Friday, April 20, 2007

TERROR NEWS April 20th

April 20, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(Somalia) Fighting kills 20 in Somali capital

Somalia Bombing Blamed on Al-Qaeda

(Iraq) Suicide bombing kills 12 in Baghdad,13319,133000,00.html;_ylt=AhkwTwYi8gNioLNAO7N6lvNX6GMA

(Iraq) Rocket Attack in southwest Baghdad kills one US soldier, wounds two

(Iraq) Ammar Al-Hakim escapes assassination in southern Baghdad — sonof prominent Iraq Shia leader - head of the Secretary General of Islamic Propagation Organization in Iraq

(Iraq) U.S. forces erect wall between Shiites, Sunnis — Three-mile barrier will divide Baghdad groups torn by sectarian hate

(Iraq) Clashes erupt near west Baghdad mosque;_ylt=At843_QT3wxu382GPKrWun4LewgF

(Iraq) Up to 130 soldiers poisoned in northern Iraq

(Afghanistan) Dutch Soldier Killed in Afghan Explosion;_ylt=AlV1DMrYJ1ar3nHivuoc.gLOVooA

(India) Two militants killed in Kashmir - with the “Mujahideen Party”

(India) Terrorists kill civilian in Jammu and Kashmir

Pakistani militant leader denies aiding Taliban, but says willing to shelter bin Laden

(Pakistan) 12 suspects arrested in Balochistan - explosives found

(Pakistan) Civil society rallies against extremism - protests in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, and Peshawar\04\20\story_20-4-2007_pg1_1

Pakistanis protest against extremism

Pakistan: State to offer tourists and investors anti-terror insurance

(China/Pakistan) China admits to terrorist camps in Pakistan

Moroccan authorities arrest bombings’ suspect

Morocco: Islamist Terrorists “could target Spanish interests”

(Nigeria) Gunmen attack boat in Nigeria; 6 passengers wounded

Philippines: Abu-Sayyaf killings prompt crackdown — after severed heads of seven Christian hostages of Abu Sayyaf delivered to military;_ylt=AkjKyjtHHpZnhW._vY4yc55UKYUA

(Philippines) US Warns Of Terrorist Attacks In The Southern Philippines

(Thailand) Buddhist women shot dead in Thai Muslim south

Thailand says it may grant amnesty to southern Islamic insurgents

(Turkey) Iraq warns Turkey on Kurdish action;_ylt=ApABAcpI5cdzQT8ZO4KbAyXFCBEB

Serbia: Wahabi Leader Killed in Clash with Police - hand grenades thrown at police

(Iran) IAEA: Iran has 1,300 centrifuges up and running

(Iran) Missing Ex-FBI Agent Still in Iran, U.S. Says

Kuwait readies for possible US-Iran war§ion=middleeast&col=

(Israel) IDF troops arrest Hamas operative near Bethlehem

Palestinian Former Foreign Minister Zahar: Koran forbids recognizing Israel

EU: Ministers Launch Alert System on Expelling Terror Suspects

(US Embassy in Germany) New measures in Germany linked to terror threat: U.S;_ylt=Ao.VGqSGZxtwK5q4pdEqgfsTv5UB

(UK July 21 bomb plot trial) “Hamza’s 21/7 bomb plot bribe”,,2-2007180359,00.html

(UK) New MI5 chief is counter-terrorism expert

(UK) Peers to Debate Compensation for the victims of overseas bomb attacks

(Canada) Islamic Fanatics Beat Journalist in Canada - who warned him to stop “writing against Islam”

(Sri Lanka) 70 LTTE cadres feared dead in Air Force raid on training base in Mullaitivu

(Houston) Update: Texas Muslim Convert Pleads Guilty to ReceivingTraining from al-Qaida

(Japan) Red Army suspect arrested in Tokyo;_ylt=AiU5_eN8aEwcMJ_mkNaOxtQTv5UB

North Korea pledges nuclear shutdown when banking row is settled;_ylt=Aqfq3Ci.NDUaAwGETNiRT5aCscEA

Commentary: The Trans-Atlantic Terror

(USA) Commentary: 1993 WTC Bombing: “So I Married A Terrorist” - Wife of Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman

Commentary: Nuclear terror: How likely is it? 50% chance of detonation within 10 years, says expert

MEMRI: Has an Organized Campaign to Shut Down Islamist Websites Begun? Islamist Forums Claim It Has

Other News:

(Spain) Islamic play closed over killing of lambs

Antwerp: Dropping alcohol from the menu

Denmark: Hijab is as totalitarian as a swastika

Hitler’s birthday prompts lockdown

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