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June 15, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(USA - Padilla Trial) Bin Laden mentioned in wiretap call played in Padilla trial

(USA - Padilla Trial) Padilla trial jury hears Chechnya

(USA - JFK Plot) Court documents detail history of New York airport terrorism plot informant;_ylt=AjzI01f17HF.9rJ1hqKsvzUTv5UB

(JFK Plot) Sons of JFK suspect held in Guyana

(USA) 6 Fort Dix suspects enter not-guilty plea

(Afghanistan) Suicide bombers hit foreign troops in Afghanistan;_ylt=Aq.Diuqvjnvi2M6wz5amAxDOVooA

(Afghanistan) Two suicide blasts in Afghanistan, five boys killed;_ylt=Aky3XddJJT.qLBKLPM9Kx1vOVooA

(Afghanistan) Dozens of Taliban said killed in Afghan battles;_ylt=At7MimiCJDtfGxH9jK8MyYfOVooA

(Iraq) 5 U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq;_ylt=Agljl6ztlMPCJ0bWd09LGEhX6GMA

(Iraq) Four Iraqi soldiers killed in Amriyah

(Iraq) U.S. says Iraq troop surge complete;_ylt=AiHTYfRUoUsPLi9DzvttjB5X6GMA

(Iraq) Curfew in Basra after Sunni shrine attack;_ylt=AuRmH8dTuScSetj_eQPxZL5X6GMA

(Pakistan) Arrests after Pakistan militant ambush kills 10;_ylt=As5bmlaKjYWxhEHitBMm.A7zPukA

(Pakistan) Two music shops burnt in Peshawar\06\15\story_15-6-2007_pg1_5

(Pakistan) US, Pakistan officials to discuss Taliban\06\15\story_15-6-2007_pg7_1

(Pakistan) Taliban warn Waziris not to shelter Uzbeks\06\15\story_15-6-2007_pg7_12

(India) Terror averted in Tinsukia railway station - bomb recovered - UFLA suspected

(India) Islamic National Front militant shot dead in Manipur

Lebanon: Clashes resume in Palestinian refugee camp

(Lebanon) Booby trap kills 4 soldiers at Lebanon camp;_ylt=At5S3KS3pNOYuUqcpFPXJYXagGIB

(Lebanon) Fatah Al-Islam gunmen try to frame army in mosques' desecration -- army

(Lebanon) Outrage over Lebanese TV anchor's comments - gloating over assassination of anti-Syrian parliamentarian Walid Eid - "So, why did it take them so long to kill him?", laughing and calling for another anti-Syrian parliament member to be assassinated

(Thailand) Attack kills 7 soldiers in southern Thailand;_ylt=AhgUNRon.1bhGDwbp0hQdeHuNREB

(Thailand) Insurgents set fire to school in Yala

(Philippines) Two bombs on buses kill 9 in southern Philippines

(Philippines) Police tag terror suspect in car bomb plot - One-armed JI terrorist, Edris Sabal, failed to set off powerful bomb

Indonesia captures head of Jemaah Islamiah: police -- Zarkarsih aka Mba;_ylt=AhsjVvso5sLb9GjPwb3kf0sTv5UB

Indonesia raids net terror leaders;_ylt=AnK2k.JsRgcD5qQRodRY16MTv5UB

(Indonesia) Abu Dujana admits heading Jemaah Islamiah military wing,23599,21910775-1702,00.html

Jemaah Islamiyah, inspired by Al-Qaeda, dreams of Islamic state

(Somalia) Four die in Somalia attack -- Islamist grenade attack on video hall as opposition to western and Indian films;_ylt=AhLwi9QjIasWyiDEzSa1KYCQLIUD

Egypt: Terror cell planned on 'waging jihad'

(Turkey) 7 wounded in southeast Turkey bomb explosion

Turkey: Police launch sweep in southeast after blast

(UK) Dirty bomb plotters jailed for 136 years -- Seven accomplices of dirty bomb plotter Dhiren Barot jailed;jsessionid=T4ASFWVWCORWBQFIQMGSFFOAVCBQWIV0?xml=/news/2007/06/15/nbomb115.xml;_ylt=AkWNeC2F5d5LU3Y5QQCNOGQwuecA

(UK) Profiles of Dhiren Barot British Jihadist gang

(UK) Judge lifts terror suspect's anonymity order on Zeeshan Siddiqui

(Israel) IDF kills terror suspect in West Bank

Israeli FM says Gaza multinational force must be willing to fight Hamas

(Gaza) President's fortress falls in the face of Hamas onslaught

Report: Hamas forces take over Abbas's compound

Hamas Consolidates Hold on Gaza, Rounds up Fatah Leadership,2933,282792,00.html

Hamas consolidates power in Gaza - Fatah flees Gaza

Around 100 Fatah officials flee to Egypt

Hamas militants loot seized Gaza security buildings

Fatah crushed as Gaza becomes Islamist state;jsessionid=T4ASFWVWCORWBQFIQMGSFFOAVCBQWIV0?xml=/news/2007/06/15/wgaza415.xml

Islamic rule has arrived, says Hamas;jsessionid=M4T1XD3HQYM1HQFIQMGSFFOAVCBQWIV0?xml=/news/2007/06/15/wgaza115.xml

Hamas: "There will be no dialogue with Fatah, only the sword and the rifle"

Hamas issues "pardon" in favor of Fatah security officials

(Gaza) Gunmen invade hospital in Gaza and kill injured patient

(Gaza) Mother of Eight Planned Suicide Terror Attack in Israel - update on previous story

Commentary: Islamic Fundamentalists threaten Israel from all sides;jsessionid=M4T1XD3HQYM1HQFIQMGSFFOAVCBQWIV0?xml=/opinion/2007/06/15/do1502.xml

(USA) Ku Klux Klan Terrorist James Ford Seale convicted in 1964 deaths of black teens

(Iran) Students, police clash in front of British embassy

(Spain/Canada) Basque terror suspect nabbed in Vancouver said wanted on international warrant

North Korean funds transferred from bank;_ylt=ApcQvdOmA.YIB8G_Z7tO6iKCscEA

(UAE) Anti-money laundering expert warns of dangers facing UAE financial services firms

EU Sets Cash Customs Limit To Fight Laundering, Terrorism

Argentine Congress OKs anti-terror bill with sentences for conspiracy, financing, laundering

Propaganda Alert:

(Iran) The Ayatollah Khamenei: US, Israel guilty of mosque attack in Iraq,7340,L-3413158,00.html

Other News:

(Pakistan) Mosques on occupied land illegal in Islam: Council of Islamic Ideology

(UK) Islam academics wary of conditional funding,,2103972,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=8

Turkey to open "Islamic resorts" for Iranians

America prepares for 'cyber war' with China

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