Saturday, April 14, 2007

TERROR NEWS April 14th

April 14, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(Iraq) Karbala blast kills 72 Iraqis, injures scores of others

(Iraq) Karbala car bombing in bus station kill dozens in Shiite area —including women and children among dead;_ylt=Ahz.XTuGx76qADW5ERWPa5xX6GMA

(Iraq) Al-Qaida group threatens more “green zone” attacks

(Iraq) 4 suicide bombers blow themselves up in Kirkuk

Iraq: Suicide bomber kills 10 on Baghdad Jadriyah bridge - second attack on major bridge in Baghdad this week

(Iraq) Three US soldiers killed, eight others wounded in Baghdad

(Iraq) Suspected al-Qaeda leader in Iraq detained - along with 17 suspected terrorists

(Iraq) Sharp drop in Baghdad deaths after crackdown — Killings increase beyond capital, however, and U.S. military toll rises

(Iraq) Fears for kidnapped Germans after ultimatum expires

(Iraq) Sunni Factions Split With Al-Qaeda Group

(Iran/Iraq) U.S. won’t release 5 Iranians held in Iraq: Washington Post report — Iranian intelligence agents linked with providing explosive devices used to attack U.S. troops in Iraq;_ylt=AnBcpCX7qQr8XYJZi7mRXGBSw60A

(Iran) USA General: U.S. has no plan to attack Iran;_ylt=AsPiAW8cidGhFLWVq7h2fvRSw60A

(Pakistan) Landmine explosion kills two soldiers in southwest Pakistan;_ylt=AgmIL3mXbUIbV.6KcdCptl3zPukA

(Pakistan) Flag of jihad fluttering as extremists marching on the state\04\14\story_14-4-2007_pg7_22

(Pakistan) Red Mosque Lal Masjid cleric urges ulema to enforce sharia

Pakistan president hits out at Afghan leader over security;_ylt=ApL4lDqtAnAcaoFj04YBEUPzPukA

Pakistan says it’s reining in tribal areas

(Afghanistan) Suicide bombing occurs in E Afghanistan - gate of the police department of Khost province

(Afghanistan) Taliban video shows French hostages;_ylt=AitKcn2_nZoW_2hQ7LdGg0zOVooA

(Afghanistan) US resists NATO call for extra force trainers in Afghanistan;_ylt=Ak7j95Sm4GCL8jw9QRwTtnbOVooA

(Algeria) US embassy warns new attacks planned in Algiers;_ylt=AncGS4PMpSYw8zy0KFZgPxx6CC8A

(Nigeria) Security tight for Nigeria polls

(Nigeria) Gunmen attack police station on voting day in Nigeria’s oil region; 7 police killed

Canada lets Egyptian terror suspect Mahmoud Jaballah out of prison;_ylt=AiWL1sbV5lCmBjI30C4cLiswuecA

(India) Five terrorists killed in Jammu and Kashmir

(Bangladesh) Eight Hizbut Tawhid militants arrested in Meherpur

Bangladesh increases security for New Year functions§ion=subcontinent&col=

(USA) Anti-Jihad Caucus
(thanks to

(USA) Islamist Group Muslim Brotherhood Denies Report of Hoyer Invitation to Visit Congress

(Lebanon) PLO acts to contain Islamists in Lebanon camp§ion=middleeast&col=

(Lebanon) Hizbullah says UN role could create ‘chaotic Lebanon’

(Gaza) Fierce confrontations with Israeli forces in Jenin

(Philippines) Three dead, eight wounded in fresh Philippine fighting -Muslim militant attack on Jolo military camp;_ylt=Al3QPspM5ZfvXbLTSwoNv3FUKYUA

(Thailand) Six Muslims killed in Thai south - Islamic rebel drive by shootings continue;_ylt=AvCxCDTC7CI0m8YVVBOD1RfuNREB

(Sri Lanka) Five people killed as Sri Lanka marks New Year - Tamil Tiger attack - kills three year old boy;_ylt=Al.DieLOfeZiBLVpkBLH0sItM8oA

(Sri Lanka/France) LTTE terrorists plan a new TV satellite channel in France

(Turkey) 150,000 Turks protest possible run for president by Islamic-rooted prime minister - feel that if Erdogan wins the government will be able to implement an Islamic agenda without opposition;_ylt=AqSaI0FBAEaTxjFARhuhFuftfLkA

(Netherlands) Dutch Human Rights Group Invites Hamas Terror Leader

(UK) Judge apologizes for July 21 terror trial delay

Swedish intelligence confirms it visited terror suspects detained in Ethiopia

(Columbia) FARC denies links to car bomb attack in southwest Colombia

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