Monday, June 11, 2007


(Iraq) 3 U.S. troops killed in Iraq car bombing;_ylt=AsQAtfm.r2HUJEttyqTDI6JX6GMA

(Iraq) U.S. arming Sunnis in Iraq to battle old Qaeda allies;_ylt=Ajae5PFmOYgjPO42AtlUCmYwuecA

(Iraq) Gunmen kill top Iraqi central bank official

(Iraq) Report: US Military envisions longer stay in Iraq — Officialsanticipate small ‘post-occupation’ force

(Afghanistan) Suicide attack in eastern Afghanistan, five hurt;_ylt=AnSSNIM5BED.hNMuDV0vPw3OVooA

(Afghanistan) Arrests made in Afghan rocket attack;_ylt=AhNXQOEA9FmLltzVj58s1k7OVooA

(Afghanistan) UN ‘outraged’ after assassination attempt on Karzai

(Lebanon) Two Red Cross workers killed outside Lebanon siege camp;_ylt=AvCAnzyVvHrdi4gNdc8ZEMPagGIB

(Lebanon) No let up in Lebanon camp battle, casualties mount;_ylt=AlJSbWtUvjSUUFojKfZei1MwuecA

(Kenya) Officials: Explosion in downtown Nairobi kills 2

Algeria: Mediation with Al-Qaeda chief in Sahara “fails”

Indonesia arrests suspected terrorist - Abu Dujana whose group isaccused of the Bali bombings

(Indonesia) Arrest of Jemaah Islamiyah Leader “only symbolic”

(Pakistan) Al-Qaeda suspects arrested near Iran border - from southwest Balochistan region bordering Iran

Gaza gunmen shoot at Hamas minister’s office

(Israel) 6 Kassam rockets land in w. Negev

Report: Palestinian Officials: Iran, Syria orchestrated raid Israel

Iran envoy may provide info on nuclear activity

(USA) ‘Military plan against Iran is ready’

(USA) Inmates File Suit After Prisons Ban Some Religious Books OverTerrorism Fears,2933,280096,00.html

Security experts meet on preventing nuclear terrorism

(Thailand) Gunmen kill three teachers in midday — in Narathiwat’sSrisakorn district

Cambodian leader lashes out at Thailand over accusations of insurgency link

China details rules on terrorism financing§ion=business&col=

(Sudan) U.S. relies on Sudan despite condemning it - Sudan secretlyworking with CIA to spy on Iraq insurgency in spite of US sanctions,0,2877081.story?coll=la-home-center

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