Friday, April 6, 2007


April 6, 2007 PM Anti-Terrorism News

(California) Lodi Terrorism Case Back In Court - Hamid Hayat, foundguilty of terror training in Pakistan, filed motion claiming jury foremanbias against “people accused of terrorist activities”

Afghanistan: Taliban threaten to kill interpreter of freed Italian

(Afghanistan) Terrorists Begin Spring Offensive in Afghanistan

(Pakistan) Suicide bomb threat rings out in Pakistan capital - Maulana Abdul Aziz: “Our youths will shake their palaces with their suicide attacks”

(Pakistan) Sharia gangs roam streets of capital city to enforce their law with threats

Pakistan troops secure area seized from Al-Qaeda;_ylt=AlK5xTunXm_2HLOXbthpZVAwuecA

(Iraq) Islamic Army seeks bin Laden crackdown on Iraq rival;_ylt=AiehGsXuiPM6AP2eCuTZOBEwuecA

(Iraq) Al-Qaida needs less foreign help in Iraq;_ylt=AoWHa15ADBBxmMp51z935oJX6GMA

(Iraq) Forces sweep through volatile Iraqi city - Coalition clashedwith Shi’ites loyal to al-Sadr in Diwaniya;_ylt=Ak4Z698cCeGD0rE0ZPzOUZPMWM0F

(Iraq) German Hostages Plead for Their Lives in Iraqi Insurgent Video

Mauritania detains seven Al-Qaeda suspects

(Indonesia) Jemaah Islamiah raids reveal new networks,20867,21516846-2702,00.html

Indonesia: Arrested Terror Suspects Just Foot Soldiers, Expert Says

Saudi Arabia kills wanted al Qaeda-linked militant - wanted in killing of four Frenchmen

(USA) ABC: FBI terror investigation downplayed cooperation between white supremacist and Jihadist (my title)

(Libya/Iran) In Overture to Iran, Qaddafi Declares North Africa Shi’ite and Calls for Establishment of New Fatimid State .

(Iran) Teheran thinks it has moved one step closer to a nuclear arsenal

(UK/Iran) British Navy Crew Says Iran Imposed Constant PsychologicalPressure - told faced jail, British Marine says “fighting back was not an option”,2933,264500,00.html;_ylt=Ahue_NSFsSfiqEwP4K_I3fjMWM0F

(UK/Iran) Humiliation for the Navy and Marines

(Dallas) Behavior at Love Field refocus FBI attention on women

Australian Police widens probe into Hilali ‘al-Qaeda’ donations,23599,21516154-2,00.htm

Turkey jails Kurd politician for terror support

Bulgaria denies selling weapons to Lebanese Hizbollah group

(Russia) Beslan memorial plan angers Russian Muslim leader

UAE Prostitution Network May Have Funded al-Qaeda

(North Korea) US: Hitch resolved in North Korea funds standoff

(Holland) The Muslim Brotherhood in Holland

Other News:

(Lunatic Group) Alternative Easter Egg Hunt Near White House to UseFake Cluster Bombs Made By Kids - sponsored by Vineeta Foundation - you can write them at: info@vineeta.org,2933,264527,00.html

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