Sunday, June 24, 2007


June 24, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

Iraq assault kills 90 linked to al Qaeda

(Iraq) At least 63 al-Qaeda members killed as Operation "Arrowhead Ripper"

(Iraq) Car bomb strikes Hillah, killing 2, wounding 18

(Iraq) First phase of major Iraq campaign almost over: U.S.;_ylt=Au3RNqcv1LcKLZw7Cp.mWhYwuecA

(Iraq) Iran supplied missile that hit UK helicopter

(Iraq) 'Chemical Ali' sentenced to hang - Ali Hassan al-Majid sentenced for role in deaths of
180,000 Kurds

(Iraq) Roadside bombs in Iraq kill 7 troops - on Saturday;_ylt=AtvEsuunahTBTiD88MxdPV5X6GMA

(Afghanistan) A dozen Taliban, coalition soldier killed in battle§ion=subcontinent&col=

(Afghanistan) Attack plotted against German minister in Afghan§ion=subcontinent&col=

(Afghanistan) Taliban seize 18 Afghan mine clearing experts;_ylt=ApfmS_NHQD3t_dBvYygGQPfOVooA

(Indian Kashmir) Three Pakistani Terrorists Gunned Down While Infiltrating Into Kashmir; Arms

(Indian Kashmir) At least 11 police personnel injured in J&K blast - in north Kashmir's
Bandipore district

(Indian Kashmir) One civilian and a Hizb-ul-Mujahideen militant killed in Jammu and Kashmir -
on Friday

(Pakistan) Bombs found on oil tankers - engaged in oil transportation to Afghanistan

Pakistan urges tribesmen to expel foreign militants;_ylt=ArmhO8N1FmIjtMLKcW63WQcwuecA

(Pakistan) Breakthrough in Quetta attack probe likely

(Pakistan) Lal Masjid frees hostages - madrassa students vow to continue attacking massage

(Pakistan) Bending the knee to Talibanization\06\24\story_24-6-2007_pg3_1

(Turkey) 2 Kurds die in failed suicide attack;_ylt=AoUMKYdWtCQ5i78dRcoa53TtfLkA

(Lebanon) Tripoli: Army raids militants in Lebanese city, 11 die

(Lebanon) 3 Lebanese soldiers killed in bomb explosion in northern Palestinian camp

(Iran) Persecution of Christians in Iran is intensifying (my title)

(Israel) Two rockets fired into Sderot

(Israel) Palestinian Islamic Jihad claims responsibility for rocket fire at Sderot,7340,L-3416654,00.html

Israel seen avoiding Gaza war with Hamas - for now§ion=middleeast&col=

Senior Hamas and Fatah Terrorists Arrested - in Ramallah

Israeli Cabinet releases funds to Abbas;_ylt=AuQc82RyUWr_vcBDZY1ru7DuyucA

Palestinian intel chief: Hamas takeover was coordinated with Iran

Palestinian intelligence chief accuses Iran of training, funding Hamas militants

Hamas hardliner Mahmoud Zahar calls for Islamic state in Gaza

Hamas fights crime clans for total control of Gaza

Top Official of Hamas Is Rebuffed Over Talks

Hamas accuses Fatah rivals of blocking BBC journo's release

(Indonesia) Two young terrorist suspects released

Somali lawmaker survives assassination attempt outside Mogadishu

Somalia: Al-Qaeda Was Involved in Kismayu Fighting, Says a Colonel

Nigeria: 4 kidnapped foreigners released;_ylt=Avz9UTHE9EZlO3UYDxNc69PZ9YEA

(UK) Internet spreads terror to Britain - Jihadists such as Omar Bakri Mohammed using web to
spread hate in UK

(Thailand) Thai Muslim rebels kill 4 in road ambushes

Sri Lanka claims 13 rebels killed;_ylt=Anjb1s4382Kn2FRJBUTmwJstM8oA

(North Korea) IAEA chief inspector leaves for North Korea visit;_ylt=ApIqt18tTB3Z8HGiX88xn7OCscEA

(Columbia) Bombings prompt curfew in Colombian city;_ylt=AhN_Yuz8VagV3TZ6AM.kj7ywv7kA

Other News:

Scotland: Hijab banned in football games

(UK) Now schools are told to let Muslim girls wear head-to-toe 'burkinis' for swimming lessons

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