Wednesday, March 14, 2007


March 14, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News (Iraq) Suicide bombings in Iraq leave 10 dead;_ylt=AtAz9bexsq9dIblAqgtr_OZX6GMA

(Iraq) Two US soldiers killed in Iraq bombings

Iraq, U.S. at odds over Iranian rebels

(Iraq) Report: Iranian army officer disappears in Iraq

(Afghanistan) Suicide bombing kills 6 in E Afghanistan;_ylt=ArMmgjwyz8lifhSt_EAgkszOVooA

(Afghanistan) Ammunition shop blast in Afghan capital kills 6;_ylt=AhcnnwaSMaPKl0aI4kWJhjvOVooA

(Thailand) Nine Buddhists murdered in Thai Muslim south;_ylt=AsUY8WU.8me.h0zxvCnBBgPuNREB

(Thailand) 9 dead in Thailand passenger van attack;_ylt=As46VEZKdLwvbprWxl6dhv3uNREB

(Thailand) Insurgents kill 9 in shuttle bus attack

(India/Pakistan) Two arrested over India-Pakistan train bombing§ion=subcontinent&col=

(Pakistan) Taliban, Al Qaeda find havens in Pakistan: Gates (Pakistan)

Islamic militants in Pakistan bomb targets close to home

(Pakistan) Militants behead "US spy" in South Waziristan\03\14\story_14-3-2007_pg7_27

(Pakistan) Two rockets fired in Miranshah\03\14\story_14-3-2007_pg7_6

(Pakistan/Germany) Suspected German militant freed - German police free convert to Islam - arrested in Pakistan on suspicion of planning to attend a terrorist training camp\03\14\story_14-3-2007_pg7_28

Iran vows "no surrender" in face of new sanctions;_ylt=AmRIFysvyAG7AFqDSIeef6VSw60A

Iran would respond militarily to U.S. attack: IRNA;_ylt=AgFzJhI2vMiPufsqAnHkH05Sw60A

Russia warns Iran of "irreversible consequences" for nuclear plant - should Tehran fail to resolve a financing dispute;_ylt=AgS3.5pGc1aKYIzpnDx4zTNSw60A

US official hails Russian decision on Iran plant

(US) Veto looms over homeland security bill;_ylt=AujjjacfaVGN7XaMi3QW2zITv5UB

U.S. Record Keepers Removed 1 Million Papers to Foil Terrorists - maps and data of govt, nuclear, weapons facilities and technologies (CAIR)

Muslim group stirs suspicion -- CAIR denies critics' claims it's a front for terror organizations,1,5525668.story?track=rss

(Israel) Saudis spurn Israel peace stance

(Israel) U.S. ambassador: We won't stop Israel talking to Syria

Lebanese Media Discusses Hizbullah's Status in Lebanon

Hamas official: Our ideological stance to change in near future - interview with Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh in London-based Al-Sharak Al-Oust daily

(Hamas) Iran Playing Bigger Role in Hamas Terror Training

(UAE) Halliburton execs may face more terror threats in Dubai

(Canada/Spain) Canadian wanted in fraud case targeted Christian congregations, suit claims - David Anderson linked to Abdul Tawala Ibn Ali Alishtari

(Spain) Two Alleged Jihadi Webmasters Arrested in Spain

(Spain) Four say they saw Madrid train bomber;_ylt=AlLYBntcpntsdEgQmOgsHu8Tv5UB

(Morocco) Police arrest nine after suicide blast,23599,21384859-1702,00.html

Moroccan police crack down on Islamists after suicide bombing

Morocco: Casablanca Neighborhood Searched for Weapons (

Morocco) Bombers had targeted Casablanca landmarks: papers

Nigerian forces free 3 European captives;_ylt=AnYIf7N3vP5zdVX0elfs3qXZ9YEA Sri Lanka warplanes pound rebel targets;_ylt=AiP7EXfAM8kEBWQGbYv6RgotM8oA

North Korean envoy too busy to meet IAEA chief: report;_ylt=AqpVm_WyI5jKgtdMbIXqx5aCscEA

Analysis: Grisly New Attack in Thailand's Restive South Signals Increased Violence

Commentary: How money goes from your pocket to terrorists -- Initiative urges Americans to ensure their investments not supporting jihadis

Other News: Kent State and Jihad Web Site: Freedom of speech a debate for some

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