Wednesday, April 25, 2007


April 25, 2007 PM Anti-Terrorism News

(UK) 4 Britons plead guilty in terror plot - to conspiring with anal-Qaida-linked operative Dhiren Barot convicted of plotting to bomb theNYSE and other targets in USA and UK;_ylt=AjF50dwDz5qr95GqEqyFECcTv5UB;_ylt=Ams0XJee5ik2O0lxFqIeLYoTv5UB

(UK) Terrorist 007 “was internet propagandist for al-Qaeda” — London computer expert Younis Tsouli

(UK) Anti-terror chief asks Muslims to help more

(UK) Police pressed to investigate leaks on anti-terror raid

India Times: Pakistan govt surrenders to Islamists

Florida doctor accused of being al-Qaeda volunteer;_ylt=AhkG_PtseQaGpIL23g.jo2EwuecA

(NYC) Tamil Tigers rep arrested in NYC;_ylt=Au5v85yl6_muRSz7DgbBpZotM8oA

(Canada) Alleged terrorist Adil Charkaoui asks Canada for review of hiscase after accuser recants;_ylt=Aoqu5SiKVdp3krK.OpuJomwwuecA

Bin Laden overseeing Iraq, Afghanistan ops - Taliban - Mullah Dadullahclaims UBL active planner

Report: Taliban: Bin Laden plans Iraq strikes

(USA) Federal Judge Withdraws Ruling Against Bush Terror Designations -Had ruled against designations of 27 groups & individuals in 2001

(USA) Former CIA director says interrogation “saved lives”;_ylt=AosVo6wedCvflZwV6o3SG.kTv5UB

Egypt threatens to cut Hamas ties if rockets don’t stop

(Israel) ‘Hamas military, political wings one in the same’

Palestinians urge Israel to seize “historic opportunity” for peace, but Israel says Palestinians must first end “campaign of terror”

(Somalia) Official: Missile hits Somali hospital;_ylt=ArW44o3HoUGAEhQm6y38LNiQLIUD

PBS in Islamist Wonderland

(U.S.) New questions for the ISB - Payment from Islamic Society ofBoston to Abdurahman Alamoudi contradicts “no contact” claims

(Netherlands) Dutch government says terrorist threat level has fallen

Spain, Pakistan agree to strengthen anti-terror fight

NY teen arrested for threatening repeat of VTech

Other News:

Audio: Ayaan Hirsi Ali defends the imam who says she must be killed —“This imam has been strikingly honest.”

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