Thursday, April 19, 2007

TERROR NEWS April 19th

April 19, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

Afghanistan: 27 Taliban killed in Afghanistan;_ylt=AqZ5ZQjyuRFXv9FUVag1L.bOVooA

(Afghanistan) Taliban attack civilians to spread fear: Amnesty;_ylt=AoKVsQw_cCbHHKrx6DWqZNPOVooA

(Iraq) New Iraq suicide bombing kills 10 - car exploded near a parked fuel tanker in central Baghdad’s Jadriya neighborhood

(Iraq) Three killed in new attacks on Shiites in Baghdad - series of mortar rounds smashed into the Zafaraniyah district;_ylt=Ain03fGYfTfC81lC_W34Q5JX6GMA

Iraqis voice anger at security plan after bombs;_ylt=AgAd5VE0JkeXlAWP_ZLjYRtX6GMA

(Pakistan) Political madrassas creating “irregular” militia: Benazir Bhutto\04\19\story_19-4-2007_pg7_20

Pakistan terror suspect Khalid Mehmood Rashid held over London bombings

Palestinian Islamic Jihad criticizes Arab calls for direct negotiations with Israel

(Gaza) Militants blast Beit Hanoun barbershop

(Gaza) Officials: $5 million ransom demand for BBC reporter — Alan Johnston believed alive despite terrorist group’s claim it killed journalist

Palestinian Marwan Barghouti calls for immediate release of BBC journalist§ion=middleeast&col=

Egypt wants Hamas to revise numbers in prison swap with Israel

(Turkey) Police detain 10 over Bible killings,23599,21585720- 1702,00.html

(Turkey) Update: Christians at Bible publishers have their throats cut- cut throats of all three killed

Hezbollah refuses to comment to UN on Hariri court

Iran Nuclear: UN Watchdog says Tehran producing atomic fuel

Iran exonerates six who killed in Islam’s name - state militia killed five people they considered “morally corrupt”

(Iran) In accordance with Islamic war jurisprudence, Ahmadinejad offers West conversion before Jihad

Philippines: Islamic Rebels tell Rival Group and Manila to stop fighting

(Thailand) Two men shot dead in Yala - by suspected Islamic rebels

(Thailand) Thai army chief rejects U.S. offer to help quell Islamic insurgency in the south — says Thailand “forces can cope”

Thailand using militias in south, group says;_ylt=AulzYqHmZQ3Y9O3cOiksKb7uNREB

Update: China jails Uighur-Canadian terrorist for life

(Somalia/UK) Somalia’s Islamic Courts minister in UK

Sudan’s young endure “unspeakable” abuse: report;_ylt=AjmsRV4JatA1FhGxQyOGbTAShIMA

Ohio banning terror links in its investment portfolio

(Canada) Terror suspect wins chance to stay in Canada

(France) 3 explosions damage buildings in southwest France; no injuries

German minister sparks row over anti-terror measures;_ylt=AnA1bffpDr.S_EV9Z0TdGOYTv5UB

North Korea demands food aid - no plans to return captured US warship;_ylt=AnwO1Y5GhUF6zshEyd4IxEKCscEA

MEMRI: Islamist Websites Monitor No. 88

Jihadist Web Sites Praise Virginia Tech Murders As Attack Against Americas (my title)

Other News:

Netherlands: No help for male “honor” crime victims

(Netherlands) Dutch fearful of extremism

(UK) Why the British journalists union boycotts Israel

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