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TERROR NEWS June 23rd (& 22nd)

June 23, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(Iraq) U.S. forces tighten grip on Iraqi city of Baquba - tightened their cordon around al Qaeda

(Iraq) Qaeda ready to fight till death: US general\06\23\story_23-6-2007_pg7_3

(Iraq) Baquaba: Top targets fled before U.S. push, commander says

(Iraq) 2 al-Qaida leaders captured in Iraq - and seven other operatives Saturday in Diyala

Iraq genocide verdict against 'Chemical Ali' due Sunday;_ylt=Al0tMM0sF3EKUTetwjVmdJVX6GMA

(Iraq) Bomb kills 20 police, forces kill 17 militants - on Friday - update on previous report

(Iraq) British soldier dies after bombing in Basra;_ylt=Ap8M8FwsylU74lDgp0e6g.ZX6GMA

(Afghanistan) Around 80 Taliban killed in Afghanistan - in past 24 hours - , most of them in a
strike on rebels preparing an attack near the Pakistan border;_ylt=Ala7_X.2Ygi9zyE85yAqDQ7OVooA

(Afghanistan) Forward Operating Base Thunder AP related news report (my title);_ylt=Ahb2U4O3OT8MUrOFUDwHVl7OVooA

(Afghanistan) Coalition troops fire missiles on hotel in Pakistan, over 12 killed

(Afghanistan) 1,500 Taliban killed in three months: police

(Afghanistan) 52 civilians killed in Afghan operation: president;_ylt=Aq2MNNwe6NHcffIj9S7XYyrOVooA

(Pakistan) Blast kills three Pakistani paramilitary soldiers - east of Miranshah

(Pakistan) Roadside bomb kills 4 Pakistani soldiers near Afghan border -near the town of Mir Ali

(Pakistan) Talibans regrouping in Pakistan: Report

(Pakistan) Talibanization imperils security, NSC warned: Immediate action urged

(Pakistan) Full Taliban Graduation Video Posted

(Pakistan) Militant commander warns against military operation in North Waziristan

(Pakistan) Militants behead alleged US spy in Bajaur\06\23\story_23-6-2007_pg7_21

(Pakistan) Lal Masjid radicals abduct 12 - including 9 Chinese women

(Pakistan) Chinese women held hostage by Pakistani Islamists at Lal Masjid\06\23\story_23-6-2007_pg1_2;_ylt=AlNjPB56oNx45aN3eIgnyCfzPukA

(Pakistan) Talks being held release of Chinese women captives in Pakistan

(Pakistan) 4 injured in Quetta grenade attack - at barber's shop\06\23\story_23-6-2007_pg7_9

(Pakistan) National Assembly passes another resolution on Rushdie\06\23\story_23-6-2007_pg1_3

Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) leader warns to bomb UK embassy - "I will carry out a suicide
attack on the British High Commission in Islamabad"\06\23\story_23-6-2007_pg7_6

(Pakistan) Prayer leader offers $1 million for killing writer Salman Rushdie

(Pakistan) Million dollars on Rushdie's head\06\23\story_23-6-2007_pg7_7

Pakistan holds three Germans over Islamist links\06\23\story_23-6-2007_pg7_4

(India) Two Pakistan-trained Harkat-ul Jehadi Islami (HuJI) guerrillas arrested in Lucknow - with
nine kg of RDX explosives

(India Assam) Indian blast kills six, injures 20 - in Guwahati - near vegetable market and mosque
- ahead of sports event§ion=subcontinent&col=

(India Assam) ULFA-triggered bomb blast in Assam

(India) Maoists kill four persons in Orissa

(India) One person killed and 11 others injured in grenade blasts in Meghalaya

(Turkey) Kurdish rebels killed in armed clash with Turkish Army

Lebanese army shells camp after soldier killed;_ylt=Ak6.jiDkNtdC65zOdUNLpQLagGIB

Lebanese army pounds siege militants in camp§ion=middleeast&col=

(USA) US house votes to ban aid to Saudi Arabia -- faces a veto threat from the White House
because of an unrelated provision

US faces problems if Guantanamo closed,23599,21953943-1702,00.html

Hamas: IDF arrested 'Kassam' founder -- Israel seizes top Hamas leader Saleh al-Aruri in West

(Gaza) Terror Victims Group Wants Names of Arabs Exiting Gaza

(Hamas) Egypt says Hamas takeover of Gaza was a coup

Report: Israel will ask Egypt to up efforts to stop smuggling

Iran says 'zero chance' of US attack - to thwart its nuclear ambitions

(Iran) US allies exploring compromise with Iran,7340,L-3416374,00.html

(Thailand) A bomb attack kills two and injures five others in Yala

(Thailand) Three killed, at least 10 injured in tea shop attack in Yala

(Thailand) Insurgents kill three 14-year-old boys

(Thailand) Five Songkha schools torched by insurgents

Malaysia frees 4 Islamic terror suspects held without trial, rights group says

(UK) Commentary: The Hamas, MI6, BBC axis

Colombia rebels see role for freed FARC commander;_ylt=ArJcB_qmmgbVTxCmbcgy9NKwv7kA

(Sri Lanka) Sailor shot dead in northern Sri Lanka, soldiers kill 2 Tamil rebels, says military

(Sri Lanka) 22 LTTE cadres and one police personnel killed in separate incidents

North Korea reactor could shut down in July -- Envoy says he expects action "probably within three weeks"

North Korean funds transferred to Russian bank

Commentary: Franchising Al Qaeda -- by Rita Katz and Josh Deven

June 22, 2007 PM Anti-Terrorism News

(Iraq) U.S. reports 68 al Qaeda militants killed in Iraq

(Iraq) US forces kill 17 Qaeda gunmen in Iraq - in Diyala;_ylt=Ak3RwGndwj5KHtGPIAHyEYgTv5UB

(Iraq) US may reduce forces in Iraq by spring;_ylt=AlAtJkHnR59mJ7ugExE0xE8wuecA

(Iraq) US general denies arming Iraqi anti-Qaeda insurgents;_ylt=AiLeruiJdecHbKi.2PIsp34wuecA

(Afghanistan) Reports of cross-border Afghan-Pakistan movement up, U.S. commander says

(Afghanistan) NATO blames Taliban for 25 civilian dead;_ylt=Ank.hThpQPM5y4UCnDUJ_n7OVooA

(Afghanistan) Cat and mouse games in Afghanistan - BBC Kabul correspondent embedded
with British troops in Garmsir on Operation Bataka

(Thailand) Six killed by rebels in Thai Muslim south - update;_ylt=Aryu1UQa3kSBF62ofjwqOZnuNREB

(Somalia) Fifteen killed as rival Somali troops clash - near the southern town of Kismayo;_ylt=AorP9quDVQFTYryasWqC_guQLIUD

Somalia's Al-Qaeda Link,9171,1635830,00.html

(Kenya) Man helping Kenya police with bomb probe freed on bail

(Lebanon) Clashes intensify in Lebanon camp after 33-day battle;_ylt=AlRbZsaBDvogpuIoKsyRdrTagGIB

Abbas Signals Shutdown of Hamas Groups

Hamas scores publicity coup in U.S. -- with the New York Times and the Washington Post

Hamas denies 'giant bomb' plot to kill Abbas,23739,21953930-954,00.html

(Hamas) Interview with Hamas Co-Founder Mahmoud Zahar: 'We Will Try to Form an Islamic

Middle East: Palestinian Christians "in great difficulty"

Iran calls giving a knighthood to Salman Rushdie an insult to Muslims

Iran Said to Retaliate Against Students -Iranian officials arrest student activists involved in rare
campus protest against Ahmadineijad

Iranian dissidents face broad crackdown

(UK) Muslim peer compares Rushdie to 9/ll bombers -- Labour peer Lord Ahmed of Rotherham;jsessionid=1FNCSPTNAFF3BQFIQMGSFGGAVCBQWIV0?xml=/news/2007/06/22/wrushdie322.xml

(UK) British Muslims burn St George's flag at anti-Rushdie rally

(Australia) I support Hezbollah: Aussie cleric - Australia's senior Shia cleric attacked John
Howard for backing Israel and openly declared his allegiance to Hezbollah.,20867,21952947-601,00.html

(USA) White House Wants to Close Guantanamo Bay Prison 'As Soon As Possible',2933,286113,00.html

(USA) CIA Airs Decades Worth of Spy Documents - CIA plans to declassify 700 pages of
materials next week

(USA) Treasury: Small Banks to Get a Break - Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson announced
plans Friday to come up with ways to ease pressure on nation's smaller banks

(Canada) Alleged terrorist Adil Charkaoui denies any involvement in plot to fly plane into target

Symposium: Mutating Jihad: Phares, Emerson, Gartenstein Ross, Roggio - symposium on
evolving jihadi strategies

North Korea delays U.N. inspectors

Other News:

(Daniel Pearl Film) Where 'Heart' goes, controversy follows - Jolie film drawing attention from
religious orgs

(San Francisco) School apologizes for demanding Muslim girl remove headscarf

(UK) Resigning MP tells of death threats - instrumental in arranging the extradition of the three men after they fled to Pakistan

(Greece) Muslims open first prayer site in Athens

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