Monday, March 19, 2007

TERROR NEWS March 19th/20th

(Yemen) Al-Qaeda operative confesses to USS Cole bombing;_ylt=ApKDgFLRT0VOxOF6XLUTzF0wuecA

(Afghanistan) Hostage Trade: Taliban Officials Released in Exchange for Italian Journalist

(Afghanistan) Italian journalist tells of Afghan hostage ordeal - Bound by hands & feet & feared execution;_ylt=AowLK_.dPrx9BWcSQtyM2QCs0NUE

(Afghanistan) Kidnapped Reporter Saw Decapitation

Update: (Afghanistan) 1 dies in attack on U.S. convoy in Kabul - Afghan teen dead, 5 U.S. personnel wounded - AP reporter witnesses Afghan bomb attack;_ylt=AgDa5qdcQeuHEcnWe8it2kDOVooA;_ylt=AneRBlPyu3k07IlqYJY_5y.s0NUE

Al Qaeda Uzbeks, Pakistani tribesmen clash; 10 hurt;_ylt=AlxzXTsOGQg2alkrdMVQgmwwuecA

Iraqi Government Plans to Hang Saddam Deputy at Dawn - Taha Yassin Ramadan was Saddam's VP when ousted by U.S. in 2003,2933,259725,00.html

Hamas leader urges Arab leaders to back Palestinian gov't

Hamas Militants Take Credit for Sniper Attack

Update: Hamas shoots Israeli despite truce - and firing two mortar bombs at soldiers

Israel to hold nationwide drill simulating massive terror attacks

Warships fight silent war against terror threat on high seas (Somalia) Heavy mortar fire rocks

Somali port as AU tanks arrive;_ylt=Ag3SmOBKftAyWWF0ZmsyI5aQLIUD

(Iran) S. Africa asks delay on Iran sanctions;_ylt=AtfEHSDK1l7elnU3VBCQEK1Sw60A

(Spain) Unexploded device found after Madrid train bombings described as similar to those used by Middle Eastern terrorists

(UK) Jury out again in fertilizer bomb plot trial

(UK July 21 Bomb Trial) Failed London Bomb Plot Suspect Says Fake Devices Part of Iraq War Protest,2933,259741,00.html

Italy pays damages to Tunisian wrongly held as terrorism suspect

Islamist Website Instructs Mujahideen in Using Popular U.S. Web Forums to Foster Anti-War Sentiment among Americans - MEMRI transcripts

Egypt nabs Palestinian terror suspect

Egypt nabs suspected suicide bomber -sources

Honor My Mother (commentary) - Daughter of 9-11 victim reminds that families due same respect as all victims of crime

Mr. Register goes to Washington - Joel Mowbray's update to "Television Takeover: Taxpayer-financed Al-Hurra is becoming a platform for terrorists"

(Columbia) Chiquita pleads guilty in terror probe - Guilty to doing business with terrorist organization in plea deal - DOJ press release

(California) Lawmakers push "terror-free" investing - California state lawmakers want bans on state investments tied to Iran

(Australia) Islamic group 'a threat' - Hizb ut-Tahrir a potential threat,20867,21404884-601,00.html

(Sri Lanka) Tigers sold Norwegian passports to al-Qaeda Analysis: The

Chlorine Gas Attacks in Iraq and the Specter of Suicide Attacks with CBRN Weapons

Other News: JihadWatch: Saudi embassy in Australia accused of paying imams' salaries,10117,21403909-2,00.html?from=public_rss

Sudan: No return for Sudan's forgotten slaves

Muslims Forcing Christian Assyrians in Baghdad Neighborhood to Pay Jizya

Transatlantic Giant Jet Lands in USA NYC Airport - Airbus A380 makes big statement in U.S. - lands at NYC's JFK Airport from Germany's Frankfurt International Airport with 500 aboard

UK Asians 'silent' on child abuse - informing the authorities would "dishonour" the child's family

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