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June 28, 2007 Anti-Terrorism News

(Iraq) More than 130 Qaeda operatives killed, detained in Operation Arrowhead

(Iraq) U.S. says it killed an al-Qaida leader - Mehmet Yilmaz, also known as Khalid al-Turki - and
two Turkish Al Qaeda militants;_ylt=AnH1SB6b5sX564wikAbm2sEwuecA

(Iraq) Bombs kill 34 in Baghdad, 3 UK troops in Basra

(Iraq) Baghdad bus stop bomb kills 21

(Iraq) 20 beheaded bodies found on Iraqi river bank

(Iraq) Four journalists killed in Iraq

(Iraq) Report: Problems in Iraq force training

(Iraq) Radical Shiite cleric Al-Sadr says march to damaged shrine aims for Iraqi unity

(Afghanistan) Kabul suicide attack kills 2 Americans and an Afghan woman: police;_ylt=Ag2mberRToSyxiwJC6sGZcjOVooA

Taliban free 18 mine clearers held for six days;_ylt=AgkjQjlkgZzJch.jXQavrFTOVooA

(Pakistan) Three militants killed by own bomb in Pakistan - at Datta Khel village in North

(Pakistan) "No military operation planned against Lal Masjid"\06\28\story_28-6-2007_pg7_26

(Pakistan) Over 600 Pakistani security personnel around Lal Masjid

(Pakistan) Before the Lal Masjid clerics could carry out their threats of taking action against CD
shops, Police raid mini-cinemas, internet cafes

(Pakistan) US lawmakers want access to disgraced "father of Pakistani bomb"

(Pakistan) Pakistani official: Benazir Bhutto is also guilty like blasphemer Salman Rushdie, says

(Pakistan) Report: Pakistan to help as the US's jailer

(Indian Kasmir) 10 terrorists, soldier killed in J&K gunfights - near Zorawar village in Uri sector of
Baramulla district

(Turkey) Eight Kurdish terrorists killed in clash - update

Lebanese troops kill six Islamist gunmen;_ylt=Aj_jfM9LGEYC5JUlEN2lfE7agGIB

Lebanese Army reports "wiping out" militants' cell

Lebanese PM says Syria sending arms across border;_ylt=AikZ7wSc2InvJI0qtprkgaULtUsB

(Israel) 6 Israeli troops wounded by bomb in W. Bank

Israel fights Fatah militants in West Bank city - of Nablus;_ylt=ArzYzJTpPiEILP8k33Awj__uyucA

Abbas announces crackdown on militants - in West Bank

(Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades) Terrorists deny Abbas' disarm claims -- 'No one asked us to turn in
our weapons,' say Martyrs Brigades leaders

Israel rejects Hamas crossing request

U.S. govt appeals enemy-combatant ruling;_ylt=AhetfMrS6JoLbFKq4kFjVLMTv5UB

(USA) No press limits in imams' US Air case

(Columbia) Report: FARC says 11 hostages killed;_ylt=AufASJ4xwWD6881yumQtarOwv7kA

Somali officials escape assassination bids;_ylt=AtdcAU3Ol5PxDUooqMBmh7KQLIUD

Somalia: Thousands Flee Mogadishu Amid Renewed Violence, UN Reports

(Algeria) Report: Army closes in on hide-out of al-Qaida's North Africa wing

(Algeria) Terrorism has hampered development in Algeria -- MP

(Thailand) Insurgents kill 2 villagers in Yala -- in Pattani, insurgents blasted a unit of five soldiers

(Thailand) Insurgents kill policeman in Songkhla province in Saba Yoi district

(Thailand) Saudi Islamic leader asks end to violence

Philippine military verifying whether top terror suspect escaped southern island

(Philippines) U.S. Vows To Aid Philippines In Neutralizing Al-Qaeda-Linked Group

(UK) Lockerbie bomber allowed appeal -- Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi

(UK) Background: Meet Hizb ut-Tahrir, the Islamic threat no one knows about

EU officials: Banking data collected in US anti-terror probes can only be kept for 5 years

Germany indicts Iraqi for spreading al-Qaeda propaganda online

"Dutch anti-terror approach is unique"

(Spain/France) ETA mobile cell thought to be based in Málaga

Iran Embassy in Canada attacks Canadian press and Ottawa Citizen

Sri Lanka says kills 11 rebels, jets bomb camps§ion=subcontinent&col=

(Sri Lanka) Air raids in Sri Lanka as bomb kills two soldiers;_ylt=AvSrhAURktE2Lp3yXc33e4gtM8oA

(North Korea) UN inspectors head to N. Korea reactor;_ylt=AiOoNpZlwSh.KWh48Mjz4dSCscEA

(North Korea) Timeline set for N. Korea nuclear closure
North Korea: Launches were new missiles

(Kansas City IRS) White powder, anthrax threat closes US tax office

Commentary: The Next Generation of Jihad

(USA) Report: Terror-linked group applauds Bush announcement -- CAIR recently linked to a
plot to fund the terrorist group Hamas

Other News:

Norway: Responses to female circumcision

UK: Special guidelines for Muslim students

Netherlands: No tax deduction for halal mortgage

(DC) American University Professor: West 'must stop looking at Islam through the lens of terror',,2112944,00.html

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