Wednesday, March 21, 2007


(Iraq) 11 killed in Iraq attacks - twin mortar attacks in Al-Madaen;_ylt=Al_Q3m.rjhN3F.XtLvhW2L5X6GMA

(Iraq) Clashes near Fallujah, Ramadi kill 8;_ylt=AiIUN3v7k7fNsyqLysn1piowuecA

(Iraq) U.S. forces say destroy bomb factory in Iraq (near Taji), kill 5;_ylt=AkqVI4HrSua0xfuZH736GmpX6GMA

(Iraq) Pentagon: Children Used in Iraqi Suicide Bombing,2933,260060,00.html

Iraqi VP calls for talks with insurgents;_ylt=AidIzlLB0Akf3ZebEc.Rl2xX6GMA

(Pakistan) Over 100 killed in Pakistan militant battles - Uzbek and tribal leader clash continues in South Waziristan;_ylt=AqbeDSKPQOE2sB6h7jIZAlrzPukA

"Pakistan-based terror groups demonstrating ever-increasing reach" (

Pakistan) More suicide bombers enter Afghanistan - from Pakistan;_ylt=AgLHrtu__copkiwCtMdgc_nOVooA

(Pakistan Unrest) Pakistani lawyers and Islamists hold new anti-Musharraf rallies;_ylt=Aov_MvCraeGwOVAFawby5ZvzPukA

Afghan NATO supply truck driver beheaded;_ylt=AnCA8nCnmWE1oR4_iUMCI0fOVooA

(Thailand) Two soldiers killed as Thai PM visits Muslim south;_ylt=Ak0X5YhgZP._UBQCI..uREbuNREB

(Bangladesh) '5,000 militants active in Bangladesh'

(Indonesia) Bali bombings accomplice captured - Members of network of prime terror suspect Abu Dujanah captured

Indonesia terror sweep: 1 dead, 3 hurt

Indonesian Islamic militants jailed for beheading schoolgirls -- given only 20 year jail sentences;_ylt=AhwnGmZx.uYEJXccnPCXNvTaHXcA

(India) Banking channels also used by terrorists for funds: Govt

SWIFT Only Lets US Government See Data In "Terrorism" Cases - CEO\ACQDJON200703210737DOWJONESDJONLINE000523.htm&selected=9999&selecteddisplaysymbol=9999&StoryTargetFrame=_top&mkt=WORLD&chk=unchecked&lang=&link=&headlinereturnpage=

Iranian leaders lash out at 'enemies' ahead of UN meeting;_ylt=AjAft2DLPdWs8.u14gk4OlBSw60A

(Iran) Russia nixes 'excessive' Iran sanctions;_ylt=AsEg5B5JtxiGnPjuZnY0C0ZSw60A

(Israel Drill) Fake attacks, real anxieties in Israeli national drill;_ylt=AqTQaa5fkdHVLWHvGmwOGabuyucA

Hamas' Meshaal in Saudi for talks with king§ion=middleeast&col=

(Hamas) U.S. says Hamas forces growing faster than Abbas's

(Palestinian Territories) Melchior: Alert Abbas to PA textbooks - New Palestinian Authority textbooks call destruction of Israel a religious duty

Report: Lebanon's Hezbollah supports dialogue to solve political crisis

(UK) 'July 7 bomb set off by accident'

(UK) Al-Qaeda man to be extradited to USA - Pakistani-born US national Syed Hashmi - charges he was "quartermaster" who supplied the terror network's operatives in Afghanistan and Pakistan,9294,2-10-1462_2086508,00.html

(UK) Terror Chief Dhiren Barot Given UK Passports - plotted attacks in NYC, UK

(UK) Al-Qaeda terrorists among 10,000 who conned UK out of passports

* (UK) Passports issued to 10,000 false claimants

Ireland Airport Bans Movement of Terror Suspect Transfers (my title)

(Somalia) Insurgents drag dead soldiers through Mogadishu -- chanting "Allahu Akbar";_ylt=Aj1sAI9RfqX2qTC_OHLc06iQLIUD

Somali insurgents drag soldiers' corpses - women wearing headscarves stoning bodies;_ylt=ApPwA2D3nerslMHejFQ3WKCQLIUD

(Sudan) Court To Try Terror Cell Elements Accused Planning to Strike Western Interests

Moroccan terrorists planned bases on mountains (Australia and

USA) New joint counter-terror research

Colombia seeks 8 in Chiquita payments;_ylt=AhLIO0hhbObpT_oEGMyL27ewv7kA

(Sri Lanka) Heavy fighting in Sri Lanka kills 19;_ylt=Ah28O8xXyVnoZ6eCHudJ51gtM8oA

(Sri Lanka) Report: The LTTE's al-Qaeda link

Analysis: Major Raid in Indonesia

Analysis: Indonesian CT Forces Target JI in Shootout: Rumors that Two Top Leaders Neutralized

Analysis: Bangladesh: Thousands of Militant on the Prowl and on Jama'atul Mujahideen Payroll !

Other News: Catholic Philippines teaches Islam in state schools;_ylt=At9..zdlDuu7qtnFtwMUxtNUKYUA

(Minneapolis Airline Lawsuit) Muslims offer to help 'John Does' sued by imams

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