Friday, March 16, 2007


KSM) News Analysis: 9/11 plotter's confession may aid other defendants

(KSM) Alleged 9/11 Mastermind's Admissions Part Propaganda, Part Truth, Expert Says (

KSM) Time: Can KSM's Confession Be Believed?,8599,1599423,00.html

(US) Padilla recruited, rejected for al Qaeda jihad, document days

(Iraq) One killed as Baghdad Sunni mosque attacked

(Iraq) U.S.: 2 more soldiers killed in Iraq;_ylt=Aqgq6D5khXxLWorPkO27TxdX6GMA

(Iraq) Attack on Sadr official creates tension;_ylt=AtGAdgbDu9lrnPnvHff8w6JX6GMA

(Iraq) Wary cooperation between U.S., Sadr

Update: Iraq Thursday Attacks - Military finds sophisticated weapon US believes is being supplied by Iran to Shia militias (my title)

(Afghanistan) Taliban offers more time for Italian hostage§ion=subcontinent&col=

Afghan driver of Italian hostage executed: report;_ylt=AqqHeepLG3Q0.s3y.C2uJvHOVooA

(Afghanistan) Five shot dead by NATO troops: police§ion=subcontinent&col=

(Indian Kasmir) Bus stand explosion in Kashmir kills one, wounds 7;_ylt=AmPf4WmiF8RHa3IeSyAdG6g1NXcA

(India Assam) 6 wounded in bomb attack in northeast India

India scours forests to "avenge" Maoist killings;_ylt=AsaglclEEDQUoPYQDf1i0dhA7AkB,23599,21395894-1702,00.html

(Lebanon) New Islamic militia forms in Lebanon - led by Shakir al-Abssi

Palestinian Intelligence officer gunned down in Gaza Strip

(Iran) Ahmadinejad asks to attend UN Security Council vote,23599,21391928-1702,00.html

(Iran) Ahmadinejad says Iran will stick to atomic work;_ylt=An_gaXqDcSx29VjSGnIYmOxSw60A

(Iran) Report: 'Silent army' can overthrow Iran's mullahs -- Dissident who escaped prison pleads with U.S. to 'trust us'

(Iran) Cleric hits Ahmadinejad for making enemies - Ayatollah Yousef Sanei

(UK) 35,000 searched under anti-terror powers

(UK) Anti-terror law may be toughened

Analysis: Terrorist Threat Grows In North Africa

(Nigeria) French hostage released in southeastern Nigeria

(Somalia) Bomb blast kills 7 near Somali capital;_ylt=Aq21sf_Cjq715YXfST23lUiQLIUD

(Somalia) Landmine 'toy' kills seven,23599,21396367-1702,00.html

(Columbia) Three injured in bomb attack in Colombia

(North Korea) Envoy: Dispute over N. Korean funds over;_ylt=AlScoKq9hRV.gqQp3LkxqmSCscEA

Sri Lankan troops kill suspected suicide bomber;_ylt=Akwr2R8kp1c07JpU8QXrMnktM8oA

Other News: (Minneapolis) Imams' suit risks 'chill' on security

Boston: Islamic group sues scholar for libeling Muslims -- Islamic Society of Boston suing Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, David Project, Boston Herald, Fox 25 News, and Steve Emerson

Pakistan arrests 100 Islamist and opposition workers,23599,21393204-1702,00.html

NY prisons sued over Muslim head covering ban

(Australia) Alleged Nazi war criminal back in court,23599,21392560-1702,00.html

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