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March 29, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(Pakistan) Suicide blast kills Pakistan soldier, wounds eight;_ylt=AnoONJ.czZEKQwU7.sg1CWjzPukA

(Pakistan) Ceasefire breaks down in Pakistani tribal area;_ylt=AtCxk6v2YYgsTc_fxexcCHwwuecA

(Pakistan) Pro-Taliban clerics and their followers release police from Pakistani mosque (my title)§ion=subcontinent&col=

Pakistan: No Taliban Bases in Baluchistan, Says Chief Minister Update: Pakistani Intel

Officers Killed While Searching for AQ Leader, Sources Say - planned to meet with leaders to help find al Qaeda's No. 2 Ayman al Zawahri and one of his deputies

(Afghanistan) Suicide bomber targets Afghan intelligence chief - Kabul bomber targeted investigations chief of Afghanistan's intelligence service

(Afghanistan) Taliban "will free Afghan medical team for prisoners";_ylt=Ai8KpL4fiZdqXgU.QXKKtJfOVooA

(Somalia) Witnesses: Helicopters Bomb Terror Stronghold in Somali Capital,2933,262242,00.html

(Somalia) Ethiopian offensive on insurgents rocks Somali capital - 10 killed;_ylt=AnDen9c9QAzJlBs_PgKsaVuQLIUD

(Iraq) Four Iraqi police killed in war-torn capital - terrorists bobby-trapped car with corpse

(Iraq) Bomb Tears Through Baghdad Market (Iraq)

Kidnapped children used for terrorist attacks: Interior Ministry

Iraq official confirms police in reprisal killings;_ylt=AnVLRrHG3NrDE9_b8NbB_vpX6GMA

(Iraq/Iran) Hizbollah instructors tie Iran into deaths of a dozen British soldiers

(Iran) U.S., allies look to challenge Iran over refusal to allow nuclear monitoring

(Iran) UAE won't participate in US moves against Iran

(Iran/UK) Iran says Britain can see prisoners

(Iran/UK) UK denies troops surrounded Iranian consulate in Iraq

(Iran/UK) Britain pushes for international help in Iran row;_ylt=ArQejaQQoxiVPmFIyxDHKQpSw60A

(Iran/UK) Iran says will not free female British sailor - because of UK's "incorrect attitude";_ylt=AhdG3kcJKNTK6znTVmJsj6VSw60A

(Iran/UK) Tensions rise between Iran, U.K. in Iraq;_ylt=AtXvKijvc6TEC0DABS40XQNSw60A

(Iran/UK) UN chief discusses detained Britons with Iran FM;_ylt=AhybjWHKjISNoxvc06rHf91Sw60A

(Iran) Turkey steps up diplomacy in sailor crisis in Gulf

(Indonesia) Wanted militant believed still in Indonesia -- Noordin Mohammad Top;_ylt=AgIaZhzkr6ED7eGt_NVhpXLaHXcA

Indonesia shifts battle against extremists - plan to rehabilitate Jihadists - authorities debating arrested members of extremist group Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) to change their ideology;_ylt=AnnMBkWV15I1f106iDfqr4YTv5UB

(Israel) IDF nabs head of Islamic Jihad in Nablus

(Israel) Arab peace proposal not good enough: Israel

(Spain) Police in northern Spain on alert over possible ETA attack, Basque minister says

(USA) House votes to protect 'John Does' on flights

(USA) Records say how CIA got Padilla papers;_ylt=Auc5jqPq30vRSf0y0zGcwRYwuecA

(USA) Al-Qaeda Faces U.S. Cyberwar

(USA) Richardson: 'Nuclear 9-11' Is Possible

(UAE to UK Flight) "Bin Laden" airline man arrested at UK airport

UK streamlines counter-terrorism powers in shakeup;_ylt=AhyAJYVcZNbiUm8DHIxzYDcUewgF

(UK) Arrest of British terror suspects sows more discontent

(UK Murder) Report: Pakistan Coach Linked to Associate of Dawood Ibrahim (my title),,2-2007140628,00.html

Canada should not be haven for retired terrorists: lawyer
Sri Lanka clash 'kills 15 rebels'

(Sri Lanka) LTTE works with other terror groups in South Asia Other News:

(UK) Hewitt attacks Muslim Doctors for breaching female privacy

(Pakistan) How Two Teens Were Recruited for Jihad

(Pakistan) Trouble Brews At Islamabad's Jihad-preaching Mosque

Taliban demands Karzai swap prisoners for Afghans - Wants 2 Taliban prisoners swapped for 6 Afghans - Taliban Kill Senior Pakistani Intelligence Official; Taliban-ISI Rift? Press

Reports Reveal Moroccan Hizbullah, Iraqi Hamas - "Brigades of the Twenties Revolution" in Iraq changes name (Iraq)

Baghdad Green Zone sees spike in mortars, rockets (Gaza)

Gunmen wound Hamas commander and Gunmen wound Hamas chief's children - Head of Hamas's armed wing in Beit Hanoun,20867,21466729-23109,00.html

Three Palestinian militants wounded in Israeli strike - Islamic Jihad preparing to fire rockets into Israel from northern Gaza

Iranian TV Airs Video of Seized British Troops,2933,261881,00.html

Iran: Britain must admit navy trespassed (might allow visit by UK authorities)

Iran unfazed by UK decision to freeze contact over Navy detainees Russian Intelligence

Reports U.S. Military Buildup Near Iranian Borders

Experts Address Terror Financing - Singapore conference brings experts together to discuss cases and policies

Interpol issued international extradition warrants - ITIC analysis

(Saudi Arabia) Accept peace plan or face war, Israel told;jsessionid=XEXIZR2YSU00BQFIQMGSFGGAVCBQWIV0?xml=/news/2007/03/28/wisrael28.xml

Spain arrests suspected members of Basque group ETA

Colombian army says 10 rebels killed in combat - Battle with FARC over jungle territory used to produce cocaine

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