Monday, April 2, 2007


April 2, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(Afghanistan) 17 killed in Afghan unrest - clashes in southernAfghanistan leave three policemen and at least 13 Taliban dead;_ylt=AjI6cjiqIxKXMlftKh7GlVvOVoo

Taliban deploy thousands of suicide bombers: commander;_ylt=AsqMeEg0G5oRjtZYvUTxCRHOVoo

(Iraq) Truck bomb in Iraq's Kirkuk kills 12, wounds 137 - near school,kills children;_ylt=AgPNWEtuHgzKmgbtQSGkvOlX6

(Iraq) 3 dead as car explodes in Baghdad;_ylt=Aq4sC9yL_o0b4hWOb1nAHTlX6

(Iraq) Bodies of 19 kidnapped men found in Iraq: police;_ylt=AtwMu0OZLssTP0zRRL9cQW9X6

(Iraq) Death penalty sought for Iraq's "Chemical Ali";_ylt=AvXbGTKoMnSmtu3hA_J3btRX6

(Pakistan) New leadership is seen on rise within Al Qaeda -- newgeneration of Al-Qaeda leaders emerges in Pakistan;_ylt=Ared1J33kDFNh230TEG.wbPzPuk

(Pakistan) Top Pakistan Islamist under house arrest;_ylt=AtyEoOpaY_llSgIk6AoeGIPzPuk

(Pakistan) 'Walking dead' cross line into Afghanistan to kill

Pakistan tribesmen, Al Qaeda militants clash; 10 killed

(Pakistan) Thousands of Pakistani tribesmen enlist to fight foreign militants -- report refers to tribesman as "formerly Taliban-supporting tribesmen";_ylt=An0znzfHUDi1Uteh35kvbmrzPuk

(Iran/UK) Iran Claims All 15 Captured British Troops Confess to Illegally Entering Iranian Waters,2933,263201,00.html

(Iran/UK) Britain sending envoy to Tehran

(Iran/UK) Iran sees positive signs in U.K. stance - Says TV stationswill not broadcast additional videos of sailors' confessions;_ylt=Akt72rELbHoFQ8zgHurG0XlSw60

Jordan condemns five Arabs to life jail terms for terrorism

Jordan sentences 6 for planned attacks;_ylt=AoceLVxmQ.YCNp0Z6SWmaukTv5

(Somalia) Hundreds more Ethiopian troops enter Somali capital;_ylt=AiCAKR20wEjxSGPbLlfgu

Somali gov't: Civilians abandon homes;_ylt=Aj2nVw_koxDg9scHYtlZ7

Sudanese plane hijacking attempt foiled

(Nigeria) British oil worker kidnapped in Nigeria;_ylt=ArEgX6uG8OKft8l92XVwXGvZ9

Yemeni women sign up to fight terror

(India) Kashmir leader says troop cut will help Islamic militants;_ylt=AvjBXOEH93Lw9MmP4ZtpWw1A7Ak

(Indonesia) Al-Qaeda-linked terror group Jemaah Islamiyah trained in Indonesia: report;_ylt=AjPX4LyAPD371E_aj3vT.ifaHXc

(Indonesia) Islamic leaders protest Indonesia's support of U.N resolution on Iran

Indonesian police to transfer 7 terror suspects to headquarters

(Southern Asia) Terrorism likely to be key issue at South Asian nations' summit, says Indian official

(Sri Lanka) Bus bomb kills 16 in Sri Lanka on Buddhist holiday -- LTTE claims no involvement;_ylt=AikSd.DOK4fzXkfdAV6u1kItM8o

(Sri Lanka/France) 17 Tamils detained in France;_ylt=AuKOVDBtkkWg3MQI9Xx1bLQTv5

Commentary: The Muslim Brotherhood's Propaganda Offensive - by Rachel Ehrenfeld and Alyssa A. Lappen

(Israel) Police raise terror alert before Passover

(Israel) IDF troops arrest 13 suspected terrorists

Hamas readies for 'coming' war with Israel

'Iran, Syria prepping for U.S. summer war'

(USA) Explosives found at Port of Los Angeles

(USA) Analysis: US law enforcement not prepared for Beslan-type school terrorist attack (my title)

(UK) New police units to tackle terror threat - Manchester will hold the first terror trials to be held outside London since the 7/7 attacks

(Spain) Police smash ETA gang behind 24 bomb attacks

(France) Bomb attack damages town hall in Corsica

Other News:

Saudi Journalist: The Belgians Publish the Koran “ And We Spread Horror

Philippines: Catholic Priest Murdered Before Mass

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