Wednesday, April 18, 2007

TERROR NEWS April 18th

April 18, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(Iraq) 4 bombs kill 66, wound dozens in Baghdad — Sadr City suicidebomber, car bombs in Sadriyah market and in Karradah, bomb on minibus in Risafi;_ylt=AqPkBqIn8LZuwdBcs_j_p.FX6GMA

Iraq terror sweep nets 34 insurgents

(Iraq) U.S. troops killed five suspects and captured 30 others;_ylt=ApRYiuftES4hGPCGujB6KLtX6GMA

(Iraq) 17 decomposing bodies found in Ramadi;_ylt=Am3SwROubFWj4wYI5XuwsDFX6GMA

Iraq: U.S. finds nitric acid stash;_ylt=AuNhHjTysw4OybLVBFKYy49X6GMA

Iraq plans to control whole nation by end 2007: Maliki;_ylt=AosNfwB5iZ9.mVMC4IfIWX1X6GMA

Iraq takes security control of southern province;_ylt=AmCjvwSNuq3gGJ7TsW3CthtX6GMA

(Iraq) 85 killed or found dead across Iraq - on Tuesday

(Afghanistan) Coalition Forces arrested five suspected al-Qaida on Wednesday in eastern Afghanistan (my title),13319,132718,00.html

(Afghanistan) U.S. eyes Iran in Afghanistan;_ylt=AoXUt9EIPbRcx5wl1NQ9e6POVooA

(Afghanistan) Taliban reject report they kill Afghan civilians;_ylt=Au21K1u08WaldJzMclZ3mmrOVooA

(Afghanistan) Islamists: Germans will be kidnapped — until the German government pulls its troops out (of Afghanistan)

(Somalia) 11 killed in Somalia fighting;_ylt=Ar43Ftsuf_aFakDESQfrKc.QLIUD

Nigerian army battles Islamic militants - fighting 300 Islamic militants;_ylt=AiAHS5yPx2ZTfif.U_K5W5PZ9YEA

Sudan flying arms to Darfur, UN panel reports;_ylt=AhmN3JCAE8jCUAJUeuYq_4gShIMA

UN: “Interim Report on Sudan”

Spain’s North African Enclaves on Alert for Terror Attacks

(Turkey) Report: 3 killed in attack on publishing house that prints Bibles in Turkey - one person had throat cut

(Gaza) Vehicle explodes outside a fancy restaurant in Gaza City

Palestinian Islamic Jihad Denies Haaretz Report of Ceasefire Accord

Israeli forces capture 38 Palestinians in West Bank

(Thailand) Bomb blasts cut power in Thai south - Three Buddhist men were also shot dead, with one later beheaded;_ylt=AjO3o900SDf604NFNu.uYXjuNREB

(Thailand) Insurgents behead Buddhist man

(Pakistan) Women at forefront of “Talibanization” in Pakistan§ion=subcontinent&col=;_ylt=AtbXB1Txp3_kLmUa2ccnakrzPukA

(Pakistan) Lal Masjid Red Mosque cleric agrees to resume negotiations\04\18\story_18-4-2007_pg7_7

(Pakistan) Mosque administration resumes talks with govt, gets extremists’ backing

(Pakistan) Commentary: Pulpit Politics

Pakistan: Ulema Convention Opposes “Sharia By Force”

(Pakistan Unrest) New anti-Musharraf protests in Pakistan;_ylt=Ao_S_iQZsZJGVwOpRobvEYrzPukA

(Pakistan) “Rendition” man Khalid Rashid in custody in Pakistan: rights group;_ylt=AgZtYcE3YdD6T8eW0LugGJUTv5UB

(India) Hizbul militant arrested in Jammu & Kashmir

Iran vows to “cut off hand” of any attacker,23599,21578684-1702,00.html

Iran needs four years to complete fuel cycle: Iran’s nuclear chief

Iran: Military not affected by sanctions;_ylt=AjHi.E0bXF9WbU9ALGxy4h9Sw60A

(Lebanon) Beirut adjourns German bomb plot trial until May 10;_ylt=AtKUSDQQvxWmQkRaRft_J5HagGIB

(Lebanon/Syria) UN probe of arms smuggling across Lebanon-Syria border urged;_ylt=AlLl_cA4tc9IdJ5eOEvM.U_agGIB

Philippines offers bounty for Muslim guerrilla

(Philippines) Bin Laden look-alike in Philippines uses infamous name to lure votes

MEMRI Islamist Websites Monitor No. 87

(Spain) Al Qaeda: Madrid’s March 11 attacks “inadmissible”

(UK July 21 Bombing Trial) Suspect “saved tower block”

(North Korea) Activity seen near North Korea nuclear reactor;_ylt=Avp5gdP5.ZaJdcDtA2pfpauCscEA

Sri Lanka: 60 to 70 rebels die in airsrike

Other News:

(Minneapolis) Muslim cabbies face license loss for refusing fares with alcohol

(Netherlands) Danish Imam: “All Women Should Wear A Veil”

Netherlands: Moroccan babies get only names approved by Morocco

(UK) Polygamous husbands can claim cash for their harems

(UK) British Singer Apologies for Praising Nazi Regime

(UK) Britons on trial over US Al-Jazeera bombing memo

Tajikistan bans miniskirts and head scarves;jsessionid=ZMBMJEYKP3CLVQFIQMFSFFWAVCBQ0IV0?xml=/news/2007/04/18/wtajik118.xml

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