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June 28, 2007 MORE NEWS

(Afghanistan) Update - Two suicide attacks in Kabul, four dead - and Taliban beheaded three

Iraq PM warns of al Qaeda attacks on other nations -- interrogation showed group was planning
attacks in a number of countries

(Iraq) Coalition Forces detain six suspected al-Qaeda terrorists - update

(Somalia) Roadside blast kills 2 soldiers in Somali capital

(Somalia) Islamists Invited to Somali Reconciliation Talks

Somalia seeks U.N. peacekeepers, Security Council wary;_ylt=A9G_R25J_4NGdV8A6gOyFz4D

(Mauritania) 6 arrested in Mauritania on suspicion of terrorism - update to June 26 posting

North Africa is the New al-Qaeda Hotbed

(USA - Padilla Trial) Terrorism Suspect Portrayed as 'Slow'

Lebanon: Al-Zarqawi's brother may be hiding in Palestinian camp

(Lebanon) PLO in Lebanon: Fatah al-Islam must disarm,7340,L-3418880,00.html

Palestinians back Iran bomb -- New poll shows Palestinians are number one supporters of Iran
nuclear weapons,7340,L-3418706,00.html

Hamas-run Gaza gets shipments via Karni crossing

(Gaza) Bombings against Businesses in Gaza Renewed

Norway in talks with Hamas over captured Israeli soldier
Russia to keep contacts with Hamas - diplomat

(France) Threat of terrorism remains "very high" in Europe, top French anti-terrorist judge warns

Spain: Tensions grow over Lebanon mission

EU keeps Iranian opposition group on terror list

(Turkey) Islamic inroads to Europe,22049,21987691-5006003,00.html

(China) Chinese military has special unit to counter biochemical, nuclear threats during Olympics;_ylt=AjIb0nCVyk9QGvUFEkWIqLoTv5UB
Secret trials for terrorists, says US judge,20867,21986986-2702,00.html

Russia 'terror remains' ban kept

Commentary: Radical Outreach -- President Bush coddles American apologists for radical Islam- by Steven Emerson

Commentary: The war of words between Hamas and Al-Qaeda

Other News:

Iran: Moralization moves to the country

Propaganda Alert:

Daily Kos: Evil US Stands in the Way of Hamas Paradise

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