Wednesday, March 28, 2007

TERROR NEWS March 28th

(Iraq) 45 Iraqis massacred in reprisal attacks - Al-Wahada -- Enraged Policemen Go on Revenge Killing Spree in Northern Iraqi Town;_ylt=Avv40RxPQ9AVZ8vLHwLuPf5X6GMA,2933,261864,00.html

(Iraq) Militants attack Iraqi, U.S. forces with chlorine bombs;_ylt=AgOB9.j0o4LoHNkUwA3w0spX6GMA

Iraq: Al-Qaeda Says It Struck in Talafar

(Afghanistan) Taliban suicide bomber kills four in Afghan capital;_ylt=AjNfDzx4Zqg7sn4Bm9QRl4zOVooA

(Afghanistan) Gunmen kidnap Afghan medical team§ion=subcontinent&col=

(Pakistan) Militants attack town in Pakistan - in town where Taliban were recruiting - scores of militants fired rockets, killed one policeman and kidnapped a school principal;_ylt=AiCuLqqHK0k8OT3DGEFsAH7zPukA§ion=subcontinent&col=

Update: Pakistan signs deal in militant area - formally announced by both sides;_ylt=Al9j400Y3drhVmcGVg2wjGnzPukA

(Pakistan) Report: Since 9/11 - Pakistan handed over 700 terror suspects to US: Amnesty

(Iran) UK says data shows sailors were in Iraqi waters;_ylt=AsaU_k1imQkK_n4yPRy2pYZSw60A

(Iran) UK Navy boats 'ambushed' in Iraqi water

(Iran) Britain: Time to press Iran to free 15;_ylt=AkXJWPMWqYlanl8TShievnpSw60A

(Iran) UK FM: 'Britain will freeze all bilateral talks with Iran'

(Iran) British servicewoman to be released soon, Iran minister quoted as saying

Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei Threatens to 'Strike at Them with All Our Capabilities' If Iran Is Attacked

(Iran) Pentagon chief warns against "illusions" on Iran;_ylt=AqoL8eNaemZ70_f2JNEXpdxSw60A

Iran monitors U.S. exercises closely, not concerned: TV;_ylt=AlEverglqplp552S9CZVsKlSw60A

(Iran) US House to Iran: Release British captives

(Iran) Gates says U.S. open to Iran dialogue

(Indian Kashmir) Eight terrorists surrender in Jammu and Kashmir

(Morocco) New suspect detained, 24 indicted in Casablanca suicide bombing

Algeria: Al-Qaeda Leader Sentenced to 20 Years in Jail

(Russia) Major terrorist act averted in Chechnya

(Indonesia) Father of terror suspect questioned - father of suspected terrorist Ahmad Syahrul Uman, alias Khoirul

(Palestinian Territories) U.S.-backed force 'mostly terrorists' -- Bulk of $59 million aid package to strengthen Abbas' guard units

Commentary: The Word Games That Hamas Plays

(Guantanamo Bay) Australian Terror Suspect Hicks: I backed al-Qaeda but didn't plot evil,22049,21464451-5001021,00.html

(NYC) Bomb threat at UN HQ tightens security

(Denmark) Four Muslims charged with terrorism in Denmark

(Denmark) 2 Danish Palestinian charity members acquitted of financing terror - Al Aqsa Foundation transferred funds to Islamic Charitable Society and the World Assembly of Muslim Youth, but court decides no proof funds ended up in Hamas hands

Netherlands: Muslim Brotherhood have ties with Hofstad Group

(Netherlands) ID card for foreigners

(Spain) Police knew Islamic radicals bombed Madrid "in hours"

(France) Clashes Erupt at Paris Train Station

(UK) Cleared Algerian 'still threat to national security'

British law lords order N.Ireland police to hand over documents on 1990 killing of IRA man

(US) Stepped-up counterintelligence OK'd

US agency FBI fights to keep anti-terror powers;_ylt=AvlUFghj2EG0zNF2binG9jATv5UB

(North Korea) U.S. finds banks unwilling to accept transfer of funds

(North Korea) CIA says North Korea nuclear test a failure: report

Singapore shows off anti-terror academy; weapons, terror scenarios on display

Japan launches new counter terrorism force

Sri Lanka troops on the offensive after plane attack;_ylt=AmFcU3InshikIhpc7TjmABotM8oA

Other News: 'Islam needs to reform'

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