Friday, April 27, 2007

TERROR NEWS April 27th

April 27, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(Afghanistan) Taliban capture Afghan Giru district office, kill five;_ylt=AjZ.tDU.owlWZbcaTz38c8DOVooA

Afghanistan: Taliban’s hostage deadline expires Saturday — called forFrance to withdraw from Afghanistan

France to pullout troops from Afghanistan§ion=subcontinent&col=

(Iraq) Bombers strike at Iraqi army, civilians on Thursday - 72 killed on Thursday;_ylt=AtQBlrovobHDJ3G7ekMgObxX6GMA

(Iraq) 9 Insurgents detained in raids against al-Qaida in Iraq

Iraq Sunni tribes build police force, fight al Qaeda;_ylt=AiZk.MTLnhAhlnnmVkNLmlpX6GMA

(Iraq) US general calls al Qaeda ‘public enemy No. 1’ in Iraq

(Chechnya) Downed Russian helicopter kills 17 - Mi-8 transport helicopter “shot down” by Chechen rebel

(Pakistan) Missiles hit Pakistani home near Afghan border; 4 suspectedmilitants killed;_ylt=AotZjT9h2UmXI9z66GF4gzDzPukA

(Pakistan) Curfew in Pakistan town after two more killings - terroristson motorcycles kill men in Internet cafe§ion=subcontinent&col=

(Pakistan Las Majid Red Mosque) CD shop owners feel the wrath ofmadrassa students

Pakistan: Anti-Polio Campaign Thwarted by Clerics

(India) Three LeT terrorists arrested near Delhi Haat with huge ammunition

(India) Two militants killed in Jammu and Kashmir

(India) Four police personnel killed in Maoist-triggered landmine blast in Chhattisgarh

(Algeria) Report: Al Qaeda No. 2 in Algeria Killed During Clash With Army — Samir Moussaab aka Samir Saioud,2933,268764,00.html

Morocco: Casablanca Bombing “Mastermind” is head of a Jihadist cell say police

Morocco terrorist group more potent than first thought, government says

(North Africa) Terrorism fears cause tensions in Spanish enclave;_ylt=Aj_57h.H98iComhpcIQfXIQTv5UB

Somali PM claims insurgents subdued;_ylt=Ami0mShZV8c4..0BfFE8isWQLIUD

Somalia: Islamists will continue to fight, says lead

(Thailand) Two injured in Narathiwat bomb attack - 68 year old grandmother and grandson in bombing

(Thailand) Southern Thai violence takes new turn;_ylt=AtnpW0ou07BEXx0bbaReBpHuNREB

(Iran) Report: Iran may have nuke in 3 years

(UK) Protest over man’s terror arrest - Rajib Khan

(UK) Court deals major blow to anti-terror strategy - Home Office ‘disappointed’ as Libyan terror suspects win appeal against deportation

(UK) 2 Libyan terrorist suspects win appeal against extradition from Britain

(UK/Spain) ETA suspects are arrested in Britain for first time

(Belgium) List of Belgians involved in terrorism - involved in Iraqi terrorist networks - created after Belgian committed suicide attack in Iraq

(EU) Air marshal guns restricted on EU flights

(France) Jewish woman attacked in France - attacked on train station for wearing Star of David - painted with swastika

Palestinian Terrorist Suspect Seized In Sinai, Another Runs Away

Israel evacuates passengers from airplanes over bomb alert

Israeli police search Bishara homes - investigated for helping Hezbollah;_ylt=AhaRSZef2F_pb_5RVVQ_zovuyucA

Kassam rocket fired at Israel; none wounded

MEMRI Islamist Websites Monitor No. 91

Sri Lanka on alert after new flying Tiger threat;_ylt=AgbFwSML6I9DPa6L639OfjotM8oA

(Sri Lanka) 20 LTTE cadres among 23 persons killed in separate incidents

Other News:

(Netherlands) School Scraps Nature Course As Pigs Enrage Muslim Pupils

Netherlands: Muslim anger at Wilders

(Sweden) Göthenborg: Mosque financed by Saudis

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