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June 27, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(Iraq) Car bomb strikes busy square in mainly Shiite area in Baghdad -- Kazimiyah neighborhood

Iraq: Chemical Ali can hang in Kurdistan, says judge

(Israel) 3 Kassam rockets land in w. Negev - on Wednesday night

In West Bank, Hamas is hard to find but still strong

Hamas: Blair cannot be man of peace in Mideast,7340,L-3418449,00.html

(Hamas) Rice calls Hamas 'resistance movement' -- But unscripted remarks about terror group not published by paper

State Dept interview weblink:

(Lebanon) Australian Omar Hadba detained in Lebanon may have al-Qaeda link,23599,21980638-2,00.html?from=public_rss

Hezbollah gearing for war: analysts

(Egypt) Warnings in the Egyptian Press: The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt Is Going the Way of Hamas in Gaza

(UK) Two men charged under Terrorism Act,,-6740411,00.html

(Spain) Theft of 22kg of fire bomb materials kinked to ETA

(Indian Kashmir) Kashmir militants use liquid bombs

(India Assam) Two bomb blasts in Assam - no casualties - in Dhibri district

Libya's Gadhafi Misbehaving Again

President Bush condemns radical Muslims in visit to mosque,1,963862.story?track=rss&ctrack=3&cset=true

US to Send Envoy to Organization of Islamic Conference House speech:

U.S. Efforts against Terrorism Financing: A View from the Private Sector

Senate Panel demands White House eavesdropping documents

Commentary: A lawsuit without merit -- Islamic Society of Boston

Wordpress Hosting Jihadist Propaganda Blogs

(USA) New players in terrorism fight

(USA) FBI terrorism task force enlists scuba instructors to watch for suspicious training

Attorney: NY Times and Washington Post Legally Complicit in Terror? Could the NY Times and Washington Post be guilty of providing material support for a terrorist organization?

Commentary: Secret Weapon Against Terror: Mexicans,2933,286991,00.html

Russia: Ex - Guantanamo Detainee Killed - in a a region near Chechnya plagued by violence linked both to crime and to religious tensions according to the Federal Security Service

(Russia) 2 Policemen Charged Over Beslan Seizure - 2 charged with negligence in connectionwith the 2004 Beslan school hostage seizure.

Vatican to Back Moderate Muslims

Other News:

"Pro-Muslim video game to be released" - Syrian-produced Muslim video game Al-Quraysh has"Jews being portrayed as the 'baddies'"

NYC Power Outage Snarls Traffic, Trains

(Iraq) 10 people killed in Iraq blasts - two roadside explosions in Baghdad and the northern
shrine city of Samarra;_ylt=AnB31.tKuyOgviuusc5.6ARX6GMA

(Iraq) Baghdad car bombing in the Suleikh district market area (my title);_ylt=AmcaWipf_OEqCuaDu3HiHnBX6GMA

Iraq: Bomb kills 5 policemen in Samarra; Drive-by shootings kill 1, wound 6 in Baghdad

(Iraq) Al-Qaeda claims attack on sheiks as White House warns it expects more "spectacular
acts of terror" ahead;_ylt=AlYQoVGi0Z5x0RwnpPIa0L8wuecA

(Iraq) Fourteen militants killed in Iraq, eight students abducted

Gaza: 12 Palestinians dead, 40 wounded in clashes with IDF -- also -- 2 Kassam rockets
landed in Sderot and 3 mortars fired into Israel near the Erez crossing in the northern Gaza

(Gaza) Christians threatened in Gaza -- Islamists seek to enforce Sharia law

Hamas rejects Abbas decree nixing armed groups

Commentary: The Hamas blitzkrieg - by Walid Phares

Jordan struggles with Palestinians;_ylt=AofqN3O1crb5VBrwIa9eZ.BYU.0A

(Lebanon) UN: Lebanon needs help to stop arms from Syria;_ylt=AsPSDqbpRAJUYpYILaftO9jagGIB

(Lebanon) Report: UNIFIL raises alert level in s. Lebanon

(Somalia) Grenades kill 2 in main market in Somalia's capital, police say

(Afghanistan) NATO use of air power unlikely to change§ion=subcontinent&col=

(Pakistan) "Suicide bombers are in Islamabad"\06\27\story_27-6-2007_pg1_7

Pakistan Bracing for Suicide Attacks - govt received intelligence indicating suicide bombers
have entered the capital city of Islamabad

(Pakistan) Rocket fired at army base\06\27\story_27-6-2007_pg7_6

(Pakistan) Blast destroys CD shops in Charsadda\06\27\story_27-6-2007_pg7_7

(Pakistan) Al-Qaida regroups in new sanctuary in Pakistan, U.S. says

Pakistan's Musharraf urges tribes to expel Al-Qaeda;_ylt=AgEgCcNwo2ZTGr7Q_jaZZZzzPukA

(Pakistan) Women pledge to army of Islamic vigilantes

(Pakistan) Security around Lal Mosque uplifted for possible operation

China urges Pakistan to better protect Chinese

(Indian Kashmir) Three soldiers and three terrorists killed in Jammu and Kashmir - in an
encounter at Gamroo in the Bandipora district - also Harkat-ul-Mujahideen (HuM) militants

(USA) Bin Laden looms over Padilla terrorism trial;_ylt=ApZ2TRk8hG6jcjW09U0kWl4wuecA

(USA) Mosques Reflect on Padilla's Islamic Education

(USA) President Bush wants Muslims to denounce terror

(Spain) Al-Qaeda Eyes Spain's 'Lost City',8599,1637631,00.html?xid=rss-world

(Spain) 100 members of al-Qaeda seep into Spain

Spain and Muslims: The right of return

(Spain) Judge orders probe into death of UN soldiers - in Lebanon

EU backs anti-terror deal with U.S. on bank data;_ylt=AqEy3trtrQleVrRGI_ve3nkTv5UB

Turk army chief reaffirms need for N.Iraq incursion

(Thailand) Southern Islamic insurgency makes 919 widows, 1,740 orphans

(Thailand) Bomb in Thailand's restive south kills two, wounds 18

(Thailand) Police nab 24 after explosions

(Indonesia) Bashir files lawsuit against anti-terror squad - update -- Bashir views Indonesia
counter-terrorism unit as "apostates" and stated that infidels are permitted to live, but only
under Islamic law,10117,21978873-401,00.html?from=public_rss

(Indonesia) "West funds elite unit to destroy Islam": hardliners

(Indonesia) Bomb explodes in Central Java

Philippines appoints new peace negotiator with Muslim rebels

(Philippines) New Abu Sayyaf leader 'is Islamic scholar' - Yasser Igasan

Indian Maoists burn train station, kidnap railway personnel;_ylt=AumcUwJxrmzQRZaS1DEn4XBA7AkB

(Indian Maoists) Security forces foil Maoist attempt to blow up a railway bridge in Chhattisgarh

(Columbia) Witness says never saw Colombian rebel;_ylt=AvmwC4R3aTkKeorsOzvD8BKwv7kA

(Sri Lanka) Tigers say five Sri Lankan troops killed in fresh attack;_ylt=AhZIuUc526zz3rs1H1_s6fMtM8oA

Sri Lankan police detain 300 after bomb discovery;_ylt=Ao2u.b2PoEmlmQAxNbXSPd0tM8oA

(Sri Lanka) 12 LTTE cadres feared killed in Jaffna district

Sri Lanka to resume night flights from next month

North Korea may have fired missile: report;_ylt=AtFq2WnBDJ9RidttInMq1dmCscEA

(North Korea) UN Monitors 'to see N Korea reactor'

(USA) 1990s terror response assailed
(UK) Train station to get terrorist-tracking CCTV

Other News:

Jordan: 2 men get 10 years for "honor killings"

Canadians fear Muslim, Christian tensions: survey

Netherlands: Schools close on Muslim holidays

Netherland Parliament member: "Cut benefits to burqa wearers"

(Iran) Petrol stations torched in Iran after Ahmadinejad rations fuel

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