Wednesday, June 6, 2007


June 6, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(USA) Six suspects indicted in Fort Dix plot

(USA) Expert: JFK Terror Arrests Came Way Too Soon - Conspirators Could Have Led Investigators To Other Terror Cells

(USA) JFK Terror Plot Court Hearing Suddenly Canceled

(Iraq) Twin bombings kill 7 in Baghdad - in the Kazimiyah district - apparent Sunni attacks on
Shiites -- US helicopter gunships attacking Sunni militants in Baqouba;_ylt=AqbWgDz8qYdeo4JyqcX_SNpX6GMA

Iraq: Assassins kill aide to Shi'ite leader Ali al-Sistani

(Iraq) UN inspectors warn of dangerous chlorine in Iraq

(Iraq) Captured Baathists reveal alliance with Islamist terrorists

(Afghanistan) Two NATO soldiers killed in south Afghan clashes;_ylt=AibXg31_VcKnvlbVsjcjaTLOVooA

(Afghanistan) Second female Afghan journalist killed;_ylt=AkG100YFEdK0jqGTGzdlIGvOVooA

(Algeria) Bomb blast in Algerian town kills policeman, injures eight people

(Lebanon) Islamists threaten to expand Lebanon camp war

(Lebanon) Troops dismantle bomb near Lebanon beach - time bomb in Tyre;_ylt=AlLIFWqRSOgQHK5rPq9DqyragGIB

Lebanon Seizes Hizbullah Weapons, Releases Hizbullah Terrorists

(Lebanon) Sporadic fighting grips north Lebanon camp;_ylt=ArCh1mnFEdckOWG7Ov4u94bagGIB

(Lebanon) Sad al-Bouchrieh takes its turn recovering from bomb

Jordan: Fatah Al-Islam Leader Shakir al-Abassi on trial - in absentia

(Pakistan) Lal Masjid declares media struggle a "jihad"

Israel: We Are Ready for War With Syria, but Diplomacy Would Be Better Solution,2933,278393,00.html

(Israel) IDF arrests eight terror suspects in West Bank - including 5 Hamas members

(Israel) IAF strikes at two insurgents in Gaza - who were holding a bomb

(Gaza) Palestinian factions fire missiles, mortar shells at Israel

Hamas: We'll accept a cease-fire with Israel

Report: U.S. May End Boycott of Hamas - AFP claims quote of anonymous State Dept official

Fatah Al Islam in West Bank - Terrorists announce new branch, warn of anti-U.S. attacks

Egyptian police detain 79 Muslim Brotherhood members across Egypt

(USA) House panel votes to boost domestic security;_ylt=AiWByOpnmxyCvA6sQqKpcrwTv5UB

Russia: 'Terrorists trying to acquire weapons of mass destruction'

Turkey says no army operation in N.Iraq just now

(UK) Petrol tankers in terrorist threat - police stopping and searching tankers in London

(UK) Commentary: Time to confront the Muslim conspiracists

France signals shifting role in Afghanistan -- away from military operations;_ylt=AjEJYH5UZFkbIOoScKMfKyrgelIB

(France) Rights group denounces French expulsions - to counter terrorism;_ylt=ApuAH1KJ8g.EwuChDSR5jX0Tv5UB

(Spain) ETA has 100 gunmen, "excellent terrorist infrastructure" - paper

(Spain) ETA terrorist De Juana Chaos to return to jail

(Switzerland) G-8 protesters firebomb Mercedes dealership

Iran seizes 3 Finns in Persian Gulf;_ylt=AjUVZubjq5m6Ja52xm.7NetSw60A

(Thailand) Thai southern rebels sabotage track, delay trains;_ylt=AnMKMDZjp_L9xAKK9W_hf6DuNREB

(Thailand) Bloody May reflects mounting insurgency in Thai south - 103 killed in May;_ylt=Aj90wieQukRTZJywHkwGh4juNREB

(Philippines) Terror threat "extremely high"

Philippines: Police to work as teachers to fight Communist rebels

Sri Lanka says rebels derail train;_ylt=AkoBTp9T1w.dYT_yLOkFnjotM8oA

Kenya police kill 20 Mungiki sect suspects - accused in string of beheadings;_ylt=Ap.auiRECla3c5uTlAUAB41Os6YB

Indian Maoist UFLA guerrillas shifting to Nepal, ex-rebel says;_ylt=AiRDAvndBUa0Wsl4frZGqd5A7AkB

(India) Three more sentenced in 1993 Mumbai serial blasts case

Colombia releases first group of Marxist rebel prisoners;_ylt=Au04TLApMI1NgAnsvJg8U9qwv7kA

(Columbia) Freed Colombia rebel pushes demand for hostage deal;_ylt=AiWFycid5Os6PYd6_h8fRBSwv7kA

(Columbia) Bomb in Colombian government building hurts two

Caribbean: A terrorist hub?

Animal Liberation Front and Earth Liberation Front Members Sentenced In Oregon For Acts of Eco-Terrorism In Five Western States;_ylt=A0WTUd_E42VGYSYADQ6yFz4D

(USA) Commentary: Islamists in the courtroom -- Daniel Pipes

Other News:
Malaysia bans 37 publications over 'twisted facts' about Islam

(UK) London Times: Muhammad is No 2 in boy's names in Britain
(UK) Brits Put Mohammed First
(UK) Cameron condemns lack of Muslim integration in Britain
(UK) Police guard girl 'forced to become Muslim'
(Vatican) Scare as man tries to board popemobile

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