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TERROR NEWS March 17th

March 17, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(Iraq) Suicide chlorine bombers kill eight - 85 ill - two suicide bombers driving tanks filled with chlorine in Falluja; second bomber targed tribal leader opposed to Al-Qaeda,23599,21400302-1702,00.html;_ylt=Am3U8QHLg5ROhn3CzcIktR1X6GMA

(Iraq) 2 Iraqi police killed by roadside bombs;_ylt=AnrnC07oPI7SdUUSS43NfcZX6GMA

US rushes division into Iraq,23599,21397626-1702,00.html

(Afghanistan) Suicide Bomber slays child in Afghanistan;_ylt=Ao6qrtS83jTYUQOrJUBH6FXOVooA

(Afghanistan) Taliban attack NATO convoy, several Afghans hurt§ion=subcontinent&col=

(Afghanistan) Taliban extend Italian hostage deadline

Turkish Police Raids Net 39 Al-Qaeda Members; Police Find Al-Qaeda Pledge in Turkish School

(Pakistan) Three blasts in Quetta\03\17\story_17-3-2007_pg7_22

(Pakistan) Bhutto warns of Taliban threat to Pakistan§ion=subcontinent&col=

(Pakistan) Riots push Pakistan towards political crisis - Musharraf's dismissal of chief justice "serious miscalculation"

(Palestinian) Fatah Al-Islam: New Islamist Group Denies Al-Qaeda Link

Palestinian unity cabinet to be approved;_ylt=Al.884V4GKpqr7LJUJBNftQUvioA

(Israel) IDF troops find 2 pipe bombs in Palestinian's car

Israel rejects new Palestinian unity government§ion=middleeast&col=

Syria's Muslim Brotherhood calls on Assad to quit

(US) Pearl's widow unmoved by Khalid’s confession

(US) Update: Probe of Al-Qaeda Leader's Handling Sought - Senators Urge Inquiry After Khalid Sheik Mohammed Alleges Abuse -- Washington Post

Indian Muslim group calls for beheading of writer Taslima Nasreen;_ylt=AuSNcIOPK2c9AHdshfSQfQNA7AkB

India vows crackdown on Maoist rebels after police killings;_ylt=ArsnslwUmjgBrm_Io3GHbghA7AkB

(Thailand) Massacre suspects in custody - 14 suspects arrested for Thai south minibus attack

Thailand mulls expanding curfew in restive Muslim south;_ylt=AkHm7jwWnv1En05NI_ksQN_uNREB

(Thailand) Violence continues in Thai South despite curfew

(Thailand) Arrest warrant out for New Year's Eve suspect

Indonesian Militant "Condemns Bombings" - Jemaah Islamiyah leader declined to directly condemn 2002 Bali bombings and other attacks

(UK) Uproar over IRA bomb as 'best thing for city' - British Labour MP who said the IRA bomb in Manchester was "the best thing to happen to the city"

(UK) 'BBC Arabic Service anti-western'

(UK July 21 Bomb Trial) It wasn't a bomb, I was just making a protest, says the "21/7 ringleader"

(UK July 21 Bomb Trial) I didn't want to kill anyone, says London bomb plot accused

Colombians want Chiquita banana execs extradited;_ylt=AmyXfje7j8y.lyuy11Up512wv7kA

Somalia: Islamists return to Jubba following Ethiopian pullout

(Sudan) Commentary: When Muslims ignore the Prophet -- regarding Darfur killings

Insurance data shows global terror rising

France extradites two ETA members to Spain

Sri Lanka toll climbs amid heavy shelling;_ylt=AjWOf7Nq8G7IXEh0coTMDK4tM8oA

Sri Lanka seeks US pressure on LTTE funds§ion=subcontinent&col=

North Korea demands unfreezing of $25 million - Envoy says Pyongyang won't stop nuclear activity until funds are released

WND Report: Bin Laden capture forecast

Analysis: Note to FBI: Remember Canadian Terror Plot & Beslan School Massacre

Other News: Muslim nations set up US forum to discuss concerns - Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC)\03\17\story_17-3-2007_pg7_1

Islamic Republic of Iran News Network (IRINN TV) on '300': 'Zionist Warner Company' Propaganda Against Iran

Iran Is Playing a Growing Role in Iraq Economy

Iran ready to help Pakistan generate power\03\17\story_17-3-2007_pg7_20

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