Monday, March 19, 2007


Iraq) Five blasts in Iraq's Kirkuk kill 18, wound 37 - three car bombs and two roadside devices;_ylt=AhkocA_Bka.k6jshK5QTDy1X6GMA

(Iraq) US-led forces detain nine Al-Qaeda suspects

(Iraq) Suicide bomber kills 8 in Baghdad Shiite mosque

(Iraq Prime Minister) Sectarian killing in Iraq has stopped: Maliki;_ylt=Arrfko2FtP7eYYBDyc4Sqs8wuecA

(Iraq) US military: 9 suspected insurgents, including roadside bomb maker, detained in raids in Baghdad and Anbar province

(Iraq) Weapons found at Iraqi politician's home - raid on the Baghdad home of a Sunni Muslim Iraq politician turned up 65 Kalashnikov rifles and other weapons

(Iraq) 'Top al-Qaeda financier' held - arrested an Iraqi-born Palestinian suspected of acting as a financier for the al-Qaeda network,9294,2-10-1460_2085449,00.html

(Iraq) Al Qaeda in Iraq targets former Sunni backers

(Iraq) Islamic State of Iraq claims downing of apache helicopter in Haditha, issues video of bombing an American tank in al-Ramadi

(Iraq) U.S. pushes on-the-job training of Iraqi forces

(Iraq) Russia urges US to set timetable for leaving Iraq

(Afghanistan) Suicide bomber hits U.S. embassy convoy in Kabul - wounding officials in the motorcade and pedestrians;_ylt=AgDa5qdcQeuHEcnWe8it2kDOVooA

Afghan president expects Italian journalist to be freed;_ylt=ApVJ7mWLeTYFxvjuvYDV2ErOVooA

Afghan commander calls on Britain to double forces

(Thailand) 3 Buddhist women slain in Thailand - shot by Muslim separatists;_ylt=AplB910hZegF_RQyUbGMsqruNREB

(Pakistan) Militants kill policeman in northwest Pakistan - on Monday;_ylt=AhYp_wu85ujALU1c970WnvLzPukA

Update: (Pakistan) Pearl murder convict to appeal after KSM confession;_ylt=ArOBCNAUQpOYVXirNMz3sbHzPukA

Hamas-Iran links full of contradictions;_ylt=AkqeYXAAmXuommHdReJGSDlX6GMA

Russia warns US not to use nuclear issue to change Iran;_ylt=AtZskRTFtxWUvnVoQtO8Hh9_5GIA

(Bahrain) Gulf states can respond to any Iran attack;_ylt=AsoxH0ZyDIlvfEIMo_5FxKxSw60A

(Israel) IDF thwarts terror attack - at Nablus,7340,L-3378048,00.html (Israel)

Gov't defines Lebanon conflict a 'war'

(Israel) Arabic Knesset Member Calls for "Muslims and Arabs" to "liberate Jerusalem - MK Ibrahim Sarsour

US warns Palestinian unity government - US will deal with it only if it renouces violence and fully recognizes Israel,23599,21405621-1702,00.html

(Palestinian Territories) Islamic Jihad warns new coalition gov't against bowing to western pressure

Hamas claims responsibility for shooting Israeli near Karni (Gaza)

Explosion in Gaza kills Islamic Jihad operative

(Gaza) BBC reporter now missing a week in Gaza

(Turkey) Army on alert amid tensions

(Germany) Merkel: Germany not to give in to terrorists despite looming deadline

Yemen lawyers demand to see Qaeda accused files - trial of 36 accused members of Yemeni Al-Qaeda;_ylt=Aja7lwX1J2u7jHKBn8RmcjgwuecA

(Somalia) 2 killed in mortar attack in Somalia -- on Sunday;_ylt=AhxUyx5RvDYlUXzFI18KmWWQLIUD

(Nigeria) 3 people kidnapped in central Nigeria;_ylt=AsXS0W2DUMl2.aYAJUbZbNDZ9YEA

Australian Guantanamo detainee Hicks drugged, lawyer says;_ylt=AhDF.tfL8Wq3zlhK4_4.gy0Tv5UB

(North Korea) US, N. Korea reach understanding on frozen assets

(Sri Lanka) Heavy battles after Sri Lanka claims sinking Tiger ships;_ylt=AlZ7_2cnIM8Bau2nicGXH_4tM8oA

(Sri Lanka) 8 dead as Govt, LTTE rebels clash in Sri Lanka,001302310000.htm

(Sri Lanka) 2 soldiers killed, 12 injured in LTTE attack

Analysis: Toxic Shock: The Very Real Threat of Bio-Chemical Terror

Analysis: Intelligence experts: al Qaeda in Iraq 'poses little danger' to US

Other News: JihadWatch: Al-Jazeera reporter: Khalid Sheikh Mohammed "not a man of Allah but a man of action"

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