Saturday, March 24, 2007

TERROR NEWS March 23rd

Afghanistan says 69 Taliban killed in attacks;_ylt=Am.Fpf3hndHVklwIXP1D.a_OVooA

Afghan suicide attack on NATO convoy, child hurt;_ylt=AhFCN..7IdZnJE3iGqMYFXHOVooA

(Pakistan) Fragile ceasefire after 160 dead in Pakistani clashes;_ylt=Anpkr3HqS0fwzU4BwxjQo4XzPukA

(Pakistan) Two rockets fired in Quetta\03\23\story_23-3-2007_pg7_3

Iraq deputy PM in surgery after bomb blast - condition "not stable";_ylt=Ap9NePtuwtoWtdqMOYVw5SxX6GMA

Iraqi Sunni deputy PM wounded in suicide bombing, 8 others killed

(Iraq) Al-Qaida group denies chlorine usage;_ylt=Al3ou4SoCINq9LcjSgUNxmhX6GMA

(Iraq) Chlorine cache found in Iraq - U.S. troops sweeping Baghdad have found containers of nitric acid and chlorine

(Iraq) In video, al-Qaida urges unification - Abu Yahia al-Libi, escapee from U.S. prison near Kabul, called on Sunni groups in Iraq to join the Islamic State in Iraq;_ylt=AjkWHmMt3vGyf7ewV5cKGM7MWM0F

(Iraq) Could Diyala be Al-Qaeda's Waterloo?

(Iraq) Shia troops break away - 3,000 Mahdi Army financed directly by Iran and no longer loyal to Muqtada al-Sadr,0,3218286.story?coll=ny-worldnews-print

Iran 'paying Iraqis $500 a month' - for attacks in Basra,23599,21436315-1702,00.html

Iran seizes British navy personnel in Iraqi waters;_ylt=AmxPPKtHTqEfX5NM7gXZ771X6GMA

Iran 'seizes' 15 British Marines

(Iran) Major Powers Submit Final Iran Draft - New resolution to pressure Iran to suspend uranium enrichment - vote in 2 days,0,4237372.story?coll=ny-leadworldnews-headlines

Iran says US delaying Ahmadinejad visa§ion=middleeast&col=

White House says Iran visas approved;_ylt=AptpRp3GDyI1gCLu7EaIphNSw60A

(Congo) Blast hits Spanish Embassy in Congo

(Somalia) Clashes rock Mogadishu for third day;_ylt=AsM3GgsboFC6GeJA3VB0EqWQLIUD

(Somalia) An Al-Qaeda Letter from Somalia

Group: More than 100 deported from Kenya;_ylt=AinaOlyhpq8qHhHDXfodChuQLIUD

(Nigeria) Three foreigners abducted in Nigeria,00050006.htm

Bangladesh to execute 6 convicted militants§ion=subcontinent&col=

Indonesia's terror network dangerous, well-organized despite arrests

Turkish al-Qaeda commander Ebu Omer killed in Pakistan Lebanese

Security Source: Fatah Al-Islam Connected to Al-Qaeda

Lebanon: No Sign of Illegal Weapons Says Former Peace Force Chief

Report: Europe claims Israel preparing for war - Officials telling Damascus to expect conflict this summer

(US) Friends: Sailor Hassan Abujihaad unhappy with U.S. foreign policy;_ylt=AmwLpLgmPQQz0CZHHC3CEvkTv5UB

(UK) Police question three men over July 7 terror attacks;_ylt=AgbTRoFnnaWu_eFbMohc97cTv5UB

(UK) 7/7 bomb suspects 'flying to join militants'

(UK) Taxi-driver among those held over 7/7 attacks - resigned, that he was going to Pakistan (UK

Fertilizer Bomb Trial) Terror trial jury retires for fifth day

(France) Brigitte lodges appeal to terrorism conviction (Spain)

Terrorist threat to Spanish interests abroad "rising"

Spanish court says it would have convicted Basque of terrorism but prosecutor dropped charges

Sri Lanka battle lines shift, toll hits 37;_ylt=Au2HCn8ZEfWpCDJ0b.xZ7mktM8oA

(India) Govt to tackle problem of Maoist militants taking over 4 tiger reserves,0008.htm

US energy secretary says Iran-Pakistan-India pipeline could help Iran build bomb: repor;_ylt=AoK3x6YKvjywTuvZckvxDmRA7AkB

(US) Report: Gates wanted to close Guantanamo

(US) Terror Supporter and Antisemitic Conspiracy Theorist Teaches at Dalton State College, Georgia

Other News: (USA) AP Report: Cities see rise in black Muslims in wake of 9/11 - Religious leaders report growth in numbers in major American cities

(UK) How tax reforms may make the UK a leader in Islamic finance -- Islamic finance: From niche to mainstream

(UK) Brown paves way for London to be 'leader' for sale of Islamic bonds

Norway: Surveying illegal immigration

Update: German judge under fire for using Koran to deny divorce

(Germany) Catholic church collects money for mosque

"Youthful Dutch population in 2050"

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