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June 18, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

Suicide Bomb Teams Sent to U.S., Europe - ABC reports that teams assigned to carry out attacks in the
United States, Canada, Great Britain and Germany were introduced at an al Qaeda/Taliban training camp graduation ceremony held June 9

Afghans: Over 100 dead in southern fight (update) - 3 days of fierce clashes between NATO forces & Taliban
fighters in Uruzgan;_ylt=Au5VkZeDTGQVGqVBpJ6imXqs0NUE

(Afghanistan) Afghan forces recapture district overran by Taliban

Iraqi police: Prime minister replaces police chief over mosque attacks

(Algeria) Al-Qaeda In Islamic Maghreb Threatens Algerian Journalists

(Lebanon) Army says its has Fatah al-Islam cornered

Iran told Hamas to use violence in Gaza - Abbas aide,7340,L-3414691,00.html

Gaza's vital border crossings closed after Hamas takeover

Deadly shooting erupts at Israel-Gaza crossing - At least 1 killed, 15 wounded

Hamas accused of war crimes in Gaza

Report: Hamas donations used to finance terror -- "The Justice Fund," Hamas's economic wing, located in Saudi Arabia

Millions of shekels transferred from Saudi to Hamas -- Charity associations in Jerusalem receive millions of
shekels to fund Hamas hostilities,7340,L-3414614,00.html

U.S. offers aid to Abbas-led Palestinian government

(India) Three Lashkar-e-Toiba guerrillas killed in Kashmir -in Budgam district, including Chotta Furqan, the
divisional commander of the LeT

(Pakistan) Explosion in NW Pakistan wounds 5 - in Bajaur tribal agency

(Pakistan) 2 planners of deadly Pakistan suicide bombing arrested, police say - Lashkar-e-Jhangvi members
suspected of April 2006 bombing

Pakistan minister: Rushdie knighthood 'justification for suicide attacks',2933,283835,00.html

Iran group raises Rushdie bounty - $150 thousand for his execution

Muslim world inflamed by Rushdie knighthood

Detection of terrorist funding ineffective

Saudi arrests are effort against Web jihad

(Syria) Arab Media Reports Syria Making Preparations for War with Israel

(DC) Press Center Near White House Evacuated - due to bomb threat

(DC) Source: Vehicle In Israeli Delegation Set Off D.C. Bomb Scare

Canada introduces no-fly list, critics fear abuses;_ylu=X3oDMTBjMHZkMjZyBHBvcwMxBHNlYwNzcg--/SIG=12n7u0tjq/EXP=1182280918/**http%3a//

(Canada) Ottawa should scrap no-fly list until flaws fixed, says Islamic group

Tajikistan Opens Terror Probe Into Supreme Court Blast

North Korea plans to shut reactor in July: report;_ylt=AhpNzWCOzXLdIkGXd56iIPDMWM0F

Russia: North Korea's money transferred to Russian Central Bank - ambassador

Commentary: An Unmighty Film - Movie "A Mighty Heart" lacks story of Jihadists

(Iraq) 36 killed in southern Iraq;_ylt=AtA8J7VVYCC3AuEZsZesAV5X6GMA

(Iraq) British troops 'kill 36' in Iraq attack

Iraq: Al-Mahdi Army clashes with British troops

(Iraq) Coalition raids target flow of Iranian aid to insurgents

(Iraq) U.S. forces in Iraq start offensive against Al Qaeda

(Iraq) New military operations underway in Iraq - along Baghdad's southern and northern belts - and the Tharthar area near Fallujah
and in Diyala province;_ylt=AmGLKqYzDq4xZ9b8E1Urc5FX6GMA

Iraq: Three soldiers killed in explosions

(Iraq) Three killed, seven wounded in booby-trapped cars blast in Iraq

(Afghanistan) Kabul blast suspect arrested with Taliban pictures: police;_ylt=AhYYHUaiEtg_466FuNqfIjDOVooA

(Afghanistan) Taliban fighters back in caves of Tora Bora

(Afghanistan) Seven Afghan children killed in strike on 'Al-Qaeda hideout' - madrassa viewed as militant target;_ylt=At4ZBDXZPQRHB_yDnGL7TQUwuecA

(Afghanistan) 'Britain feared US would "nuke" Afghanistan'

Lebanon army squeezes militants, 3 troops killed;_ylt=AoF7fgiStzLI67maupXvpUPagGIB

Lebanese army battles militants on two fronts;_ylt=Alw129VlXh5RBX1LUN.Yzo3agGIB

Lebanon Group claims rocket attack on Israel- "the Jihadi Badr Brigades ” Lebanon branch" claims Sunday rocket attack on Israel;_ylt=ArJ81RnXiSizB6Gup5JY9FLagGIB

(Lebanon) Report: Syrian President Assad linked to Katyusha rocket attack

(Gaza) Group Holding BBC Correspondent Threatens to Kill Him - Militants say no deal to release BBC reporter,2933,283593,00.html§ion=middleeast&col=

(Gaza) Abbas attempts to isolate Hamas

Gaza's Christians fear for their lives

(Gaza) Fatah loyalists hurry to escape Gaza

Report: Israel plans attack on Gaza - Sunday London Times: Defense minister planning attack if Hamas fires rockets or resumes suicide bombings

Israeli troops move into Gaza

Israelis cut fuel supplies to Hamas territory;jsessionid=4T5VONS1GJ3TPQFIQMGCFFWAVCBQUIV0?xml=/news/2007/06/18/wmeast118.xml

(Israel) IDF arrests two terror suspects overnight

(USA - NYC) Person of Interest Being Questioned; Substance Tested after Anthrax Scare at ABC News

(USA - NYC) Anti-terror files must stay secret

(JFK Plot) Daughter of JFK airport terror plot suspect is free on $50 bond,0,4124384.story?coll=ny-region-apnewyork

(Somalia) Bomb kills 2 children in Somalia - in Mogadishu;_ylt=AlociWKo521BBAMZ2.N1Z22QLIUD

Somalia: Explosion rocks peace talks venue

Somalia insurgents show surface-to-air missile in video;_ylt=Auz0tMhIrRTAW1kjzHglLkiQLIUD

Kenya: Wanted Man Surrenders to Police -- linked to last week's explosion in Nairobi

Pakistan Minister Tries To Justify Terrorism In Kashmir

Pakistan demands 'total' pullout of troops from J&K -- or warns of continued activities by 'jihadi' groups'total'+pullout+from+J%26amp%3bK

Pakistan: death of soldiers linked to arrest of members of banned separtist group - the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA)

(Pakistan) Miranshah landmine explosion injures 2\06\18\story_18-6-2007_pg7_12

(Pakistan) Two blasts rock Turbat

(India) Top rebel, 2 others killed in gunbattle in Indian Kashmir, police say

(India) No evidence of Al-Qaeda in Kashmir: Indian army;_ylt=Aq3wFJcfwyCFwKG9TmpNIps1NXcA

(India) 14 convicted for massacre of 116 people in 1989 Bhagalpur riots

(India) One month later, no breakthrough in Mecca Masjid case

(Turkey) PKK commander warns Turkey of 'military disaster' if troops cross into Iraq;_ylt=AnSxFGL7zVld0nafYTLJzI7tfLkA

Iran considering fresh US talks on Iraq;_ylt=AtaMnenTgjoo21hlrNqEvOpSw60A

(Thailand) Bomb attack at a tea shop in Yala wounds 14

(Thailand) Two soldiers injured in Narathiwat bomb attack

(Philippines) Ransom demand for Italian priest held in Philippines;_ylt=AiX2IG69DICp1bvHA3XwsT5UKYUA

Indonesia militant Abu Dujana opposed to Marriott bomb: report;_ylt=At8AnavOZP2D02z2JJv85qDaHXcA

Indonesia: Public Help Needed in terror fight, says expert

Indonesia redefines itself by 'rolling up' terrorists

Bosnia terror Swede's 'sentence cut'

Spain: Risk of Terror Attacks "High" says Police Report

(Spain) Air passengers to Spain face delays due to new security

Spanish holiday chaos as anti-terror crackdown starts

(UK) Scotland Yard man admits leaking terror report

(UK) Blackburn - Terror plot: 'town is not a terrorist haven'

Sri Lankan police arrest 28 people within anti-LTTE campaign

(North Korea) IAEA inspectors to visit N Korea

North Korea gets warm response to atom offer

Other News:

(Ohio) Hometown Jihad: The School Gym that Terror Built

(NY State) Pension bill cuts terror ties

Pakistan Daily Times: Tariq Ramadan and "Scholars" continue to be kept out of US\06\18\story_18-6-2007_pg7_10

Pakistan urges Britain to withdraw Rushdie knighthood;_ylt=AgiWHVpDkTyA0q5kbDgwLuTzPukA

(Pakistan) Outrage over Rushdie knighthood as effigies of the Queen burn in Pakistan

(Pakistan) Muslim students demand death for Rushdie

Iran condemns British title for author Rushdie

(Denmark) Copenhagen: Hizb ut-Tahrir kindergarten

Norway: Trying to please extremists

(Egypt) Six arrested after Egypt sectarian clash;_ylt=AmPixEiH7YWm2heGZSbsrxXFCBEB

(UK) BBC is urged to break free from the 'liberal concensus'

(UK) BBC report finds bias within corporation

(UK) BBC network admits it: We're biased toward left

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