Friday, April 6, 2007


April 6, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(Iraq) Chlorine truck bomber kills 27 in Ramadi - suicide bomber with truck full of TNT, chlorine gas kills, wounds dozens;_ylt=Aoj2xlVfXvdcsdcrfA5WiwNX6GMA,2933,264466,00.html

(Iraq) Basra Police: EFP bomb killed Britons - Not used in southern Iraq before - Iranian explosively formed projectile;_ylt=A0WTUdybIxZGxAQAhBus0NUE

(Iraq) US weighs sending 12,000 additional troops to Iraq

(Afghanistan) Suicide car bomb in Afghan capital kills six - Taxi explosives near parliament;_ylt=AoKYeorPqgXBs4OidfNOT.DOVooA

(Afghanistan) Taliban ‘storm’ government office - in Afghanistan’ssouth-eastern province of Zabul

(Afghanistan) President Karzai says he has met with Taliban;_ylt=AgLFfMQ61yuUslnaR1Q6BejOVooA

(Pakistan) 20 more killed in Pakistan battles;_ylt=AoWzjbst.dfuY6zUHwxBJQLzPukA

(Pakistan) Mosque in Pakistan capital to set up Islamic court —Islamabad’s Lal Masjid Mosque (aka “Red Mosque”);_ylt=AkrLLB1oIt19J_.cLLoYHU7zPukA

Pakistan Cleric Maulana Abdul Aziz: Enforce Islamic Law;_ylt=AoRcKCe4DcRf0uZz1lyfWhTzPukA

(Pakistan) Sunnis, Shia’s clash in Pakistani tribal town§ion=subcontinent&col=

Pakistan: Tribesmen Seek Air Support Against Uzbek Militants

Pakistan’s tribals - who is killing who?

(India) Two militants, one soldier killed in Kashmir§ion=subcontinent&col=

Bangladesh arrests 10 from new Islamic group;_ylt=AjsTVLiTg93KxfQ5HHVEhctTQMQA

(Iran) US revs up pressure on Iran after release of Britons;_ylt=Ag0zzp4J_0Vga2xjQqyPyvTMWM0F

(Iran/UK) Iran “achieved objectives” in sailor crisis: official -claims UK sent letter of apology§ion=middleeast&col=

(Iran/UK) AP: “All sides deny any deals to free Britons”;_ylt=Ak9QkhMddeXhf6giLZV09n5Sw60A

(Iran/UK) Iran put ‘pyschological pressure’ on British captives: officer;_ylt=AhlRfq8Kq9nNeRZOO9P4cxxSw60A

(Iraq) Saddam, DoD documents indicate no Iraq-Qaeda cooperation -Washington Post report

(Iraq) US VP reasserts al-Qaida-Saddam link;_ylt=Ao2F0EeeH2ffMLz_wwkFiQpX6GMA

(Thailand) Pattani school burned by insurgents

(Indonesia) Relatives, lawyers are not allowed to meet terror suspects

(Morocco) Is Al Qaeda’s influence spreading to Morocco?

(UK) ‘Terror plot to blow up tourist attractions’ - July 7 bombers
planned to attack Big Ben, the London Eye and other tourist attractions

(UK) Commentary: Muslims must take responsibility

(UK) ‘Britons Could Attack Us’ - DHS Head Interview with Sky News,,30000-1259477,00.html

(UK) Amid relief, some Brits start questioning sailors

German Prosecutors Probing Islamist Website On Terrorism: Report

Dutch soldiers stress restraint in Afghanistan - mostly shunned combat

Interpol raises concern over internet use by terrorist groups

(Spain) Suspected ETA ringleader entered Spain by bicycle

(Israel) IDF arrests six terror suspects in West Bank

(Gaza) Hamas, Fatah militants clash in Gaza

(Lebanon) Paper: Hezbollah official says Israeli captives receiving“ humane treatment”

North American Jewish Sites Bombed and Vandalized Over Passover - Montreal, San Francisco, Chicago

(California) Congresswoman probes South Bay terror threat — robberies linked to prison-based Islamic extremist group with plans to attack synagogues during Jewish holidays and other sites

(USA) Afghan-American and Brit student arrested for burning US flag -Hyder Akbar friend of Rahmatullah Hashemi, a former Taliban spokesman who became known as “the Yale Taliban”

(USA) Voluntary Driver’s licenses to feature radio chips - WashingtonState introducing cards that encode personal information

(Russia) U.S. to Suffer Losses Upon Attacking Iran - Russian General -due to Russian weapons provided to Iran

(Sri Lanka) LTTE acquires air power to target Indian N-reactors

(Sri Lanka) Tigers, troops claim heavy damages after sea battle;_ylt=AkcrfkKsAWdctEIoRm1t0LctM8oA

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