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TERROR NEWS March 30th

March 30, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(Update) Pakistan fights near Afghanistan kill 52;_ylt=AqvyJXsCfSNidXmikgk43Mcwuec

(Pakistan) Extremist Violence on the Rise in Pakistan

(Iraq) Coalition Forces in Iraq Kill Four Terrorists, Capture 67 - DODpress release with details of operations

Somalia battles called worst in 15 years;_ylt=Ar8OUVG9vtbDKl7hLUyY_7qs0

British court strikes down 'control order' confining terrorist suspect to house arrest

(Israel) Police on high alert in center over possible terroristinfiltration,7340,L-3383264,00.html

(Iran) Iran: Attack fears spurred nuclear block;_ylt=Aqtdu21dJps8Rpb.PUBLc_3MWM0

(Iran/UK) Text Of Iran's Letter To British Envoy

(Iran/UK) Iran wants EU away from sailor dispute

(Iran/UK) EU demands release of UK detainees;_ylu=X3oDMTBjdmNoOTVjBHBvcwMyBHNlYwNzcg--/SIG=1386nona1/EXP=1175364250/**http%3a//

(Congo) U.S. lists 7 foreign companies, 3 people for anti-terrorfinancial sanctions

(Congo) Treasury Designates Individuals & Entities for Contributions toConflict in Congo

(Guantanamo Bay) Saudi Alleged Mastermind of the USS Cole Attack SaysHe Was Tortured

(Europe) Don't confuse terrorism with Islam, says EU -- word "jihad" isto be avoided altogether

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to visit Syria next week

(Pakistan) Eleven more killed in Pakistan clashes - between Pakistanitribesmen and foreign Al-Qaeda militants;_ylt=AvCCeBNTLWCvhLJQpm30fKTzPukA

Pakistani Taliban blow up video shops - seeking to impose Islamic law;_ylt=AhbdzMH1HfPiSQzap.erX5jzPukA

Pakistani Islamic Schools Are Rife With Extremism, Group Says

(Pakistan) Talibanization of society: Madrassa students gettingleniency\03\30\story_30-3-2007_pg1_5

(Afghanistan) 1 NATO soldier killed in Afghanistan;_ylt=AhCfwS.8QnCm0XblVaxpmCrOVooA

(Afghanistan) Taliban leader threatens to kill Afghan hostage: TV;_ylt=AtegsS1FkxtYFb4577rzooLOVooA

(Iraq) Coaltion forces detain Iraq bomb suspect;_ylt=AqgFBYanLf.F_1j1zrK7uqBX6GMA

(Iraq) Roadside bomb kills US soldier in Iraq

(Iraq) Radical Shiite Cleric Muqtada al-Sadr Makes Scathing AttackAgainst U.S., Calls for Mass Protest in Statement,2933,262660,00.html

(Iraq) Militiamen return to Sadr City

(Iraq) Death toll rises to 82 from Thursday Baghdad blasts in Al Shaabmarket

(Iraq) Nearly 400 killed in Iraq March bloodletting

(India) Muslim rebels kill five Hindus in Kashmir;_ylt=AvqqBIU5lVy3qBsw_LppVtw1NXcA

Bangladesh executes six top Islamic militants;_ylt=Aqkdyj4a_GAvNL9ImTGoc5NTQMQA

(Somalia) Insurgents shoot down Ethiopian helicopter in Mogadishu;_ylt=AiqUO1eMrF3j.Q1Q_3C92RSQLIUD

(Sudan) Top officials: U.S. to impose Sudan sanctions soon

(Sudan) Police arrest armed Sudan Airways hijacker

Palestinian Schoolbooks Say Fighting Israel "Is Islamic Duty"

Israel says it can destroy Iran's missiles

(Iran/UK) Iran TV Channel Airs Footage of British Sailor's 'Apology'for Entering 'Iranian Waters'- second video of sailors,2933,262643,00.html;_ylt=AhtMZwM5dBu46A6gkWLrWChSw60A

(Iran/UK) British foreign minister dismisses Iranian letter onprisoners

(Iran/UK) Blair livid as hostage letter seeks withdrawal from Iraq

(Iran/UK) Captured Britons may face show trial in Iran

(Iran/UK) Turkey: Iran may consider freeing sailor;_ylt=AhK8tl2rDs5My50MtFS_fFftfLkA

Iranians: "All Britain has to do is to admit they made a mistake"

(Iran/UK) How Britons were conned by Iranian gunboat trick

(Iran/UK) Is a U.S.-Iran War Inevitable? Commentary by Robert Baer,8599,1604546,00.html

(Iran) The Arab Press Assesses the Likelihood of a U.S. Strike AgainstIran

(Indonesia) Explosives seizure 'dwarfs Bali bomb',23599,21476649-1702,00.html

Australian Hicks must explain guilt at Guantanamo;_ylt=ApBmncZLGp5L9OKA5oZvXRAwuecA

Australian Terror detainee Hicks faces less than 20 years;_ylt=Akuij6G.LqmGPok6lsuJWXQTv5UB

(Australia) Hicks may come home free, says Hockey,23599,21473457-1702,00.html

(Guantanamo Bay) Hearing: Jemaah Islamiah man Mohamad Farik Amin Zubaircourier for al-Qaeda - Zachary Abuza quoted

(USA) Defense Secretary Gates calls for Guantanamo closure

(Spain) Al-Qaeda video threating Spanish troops Ć¢€˜genuineĆ¢€™

Sweden: Moroccan terror suspect to be extradited to Germany

UK resident to be freed from Guantanamo,,873826,00.html

(Ireland) Four arrested in anti-terror swoop

(Sri Lanka) Fresh violence in Sri Lanka kills 13;_ylt=AgTkGTjawRPrnt.yzvakOestM8oA

Analysis: Al Qaeda, Penny-Pinchers?

Analysis: Risks grow of terrorists getting nukes

Analysis: America unprepared for 'likely' nuke attack -- Publicawareness campaign is only hope, says 3-year University of Georgia study

Other News:

(France) Two jailed over riot at French subway station

Sweden: Islam is and will be a European religion

'UK anti-Semitism can't be ignored

(Germany) New law gives asylum rejects failed asylum seekers chance tostay in Germany

(Germany) Holocaust archive ready to open files to public

(Netherlands) Parliament wants ban on Blood & Honour

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