Thursday, March 15, 2007

TERROR NEWS March 15th

March 15, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News Transcript of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Confession ('',

Fast Facts: Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Confessions,2933,258818,00.html

Update: 9/11 planner confesses to many plots - Khalid Sheikh Mohammed,0,3709403.story?coll=la-home-nation

(Iraq) Bomb kills 6 in Iraq, U.S. warns of sectarian warfare - south of Baghdad - car bomb exploded as a bus carrying state employees passed by;_ylt=AgaeZaitKigupYQpZ0eYqvNX6GMA

Iraq: Saddam Deputy's Death Sentence Confirmed

(Afghanistan) 4 killed - Policeman, three Taliban killed in Afghan clashes;_ylt=AnzYdwDVz6ZDyGcBfScIdK3OVooA

(Jordan) 4 al-Qaida Iraqi militants to be executed;_ylt=AoSw8_V8OuTqxP4Un.LKGaNX6GMA

(India) Maoist rebels kill 50 police in India - Naxalites strike terror in Chhattisgarh, 50 cops killed;_ylt=Akxb0CXdYob5WPBxBV05mw5A7AkB

(India/Pakistan) India's "no" to Pakistan bid to de-link Kashmir and terror

(Pakistan) Baloch militant arrested§ion=subcontinent&col=

Iran president calls UN resolution "torn paper"

(Iran) Ahmadinejad attacks 'illegitimate' Security Council;_ylt=AhuSHL0wzkEGrVcoKFwRevdSw60A

Draft Iran sanctions considered

Iran building guerrilla armies in Gaza -- Israel admits truce exploited by Palestinians to prepare for war

Israel will not acknowledge Palestinian gov't as negotiation partner

(Israel) IDF arrests 24 suspected terrorists overnight

Hamas TV airs interview with children of female Palestinian suicide bomber

U.S. seeks U.N. sanctions on Sudan

(US DHS) Chertoff warns of Web of terrorism -- Radical Islamists are using the Internet to recruit homegrown terrorists in the U.S.

U.S. officials want more outreach to American Arabs, Muslims -- Homeland Security aides note difficulty in recruiting interpreters and analysts,0,63627.story?coll=la-home-headlines

(CAIR) Critics target American Muslim group -- looking for links Hamas and Hezbollah (Turkey)

US discusses options against PKK terror organization

Germany faces 'greater terrorist threat'

German president appeals to Iraq abductors for release

(Spain) ETA 'to make a symbolic surrender of arms'

(Spain) Aznar, 'Al Qaeda will demand Islamic Law for West'

Indonesia: Prisons Are Crucial In Fight Against Terror, Says Expert

Thai southern insurgents launch attacks, a score of casualties

Thai leader condemns insurgent attacks;_ylt=AsOpvnwpxloKBTSQ7kaNP.buNREB

Somalia: Security Forces Launch Mass Search Near Main Airport

Morocco: Police Seize 200 KG of Explosives in Casablanca

Ethiopia blames Eritrea "terrorism" for kidnapping

(North Africa) "Arc of radical Islamism" in north Africa

(Nigeria) Two Italian hostages released in Nigeria after months in captivity

South Africa terror reports alarming IFP

Danish firm charged in anti-terror case - raised funds for Columbia's FARC and Palestinian PFLP terror groups;_ylt=AhRPbO64wmWvJiC5W4YeU80Tv5UB

(Columbia/FARC) Chiquita to pay $25 million for dealings with militants -- The fine will settle a U.S. inquiry on whether the company knowingly paid Colombian groups deemed to be terrorist for protection,0,6287268,full.story?coll=la-home-headlines;_ylt=AsBg38XBQXAdyROMzsihnm8Tv5UB

9-country exercise tackling maritime terrorism concludes in the Arabian Sea

Commentary: Al-Jazeera's Dirty Little Secret

Other News: (Pakistan) 3 Pakistanis stoned, shot to death - on the orders of an Islamist tribal council that found them guilty of adultery;_ylt=AlWztGutDkJFahyqsBDdoyruOrgF

(Afghanistan) Self-immolation by Afghan women rising;_ylt=AoeZtASJqADRtN00FLW0gxXOVooA

Report: Europe facing population losses - will likely shrink by 67 million residents during the next 50 years

(UK University) Islamic Anti-Semitism lecture cancelled over 'health and safety' grounds

(UK) University is accused of censoring anti-Semitic Islam lecture

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