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April 11, 2007 PM Anti-Terrorism News

(Afghanistan) Update: 17 dead in Afghanistan airstrike, explosions;_ylt=AlE63ydkVpKrvgTaA07YjuLOVooA

Algiers bomb toll rises to 30 - according to hospital sources,23599,21543117-1702,00.html

(Algeria) Update: Al-Qaida attacks Algeria, killing 24 - Al-Qaida’s new wing in North Africa claimed responsibility for suicide bombings;_ylt=A0WTUZTnSR1GrxIAdAZvaA8F

(Algeria) Al-Qaida’s North African wing claims responsibility for Algeria bombings - Abu Mohammed Salah said that the blasts were carried outby three al-Qaida members driving “trucks filled” with explosives

(Algeria) Al-Qaeda publishes photos of ‘Algeria suicide bombers’;,23599,21543329-1702,00.html

(Algeria) Officials: Algerian Bombing Is First Wave of New Al Qaeda“Spring Offensive”

(Algeria) Bombings highlight al-Qaida in North Africa;_ylt=AnjNXwPPI96CPvBswV5bB8t6CC8A

Analysis: Algeria could provide springboard for European terror

Algeria: Interview - Is Europe on the agenda of Al-Qaeda-Linked Group, Wonders Analyst

Commentary: Algiers Terror “Ghazwa”: It is a global war with Terror, indifferent battlefields - Walid Phares

Moroccan minister does not rule out link between bombings in Morocco and Algeria

(North Africa) Terrorism alerts in Algeria, Morocco

Spain: Ceuta and Melilla on Alert after Moroccan Blasts

(Mauritania) 6 charged with terrorism in Mauritania — the six are thought to belong to a local terror cell linked to Al-Qaida in Islamic North Africa

(Ethiopia) 8 foreigners held by Ethiopia in terrorism hunt are put on state TV

(Bangladesh) Prosecutor of seven Islamists killed in Bangladesh;_ylt=AlnoufnyxnvhGZCGErSKEyhTQMQA

(Pakistan) US Focus on Pakistan, not Musharraf\04\11\story_11-4-2007_pg1_1

(Pakistan) Jamia Hafsa leaders “ready for martyrdom” if govt uses force- to bring the radical clerics in line\04\11\story_11-4-2007_pg1_10

Pakistan Claims Control of Al Qaeda Haven in South Waziristan

(India) Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) terrorists let go for bribe (my title)

(Thailand) Police release sketch of bomber

(USA) New intel chief rolls out new integration plan;_ylt=ApHCQ2m_He6lvtuI2mBiRb8Tv5UB

(USA) Terror Watch: “American Taliban” on the move - transferred to the U.S. government's super-maximum-security prison

(Iran) Nuclear project is unstoppable

Iran dismisses doubts about nuclear statement

Iran leads attack against U.S. dollar - Quietly waging economic war as it builds nuclear program

(Iran) USA Lawmakers urged not to visit Iran;_ylt=Ag_ICCE0WgN1cZSlDyA7g.xSw60A

(Iran) Israel says Russia against a nuclear-armed Iran

(Russia) 21 Chechen rebels killed in 2007

(Iraq) Gates: USA Army tours extended by three months

(Iraq) Extremists force women to hide under head scarves

(Israel) IDF troops nab Islamic Jihad fugitive near Jenin

Hamas: Mideast prisoner swap in jeopardy

(Turkey) Officials find no bomb on hijacked Turkish jet

German terrorism surveillance plans opposed

(EU) Rising terrorism has Europol eyeing change

Commentary: Netherlands’ Greatest Nightmare

MEMRI: Is it Legitimate to Use Nuclear Weapons Against the West? A Debate on An Islamist Forum

MEMRI: Islamist Websites Monitor No. 84 - Islamists Propose Ways to Transfer Funds to Islamic State of Iraq

(Sri Lanka) 21 dead in Sri Lanka fighting: defense ministr

German Communist terrorist aims for leniency

North Korea top leader meets U.S. delegation

(Philippines) Troops clash with communist rebels who raided prison complex

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German Muslim groups link up for single voice

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