Wednesday, April 11, 2007

TERROR NEWS April 11th

April 11, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(Iraq) 20 militants killed in Baghdad battle: US military

Iraq: Sadrists threaten to leave gov’t

Iraq: Tougher Chlorine monitoring in place

(Afghanistan) Suicide bomb attack on NATO convoy

(Afghanistan) Nine Taliban killed in clashes in Afghanistan§ion=subcontinent&col=

(Afghanistan) Attack kills 4 Taliban in Afghanistan;_ylt=AuUiBLlhY6okmSi_5Ms5CfvOVooA

(Afghanistan) Taliban might profit from Netherlands aid

(Algeria) 17 dead in Algerian bomb attacks - attack on govt building used by prime minister

(Somalia) Four killed as new clashes shatter Mogadishu ceasefire;_ylt=AtsKsVyyYUxBk.JcrW8zz6WQLIUD

(Thailand) Mob parades body of burnt woman - to protest to govt the horror of Jihadist attacks - “eight Buddhists have been killed and burned like this on the same road”,23599,21541600-1702,00.html

(Thailand) Insurgents burn female villager alive - others injured from bomb used against passenger van

Thai Buddhist woman killed and burned

(Iran) U.S. military: Iran training Iraqi bomb makers - Spokesman says fighters learning to assemble EFP roadside bombs

Iran To Make Movie, Book about UK Sailors

(Gaza) Masked men kill police officer in Gaza§ion=middleeast&col=

Palestinians release Shalit kidnap training video,7340,L-3386384,00.html

U.S. Congress authorizes appx $60M aid to Abbas

(Saudi Arabia) Congress Center of Anti-Saudi Hostility, Says Turki

Pakistan cleric says mosque has guns, will defend itself;_ylt=Ah22EGHS.n__sbb3yiWV7nLzPukA

(Pakistan) Intelligence agencies oppose Lal Masjid (Red Mosque)crackdown\04\11\story_11-4-2007_pg1_2

(Pakistan) Lal Masjid relaunches blocked website\04\11\story_11-4-2007_pg1_5

Pakistani prime minister tells U.S. not to criticize efforts against terrorism

(Pakistan) 14kg explosives seized at Lahore airport\04\11\story_11-4-2007_pg7_8

(India) One killed, 10 hurt in Kashmir grenade attack;_ylt=Aj8PuGuiid8NL7mPQTne.XE1NXcA

Lebanon tries suspects in German bomb plot - trial of six Lebanese accused of plotting to bomb trains in Germany last July opened in Beirut;_ylt=Ar0w62eFqtgUDR3FVrpz5s3agGIB

(Hezbollah) Analysis: Dismissing al-Qaeda รข€“ Hezbollah Cooperation Fosters Dangerous Misconceptions

Morocco on alert after four terrorists are killed in Casablanca

Morocco: Suicide Bombers Used Very Powerful Explosive, Police

Morocco ‘bomber brother’ killed - One of the three suspected militants who blew themselves up during a police raid in Morocco is the brother of an internet cafe bomber

(Denmark) Moroccan-born Dane sentenced to prison for promoting terrorism - Said Mansour used publishing house Al Nur Islamic Information to distribute violent Jihadist CDs, videos, and materials - claims his“mission for Islam was ‘peaceful’”

EU data protection watchdog criticizes EU anti-terror plan to share police data bases

(USA) Judge refuses to dismiss Padilla case;_ylt=AtEZhw5bJbziRUPSGq5d9tgwuecA

(USA) 3 Generals Spurn War ‘Czar’ Position

Russia to prepare military response to U.S. missile defense in Europe

Sri Lanka military, rebels say clashes kill 30§ion=subcontinent&col=

Colombian president: “Friend countries” revive hostage talks with FARC

North Korea wants to delay reactor shutdown - scheduled for weekend -wants to delay by a month

(North Korea) $25 Million Going Back to Kim Jong-Il’s North Korea

(North Korea) To Prod N. Korea, U.S. Relents in Counterfeiting Case -Wash Post: $12 million of Banco Delta Asia funds, belonging to 17 account holders, tainted

Commentary: Some US Diplomats & Politicians Think MB = “Moderate” Brotherhood - They Should Think Twice

Commentary: Show Me the Money and I’ll Show You the Agenda

Commentary: UNSC Poised to Criticize Syria (Again)

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