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June 13, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(Lebanon) Blast rocks Beirut waterfront --TV reports one person was killed in what could be
car bombing - killing at least 10

(Lebanon) Anti-Syrian MP Walid Eido killed in blast (my title)

(Afghanistan) 15 Taliban, young girl killed in Afghan clashes

(Afghanistan) Two Foreigners Reported Missing In Afghanistan

(Afghanistan) Foreign fighters join Taliban in fighting coalition: Canadian commander

(Iraq) Sunni mosques targeted after blast at Samarra shrine

(Iraq) 13 Iraqi Police Arrested After Golden Dome Destroyed in Shrine Blast,2933,281552,00.html

(Iraq) U.S. official: Mosque attack may have been inside job

(Iraq) Analysis: Attacks strike at the heart of the Shia faith

(Iraq) Global Islamic Media Front Instructs Islamists to Infiltrate Popular Non-Islamic Forums
to Spread Pro-Islamic State of Iraq Propaganda

(Iraq) Senior Iraqi Journalist Abducted In Baghdad ("Al-Sabah" managing editor)

(Iraq) "Britain 'on course' to hand over Basra base"

(Ohio) FBI investigates possible threat against Davis-Besse nuclear plant

(St. Louis) Report: Material to Make Bombs Stolen From Firing Range,2933,281873,00.html

Hamas flaunts seized American weapons - Defeating U.S.-backed forces, takes almost
complete control of Gaza

Hamas denies report of new Gaza cease-fire -- Word of disputed truce comes hours after
call for Fatah to surrender

Gaza Strip spirals toward civil war

Fatah-allied Bakr clan in Gaza surrenders to Hamas, witnesses say

(Gaza) Two UN workers in Gaza shot dead, UNRWA says

(Israel) Pregnant Palestinian woman arrested under suspicion of planning suicide bombing
-- (update)

Somali conference postponed again - Planned June 14 conference delayed twice already

(Somalia) Navies Urged to Fight Somali Pirates - Global shipping officials warn attacks at
"terrifying levels",2933,281715,00.html

African nations nervously watch Somalia for terrorism

(Nigeria) Militant Group Takes a Summer Break

(Spain/Mexico) Mexico deports suspected ETA member - Another detained for financing
terrorism and 1999 Pamplona bombing

Private undercover team exposes nationwide network of radical, anti-U.S. Islamic centers

Australian universities could be terror-recruiting grounds: Report

(Europe) Al Qaeda Germinating Across Europe

FBI Terror Watch List Has 509,000 Names (my title)

Other News:

FBI in public appeal to Muslims, Arab-Americans

Propaganda Alert:

Iran warns US forces over Shia shrine blasts§ion=middleeast&col=

(Iraq) Suicide bomber kills five Kurdish policemen;_ylt=A0WTUf1Kzm9GrV8BUxtX6GMA

(Iraq) Militants blow up a Tikrit-Kirkuk bridge

(Iraq) Suspected Al Qaeda insurgents bomb Shiite shrine
(Iraq) Sacred Shiite shrine devastated - insurgents blew up remaining 2 minarets of Askariya
Iraq: Fear of repeat bloodshed after second gold dome attack

(Iraq) Big boost in Iraqi forces is urged - by US military commander

(Iraq) US forces shut down all Sadr city exits leading to central Baghdad

Iraq govt imposes Baghdad curfew from 3 pm

(Gaza) Hamas takes control of key Gaza positions

(Gaza) Twelve killed, 50 hurt as Hamas blows up Fatah HQ in Gaza

(Gaza) Hamas seizes control of main Gaza road, seven militants die in clashes

(Gaza) Hamas Plans To Take Over Palestinian Authority Facilities

(Gaza) Fierce battles spread to central Gaza;_ylt=AvaO7s34r56fwmlbZQGtFd3uyucA

(Gaza) 12 Hamas members kidnapped in Nablus,7340,L-3412414,00.html

(Gaza) Hamas gives security officers in north Gaza two-day deadline to hand over their

(Gaza) Palestinians battle on in Gaza, toll now 53 dead

Gaza violence could spread: Palestinian Foreign Minister Ziad Abu Amr§ion=middleeast&col=

(Israel) IDF arrests eight terror suspects in West Bank

(Israel) Terrorists launch two missiles at Sderot (my title)

(Israel) Two women would-be suicide bombers caught on way to attack - foiled a double
suicide attack planned for Tel Aviv and Netanya by the Islamic Jihad

(Lebanon) Sporadic fighting at Lebanon siege camp;_ylt=Al1chu8ZboOsYLpScV9SvTDagGIB

(Lebanon) Two more soldiers die in fighting at Lebanon camp;_ylt=Ao3qfEVJxHhclD25Oa3GBvvagGIB

(Lebanon) North Lebanon fertile ground for Sunni militants;_ylt=AvMHXRSQscMJIn9fKMggal0wuecA

Syria denies UN claims of arms flow into Lebanon;_ylt=Aq_OMUig13MHmD9hw2IQqz8LtUsB

Iran brushes off new sanctions threat in atom row;_ylt=AnCjs64dQesR5_Y4hHn6bjVSw60A

U.S.: NATO has intercepted Iranian arms to Taliban (update);_ylt=Am2X9Nl3XvTl3wR6gYoPev1Sw60A

(Afghanistan) NATO to review Afghan mission after civilian deaths;_ylt=AoSzTR6Zella7uYWYf0ZW0zOVooA

(Pakistan) Recruiting Taliban 'child soldiers' -- in Tank and Pakistan tribal belt

(Pakistan) Talibanization creeping into settled areas\06\13\story_13-6-2007_pg7_43

Pakistan "Taliban" bombs shops in morality bid

Pakistan says fence curbs militant movements;_ylt=AjCZS3dt0uW4t5FP2Z5t6nHOVooA

(Pakistan) Rockets fired from across border, says Afghanistan

(Pakistan) Four persons injured in grenade attack in Balochistan - on a hotel at Golli Mar
Chowk in Quetta

(Pakistan) Terrorism cannot be contained in a day, says Musharraf\06\13\story_13-6-2007_pg7_7

Indian army foils Kashmir assassination plot;_ylt=AksBlwUad0uhi_IGXJua0gs1NXcA

(India) Six killed in Jammu and Kashmir violence

India accuses Pakistan of aiding militants in Kashmir;_ylt=Am3dVKigRy_zy5SEyNlX3_81NXcA

(India) Need to probe Al-Qaida CD issue: Union Home Secretary

(Indian Assam) Bomb kills two, wounds 30 in northeast India - in town of Hajo

Indonesia: Police confirm the arrest of Jemaah Islamiyah Leader Abu Dujana - story of arrest
previously reported

(Thailand) Insurgents behead a man in Narathiwat - three killed by insurgents

(Thailand) 2 soldiers killed in 2 Pattani bomb attacks

Philippine police foil car bomb attack - by suspected Islamic militants in Surallah

Philippines renegade Muslim separtist leader denies abducting Italian priest;_ylt=Avvp1u9bIIfe0Fyqwoozud9UKYUA

UK woman taught to be a bomber - turn herself into a suicide bomber by concealing
explosives under baggy, traditional Islamic clothing\06\13\story_13-6-2007_pg7_6

(UK) Woman in July bomb claims

(UK) Video: Wife of a British Jihadi

(Saudi Arabia) The Erosion of Al-Qaeda's Power in Saudi Arabia

Kenya: Police Release Initial Explosion Suspects

Sudan rejects Paris conference on Darfur;_ylt=ArT5Givc1TALvpZ78dMwV3sShIMA

(Africa) Al-Qaeda moving south of Sahara, says Negroponte

(Africa) Taking the 'War on Terror' to Africa,1518,488149,00.html

Algeria: al Qaeda member still keep in touch with Police

(USA) Admiral: Bureaucracy hampers terror war;_ylt=ApqMJTddPQ0V0QuFkIAm24cTv5UB

(USA) Veto hangs over homeland security budget;_ylt=AkfHbWOBdBr.K0XJ_ST8uSUTv5UB

(USA) Pennsylvania to cover Flight 93 site security

French police arrest eight PKK suspects

(Spain) ETA has five commando units, could attack any time - report

(UK) Jamie Oliver and Rick Stein threatened with firebombs by Cornish liberation terrorists

(Sri Lanka) As Sri Lankan forces find roadside bomb in Colombo, the city carries on

(Sri Lanka) Six LTTE cadres among seven persons killed in separate incidents

North Korea withdraws part of frozen funds: report;_ylt=AkKlPcs7I25iYNiokN6s0diCscEA

Other News:

(UK) Anti-Semitism in Britain at 'worst level since 1936'

(UK) 11,000 UK soldiers have gone AWOL\06\13\story_13-6-2007_pg7_46

Minnesota Muslims in culture clash at airport

(North Carolina) Teacher fights on in flap over anti-Islam speaker

CAIR's Anti-Terrorism Campaign: An Empty Page

(India) Muslim girls risk life to pursue education - threatened because Islamists stating
college against Islam
(Egypt) Media Uproar Following Egyptian Mufti's Fatwa on Companions of the Prophet
Muhammad Being Blessed by Drinking His Urine
Denmark: Glostrup acquitted terrorists live in uncertainly
Amsterdam: Burqa no reason to cut off benefits

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