Saturday, June 9, 2007


(Iraq) Six killed in attack on U.S. prison in Iraq - rockets fired into U.S.-run Camp Bucca;_ylt=Av1LvHKzzDJBQfHApWhFIlVX6GMA

(Iraq) Five insurgents killed in Iraq - in Fallujah

(Iraq) Car bomb hits police in Baghdad - 2 killed - struck convoy of Iraqi police commandos -- in the northeastern neighborhood of Shaab;_ylt=AixAb5B5dOTNo8p8pHrrsZNX6GMA,2933,279772,00.html

Iraq ambush targets local police chief's house - outside Baqouba

Iraq protests against shelling by Turkey

Iraq: Violence can spill over to neighbors, radical cleric Al-Sadr warns

(Iraq) U.S. unit enters an alliance of last resort -- Soldiers in Baghdad give police powers, guns to former insurgents

(Iraq) Insurgent group steps up its campaign against Baghdad's Christians

(Iraq) Targeting the Iranian "Secret Cells" - Bill Roggio blog

(Afghanistan) Militants killed in Afghanistan battle - in Zabul province;_ylt=AnKV87s11m394pUm3qmzNlvOVooA

(Afghanistan) Several insurgents killed in Afghanistan: coalition;_ylt=AqJ2sG6.Ws6eAGoYyaPR33XOVooA

(Pakistan) Three dead, five wounded in Pakistan bus blast - in town of Hub;_ylt=ApNlP5OsMvE8IeDSOvDiERbzPukA

(Pakistan) Taliban kill Pakistani tribesman accused of spying;_ylt=AoGkad2iLDlElSbNXU83YgfzPukA

(Pakistan) Musharraf can't stop Islamist takeover: Benazir Bhutto

(India) Al-Qaida declares holy war on India - update - officials on Saturday say threat by al-Qaida Fil Hind;_ylt=AqKP_jmfW8hVAZ1tRX9BA.owuecA

(India) Purported al-Qaida statement in Kashmir declares holy war on India

(Bangladesh) Four charged over British envoy attack - includes leader of Harkat-ul Jihad al Islami,23599,21880096-1702,00.html

Lebanon army shells camp, three soldiers killed;_ylt=AmkBe86gLJ3VP6PRwpayss7agGIB

Lebanon army pounds siege camp after mediation setback;_ylt=Aty0hcA_23BxTymIcM2P9R7agGIB

Lebanon to Stop Issuing Visas-On-Arrival to Arabs

Israeli tanks move inside Gaza

Israel confirms Palestinian attack on Kissufim military base

Palestinian gunmen break through Gaza-Israel border fence, battle troops

(Israel) Palestinian Islamic Jihad gunman killed after infiltration attempt

(Gaza) 17 hurt in renewed Palestinian Gaza clashes

(Gaza) Shop bombed in central Gaza

(USA - Padilla Trial) Calls tie Padilla to terror, prosecutors say,0,7834713.story?coll=sfla-home-headlines

(USA) Official says JFK terror probe widening;_ylt=AmWC_0_bO.g7xt4lplGZAwoTv5UB

(Iran) UN Security Council refuses to condemn Iran - regarding remarks on Israel's impending destruction, due to objections by Indonesia;_ylt=Alca2VmtIslegFiz9O6tHnBSw60A

(Iran) Israel - Military option on table concerning Iran;_ylt=AqTgjZTU_9WS4RtGYUlBXXdSw60A

(Africa) U.S. counterterror authorities watching al-Qaida's new African alliance

Somalia: Ethiopian-backed troops not effective on Al Qaeda- top US official

(Thailand) Cop shot in Narathiwat; five soldiers wounded by bomb

Singapore detains suspected jihadist, 4 alleged Jemaah Islamiyah terror group members

Sri Lanka troops kill 30 Tigers in jungle battle: military;_ylt=AtwMOlr85BB8PtSUKcqq.IEtM8oA

Inquiry finds no evidence CIA used British airports to take terror suspects to other nations

(Netherlands) Rotterdam: Terrorist sentenced to 18 months

(UK) July 21 Plot 'link to cleric of hate' Abu Hamza,,2-2007260726,00.html

(UK) Hamas PM to address UK protest - Hamas terror group leader to address UK protest group in Trafalgar Square

(UK) Lockerbie bomber 'to return to Libya' after just seven years in prison

(UK) 'Secret pact to return Lockerbie bomber'

Syrian detained over FARC arms deal: US prosecutors;_ylt=AjZBWlz0pL.A_8J3X8eoZoULtUsB

Colombia hostage deal still elusive: FARC rebel;_ylt=Au8qPkXuLzun0GIp0Y65PYSwv7kA

Other News:

Israeli Soldiers Rescue Palestinian Girl . . . From Palestinians (Who Paralyzed Her)

(UK) Four charged over Pakistan bride's murder - in arranged marriage

Netherlands: Demand to study veils in cars

Victims of communism finally remembered - New statue in Washington will address West's 'moral blind spot'

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