Wednesday, March 21, 2007


March 20, 2007 PM Anti-Terrorism News Update: (Pakistan) 46 Die in Militant Clash in Pakistan -- Uzbek Al-Qaeda militants, Pakistan tribesmen clash (Pakistan)

Death penalty for fanatic who killed female Pakistani minister over veil

Iraqi forces kill 39 'terrorists' in Sunni province;_ylt=Ap0QgPXBcvqnEnMq6dadOP1X6GMA

(Iraq) Police Yield to Sunni Insurgents' Ultimatum - 5 police stations destroyed in 2 weeks in town north of Baghdad

(Somalia) AU commander in Somalia pleads for more troops;_ylt=Av2Uf1xaq8ZejVGJb7IQlA_MWM0F

Update: Russia reportedly exits Iran nuke site - Russia pulling experts out from Iranian nuclear reactor they were helping build (Alan Note: to avoid getting bombed?);_ylt=AsDZwVkie_LQNSJhrwf_.hSs0NUE

Khalid Sheikh Muhammad: Waging Jihad from Prison - Michael Scheuer: KSM's testimony benefits al-Qaeda and causes problems for U.S.

Norway-Hamas link angers Israel - Israel cancels meeting after Norway's FM meets with new Palestinian PM (U.S.)

Watchdog calls FBI abuses inexcusable - DOJ Inspector General says FBI misused info search authority while hunting terrorists;_ylt=AsDZwVkie_LQNSJhrwf_.hSs0NUE

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