Friday, April 13, 2007

"MORE" - TERROR NEWS - April 13th

April 13, 2007 PM Anti-Terrorism News

(Afghanistan) NATO claims 24 Taliban dead - military offensive in Helmand province Friday night,23599,21555274-1702,00.html

(Afghanistan) British soldier killed in Afghanistan

Pakistan behind pro-Taliban tribesmen - Musharraf made a tacit admission that Pakistani military has entered into a marriage of convenience with pro-Taliban tribesmen

(Pakistan) Lal Masjid Mosque representatives telling CD shops to close (my title)\04\13\story_13-4-2007_pg1_8

(Pakistan) Clerics seek Talibanization of Pakistan

(Pakistan) 49 killed, 115 injured in Pakistan sectarian clashes: official

(Pakistan) ABC Report: Crackdown on the Secret War Against Iran

(Ohio) American Indicted for Conspiring With Al Qaeda Pleads Not Guilty— Christopher Paul (aka Abdulmalek Kenyatta) pleaded not guilty Friday in federal court to charges that he joined Al Qaeda and conspired to bomb European tourist resorts,2933,265905,00.html

(Ohio) Prosecutors: Ohioan “a violent jihadist”

Iraq: Three US soldiers, two interpreters killed

(Iraq) Update - SITE Institute: Islamic State of Iraq Claims Responsibility for Suicide Bombing at the Iraqi Parliament in Baghdad’s GreenZone

(Iraq) Green Zone attack feared for months

(Iraq) Commander sees early results in Baghdad

Somali and Ethiopian officials accuse Eritrea over terror,20867,21554245-2703,00.html

Algerian Ambassador: ‘No Return to Dark Age of Terror for Algeria’

Morocco: Brother of Casablanca Suicide Bombers Arrested

Morocco’s king urges North African front against terror;_ylt=AuiNXoh8_0XYKZ1nNsZ6p1l6CC8A

Egypt arrests 10 Muslim Brotherhood members

Turkey’s president warns of Islamist threat

(Thailand) 11 murder suspects held - in connection with shooting and burning Buddhist woman

(Iran) Top Iran MP wants talks with US House speaker Pelosi;_ylt=AmkRhjigOvTaOedjj4eiayVSw60A

(Iran) Tehran Times: ‘A Country That Has... Uranium Enrichment Is Only One Step Away from Producing Nuclear Weapons; This Step Is Not a Scientific or a Technical [One] But a Matter of Political Decision’

Australian Prime Minister terror plea to Pakistan,23599,21555162-1702,00.html

(Australia) Canberra cleric Mohammed Swaiti praises jihadists in Palestine, Chechnya, Kashmir, Afghanistan, and Iraq- “God grant victory to the mujahideen in his name in all places”... “God grant victory to mujahideen in Palestine, and Chechnya and Kashmir and Afghanistan and Iraq”,23599,21555163-1702,00.html

(USA) ‘No-fly’ list hampers homecoming for American Muslim in Ethiopia

MEMRI: Islamist Websites Monitor #82-85

(Canada) Green candidate stands by remarks praising 9/11

Commentary: The long road to victory

In blow to US ‘freedom agenda,’ democracy group told to shun Iraq;_ylt=AmNKfoDSCX_Dtmsw2UGApcBX6GMA

Other News:

Stanford says public can’t attend ‘ex-terrorists’ events

(Netherlands) Islamic inmates pointed wrong way to Mecca,23599,21552757-1702,00.html

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