Monday, March 26, 2007


Afghan army sweep kills 99 rebels in four days;_ylt=AhDXA.uQiy.PGrkG4J_WDYbOVooA

Al-Qaida escapee from Afghan prison urges Somali militants to fight 'holy war' - second video released this week by Abu Yahia al-Libi;_ylt=Arcd1sG_9HXThBbeN08ugnIwuecA

(Afghanistan) U.S. wants Europe to send more troops to Afghanistan;_ylt=AjCbY.4knn0B48wsRBG3CiHOVooA

(Iraq) US envoy admits talks with rebels to squeeze Al-Qaeda;_ylt=Aki9LJgwB0D0Ep_G84HxnItX6GMA

(Iraq) Rocket hits Baghdad Green Zone, shakes U.S. embassy;_ylt=Ag0NL3M75wY9_zkqcr_c1nZX6GMA

Iraq: Four Saudi Terrorists Slain in Al-Anbar, Report

(Iraq) Sunni-Shia areas ripped apart by bloodlust

Iraqi gunmen mow down 9 children

Iraqi Deputy PM Attack Seen as Inside Job

Iranian military warns U.S. against any attack -- Comments come two days after U.N. imposed new sanctions on Tehran

Iran warns sailors may be charged: Iranian Foreign Ministry Iranian Official:

Detained British Sailors Are Not Bargaining Chips,2933,261144,00.html

Iran rebuffs Blair's plea for release of captives

(Iran) Blair: Iran must free naval prisoners in days;jsessionid=HUGOPQTR2KJGJQFIQMFCFFWAVCBQYIV0?xml=/news/2007/03/26/wiran26.xml

(Iran) British sailors being interrogated: Iran§ion=middleeast&col=

(Iran) Intelligence assets listen in to Teheran

Pakistan opposes sanctions on Iran

(Pakistan) Gunbattle at 'Jihad' Rally Kills 6 at Pakistani High School,2933,261142,00.html

(Pakistan) US-Pakistan alliance under scrutiny as Musharraf faces crisis;_ylt=AkDFqvVr1L2VzWlyg7GB5MvzPukA

(Pakistan Unrest) 1,000 arrests fail to halt Pakistan protests§ion=subcontinent&col=

Tunisia sentences 18 terrorism suspects to jail (

France) Police: Four suspects with alleged ties to terror group arrested in France - Ansar al-Fath - terror cell plotted attack on Paris subway, Paris airport, DST HQ

(India) J&K can't be kept out of anti-terror mechanism: India

(Guantanamo Bay) Australia terror suspect Hicks faces new trial;_ylt=AhhJxqFd4x8og5HRpaoyS1rOVooA

(Guantanamo Bay) Terror suspect Hicks may plead guilty to secure freedom

(Morocco) Terror plot to target tourists in Morocco is foiled

Yemen: Two killed in attack on Sunni school

Indonesia police arrest suspected al-Qaida man - Ahmad Khoirul Uman accused of ties to Jemaah Islamiyah

Indonesia says has DNA of key terrorist suspects;_ylt=AiqBGToCmC33hHwzPOJ468ITv5UB

Palestinians detonate bomb near Gaza fence

(Canada) CSIS alters slightly description of terrorists - not "Islamic"

Tracking terrorists with click of a mouse - Crime center finds clues in recovered CDs, hard drives,0,620050.story?track=rss

(UK) Extremists 'are encouraging violence against Muslim women'

(Sri Lanka) Tamil Tiger 'air force' bombs airbase

(USA) Emergent Tries Add-On For Its Anthrax Vaccine

Other News: Australia: Controversial cleric to be replaced

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