy Of Resistance At Real Enemy “Concealed In Jerusalem”

Commentary on Muslim Brotherhood: O Brotherhood, What Art Thou?
(Thailand) Insurgents burn school, ambush soldiers

(Thailand) Bomb kills 3 soldiers, wounds one in Thai south;_ylt=Ag6h_LLE0OGmiwLiMqbCXKXuNREB
(Philippines) Update: Terrorist attack expected in Philippines,22049,21595570-5012773,00.html
Europe’s Terror Threat from North Africa,8599,1613233,00.html

Morocco facing extreme terror threats

(Somalia) Heavy fighting rocks Somali capital - as Ethiopian army unitsbattled Islamist insurgents after a night of sporadic fire;_ylt=AqvNm5gByv7sWJO0XeK.UqOQLIUD
(Nigeria) Failed Truck bomb attempt on Nigeria poll HQ — loaded withgas cylinders to explode

(Turkey) Turkish security forces kill 18 Kurds in southeast Turkey

(Turkey) 300,000 march against Turkey’s pro-Islamic leader;_ylt=Alm5UTbiUdqY2ZRYA1okRZntfLkA
(Canada) Journalist accuses Pakistani madrassa of attack\04\21\story_21-4-2007_pg7_7

(Canada) Witness retracts testimony in terror case of Adil Charkaoui

(France) Paris anti-terrorism office investigates explosion at Marseille bank

(UK) Gangs used Islamic hawala “cornershop banks” to launder millions -to Pakistan and other nations

(UK) High-tech CCTV units keep eye on activity in Islamic neighborhoods

(Sri Lanka) Seven killed in Sri Lanka violence;_ylt=AsSn7j4SHXS.lTfn_zVan6stM8oA
Commentary: Southeast Asia (SEA) terror

Other News:

CAIR Propaganda on PBS

(New Zealand) Nazis hold pro-Hitler concert (my title)

(UK) ‘Immigration threat to Britain as single nation’

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(Pakistan) Video in Pakistan shows youngster beheading man - while crying Allahu Akbar and hoists head in air in triumph§ion=subcontinent&col=

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