Thursday, March 15, 2007


9/11 mastermind admits killing reporter - Khalid Sheikh Mohammed confessed to the beheading of American journalist Daniel Pearl - revised transcript released Thursday by the U.S. military,2933,258907,00.html

Experts: Khalid Sheikh Mohammed arrest slowed al-Qaida;_ylt=AppWt1Xl0HWpk7ZJTFnZolowuecA

Officials: Khalid Sheikh Mohammed exaggerated claims;_ylt=AtFfWswAlmQGw0wIP1pqEEATv5UB

Iraq killings leave 27 dead, Shia mayor ambushed

(Iraq) U.S. says Baghdad crackdown succeeding;_ylt=AsJdD_n8BowcgZlTfjkk9YALewgF

(Iraq) Four U.S. soldiers die in Iraq;_ylt=Ajf65rZVyqXveNHc.8BQwRRX6GMA

(Iraq) Sunni tribes attack al-Qaida - UK Guardian Films with video of attack in Anbar province,,2033085,00.html

(Afghanistan) Kidnapped Italian reporter pleads for release in Afghanistan: report;_ylt=AoTA1SVq7A4DgUYmTziu22nOVooA

(Afghanistan) NATO soldier hurt in suicide attack,23599,21391767-1702,00.html (Pakistan)

U.S. hails "strong ally" Pakistan, gives new aid;_ylt=Ah0pkeyBpquI2.crPvZd_JATv5UB

Palestinians swear allegiance to Bin Laden - 'We pledge loyalty to Sheikh Osama Bin Laden and we will carry out jihad,' online statement says,7340,L-3377114,00.html

(Palestinian Territories) Bank sanctions to curb aid to Palestinian cabinet - Israel & U.S. to limit donations to Palestinian government - Matthew Levitt quoted

(Al Qaida) Syria Operates Al Qaida in Lebanon (Lebanese charge Syrian intel directing Al Qaida)

(Lebanon) UN's al-Hariri inquiry finds out more about bomber - Suspected bomber grew up in polluted city - team requests more time to finish

Morocco Says W. Sahara Infiltrated by Al Qaida

France jails man over ties to Sydney terror plot - Willie Brigitte gets 9 years for links to group suspected of plot against nuclear plant;_ylt=AmCtubse8uVJcZQWaFgnERsTv5UB

(Netherlands) Ten million to fight radicalization

(Europe) Central fingerprint database plan draws fire from all over EU

Iran's UN ambassador has nuke proposal

(Iran) Major Powers at U.N. Reach Deal on Sanctions for Iran - Ambassadors from 6 nations agree on "modest package" (quoting AP),2933,258914,00.html

(Iran) Interpol seeks 6 in Argentine attack;_ylt=Ak9OOvs0z_gHQRubv0lXEKpvaA8F

Iran executes man for 'terrorist' acts - paper - Executed a member of group Iran says linked to Al Qaeda

(Israel) IDF finds bomb near southern Gaza security fence

Uzbekistan Jails Hizb Ut-Tahrir Member

(Russia) "Blacklisted" terrorist groups may not appeal designation - Supreme Court ruling on 15 organizations, including Hizb ut-Tahrir, Muslim Brotherhood, LeT

(Russia) Chechnya court sentences Turk to 23 years on terrorism charges - Turkish man fought with Chechens in 2002-2004

Colombian rebels free nine of 18 hostages - FARC seeking ransom

The Republican PartyĆ¢€™s Unwelcome Guests - Newsweek with details on political ties of NY businessman and Canadian

Commentary: Funding terror - Cell phone payment systems "the 'killer application' for money laundering and terror financing" - Rachel Ehrenfeld

Other News: (UK) School Changes Name of Play to 'Three Little Puppies' to Avoid Offending Muslims,2933,258986,00.html

Update: (UK) Freedom of speech row as talk on Islamic extremists is banned

(UK) Tearful boyfriend tells how family killed 'for honour'

Pakistan: Women's Photo Not Necessary for I.D. Cards

(Delaware) Man pleads guilty to making bomb, detonating it in Wilmington

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