Thursday, March 22, 2007

TERROR NEWS March 22nd

Al Qaeda Plotting Attacks on Oil, Sources Say -- against oil facilities and personnel in Africa and the Middle East

Three Major Terror Busts in Iraq -- Iran, Syria Connections Exposed, Say U.S. Officials

(UK) Three men arrested over 7/7 London bombings - three arrested today - two of them as they were about to board a flight to Pakistan

(UK July 21 Bombing Trial) 'Plan Was Bigger Than 7/7' on 7/21 trial,,30000-1257080,00.html

(UK July 21 Bombing Trial) Defendant turns accuser at July 21 trial (UK

July 21 Bombing Trial) 'July 21 plot bombs could have repeated 7/7 carnage'

(UK July 21 Bombing Trial) July 21 bomber Wanted To Blow Up 12-storey block of flats''lost+his+bottle'/

Pakistani al-Qaeda camps destroyed,_i_rssPage=6700d4e4-6714-11da-a650-0000779e2340.html

Pakistan-Iran cooperation to continue in future, says Sherpao

Iraq, insurgent negotiations deadlocked;_ylt=AtcU38Mkbiguf7ri6XkSHhZX6GMA

(Iraq) GAO: Looted munitions pose new threat - Explosives from Iraq sites will support terrorist attacks for years

(Iraq) U.N. Secretary General Ducks for Cover After Rocket Blasts Green Zone,2933,260341,00.html

(Jordan) Death sentence on Fatah Islam chief - Jordan says Shaker al-Absi, head of Fatah Islam, linked to al-Qaeda in Iraq

(Indonesia) Senior terrorist killed in Indonesia - Abu Dujana

Morocco: Officials Foiled Attacks on Major Ports - Terror cell targeted ports

(Algeria) Terrorist leader reported to get death sentence in absentia - Abdelmalek Dourkdel heads GSPC

(Ethiopia) U.S. Muslim detained in Ethiopia in East Africa terror dispute

(Somalia) US urges more troops for Somalia after violence;_ylt=AtuC6vfMvO3k13A4FOnBZOKQLIUD

(Somalia) Heavy fighting spreads through Somali capital, residents flee;_ylt=AiVCfSaeYc8Yr8BOKbX5RiKQLIUD

(Italy) US warns Italy against future deals with terrorists

Italy fends off criticism of Afghan hostage deal;_ylt=AgSKRQaOATSrMi6MpZkBoujOVooA

(Netherlands) Dutch parliament backs new anti-terror laws

Turkey: "UN Officer" Takes DNA Sample From Al-Qaeda Suspect

(US/Iran) 'Nation of Islam' Leader Farrakhan Declares Support for Iran's Nuclear Program, Says Because U.S. Ignored His Warnings, 'The Time for the Chastisement of Allah is Here''Nation of Islam' Leader Farrakhan Declares Support for Iran's Nuclear Program, Says Because U.S. Ignored His Warnings, 'The Time for the Chastisement of Allah is Here'

(Iran) Ahmadinejad says to make proposals on nuclear issue;_ylt=AqtPbGp.m4T9KuZTBpFz5NZSw60A

Analysis: Somalia clashes continue as al-Qaeda names its key figure

(US/Saudi Arabia) Next U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia says he could help stem flow of money to terrorists

(Lebanon) UN probes link between Hariri murder and Al-Qaeda convict

(Lebanon) Report: Terrorist organizations in Lebanon look like, not belong to, al-Qaeda -- Director General of Lebanon's internal security forces

(Israel) 'US wants Saudi peace plan amended'

(Israel) Islamic leader ordered out of Jerusalem

2-year-old Palestinian killed in Fatah-Hamas gunbattle,7340,L-3380110,00.html

U.S. lawsuit: Some Guantanamo detainees were not enemy combatants

Spanish conservatives outraged over court decision to drop charges against Basque separatist

Commentary: Al-Qaida's local dilemma

Other News: German judge stirs protest by citing Koran - She claims it sanctions wife-beating

French court acquits paper that printed prophet caricatures

(Australia) Outspoken Muslim seeks police protection - after criticizing controversial cleric Sheikh Taj al-Din al-Hilali

(Canada) Death threat lobbed at Muslim group promoting moderate beliefs

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