Monday, June 11, 2007


(U.S.) Meaning of ‘jihad’ focus of Fla. trial - Padilla’s lawyerssuggest jihad not just Muslim holy war & mujahedeen are “freedom fighters;_ylt=Ag.7C88bETewv4AycZ3frA.s0NUE

(U.S.) Court Rules U.S. Cannot Detain Immigrant As Enemy CombatantWithout Charges - US appeals court rules Qatari, the only person held in USas “enemy combatant,” must be released;_ylt=Ak5AodE1aI8Q1Qwr56T.0rPMWM0F

(Iraq) Al-Qaida targets Iraqi infrastructure;_ylt=AmXeQKX8T9kw0GEetT9mqXNX6GMA

(Iraq) Tribal Coalition in Anbar Said to Be Crumbling

(Afghanistan) A Taliban surrender and a mass attack - 40 surrendered,police stations attacked

(Afghanistan) The Taliban Lose One To The School Teachers - Attacks on schools hurt Taliban

(Afghanistan) Taliban “radio boss” joins Afghan peace scheme

(Afghanistan) 47 Taliban, 2 cops killed on Sunday

Iran aids Afghanistan, but may have helped Taliban too: NATO general -“no hard evidence” that Iranian government helps Taliban

(Saudi Arabia) Al Qaida link seen in top officer’s killing - Seniorsecurity officer’s decapitation linked to fight against Al Qaida

Pakistan to empower central bank to get info on terror funding -Pakistan Gov’t proposes “suspicious activity” bill

(Spain) Al-Qaeda ‘behind Madrid bomb attacks’,20867,21890992-1702,00.html

(Spain) Catalonia: Europe’s New Center of Global Jihad - “Largestjihadi recruitment center in Europe”

EU resumes aid to Palestinian finance ministry - First aid in over a year

US Plans New Travel Restrictions for Europeans - interview with DHSChertoff - plan to require European register online 2 days before traveling to USA,1518,487813,00.html

Hamas, Fatah truce collapses in bloodshed, 8 dead;_ylu=X3oDMTBjMHZkMjZyBHBvcwMxBHNlYwNzcg—/SIG=12knbmude/EXP=1181666829/**http%3a//

Hamas is taking control of Palestinian schools

6 Islamic Jihad gunmen shot by Hamas in Gaza,7340,L-3411457,00.html

Hezbollah has stockpiled rockets on Lebanon Israeli border - Long-rangerockets with 500lb warhead could reach Tel Aviv

(Indonesia) Police now know names of many terror suspects in C Java

Algeria snubs US anti-terror project for Africa

Kenya: Police Arrest Taxi Driver Over Blast - Motive not established -2 killed

(Ethiopia) US Interrogates Terror Suspects in Ethiopian Jails,1518,487893,00.html

Under Fire for Terror Broadcasts, Al Hurra News Chief Resigns - formerCNN producer resigns from U.S. taxpayer-funded, Arabic-language TV station

(U.S.) New York’s terror worries expand to trucks - NYPD checking commercial vehicles for some of same threats seen in Iraq

(U.S. JFK plot) We warned you - Terror alarm about cross-boroughpipeline went up 14 years ago (commentary)

(UK) Three jailed over terror funding - to the Libyan Islamic FightingGroup (LIFG)

(UK) Terror suspect Omar Altimimi ‘hoarded Jihadi propaganda’

(UK) July 21 plot suspect “going to go guilty” - Hussein Osman

(UK) Brown urged to close ‘terror flights’ loophole - concerned aboutCIA prosecution of terrorists, not preventing British Jihadists fromattacking USA

Russia to Move North Korea Funds - $25 million to be transferred from Macau to NK-controlled account in Russia

Philippines: No word on kidnapped Italian priest, says embassy

(Thailand) Insurgency Traps Moderate Thai Muslims,1,3793485.story?coll=chi-religion-stories&ctrack=1&cset=true

Experts warn of threat of terrorist nuclear attacks;_ylt=Ant7doXjm.PwDh03OlqTtYwTv5UB

Other News:

(UK) Give us a Mufti, say UK Muslims

(UK) Muslim women abused army man at Birmingham hospital

(UK) Civil Service Turf Wars over Islamism

(UK) Father Mahmod Mahmod found guilty of “honor killing” -strangulation of 20 year daughter;jsessionid=JA50JEY2IHUVJQFIQMGSFFWAVCBQWIV0?xml=/news/2007/06/11/nhonour111.xml

(USA Northwest) Border Patrol adopts 8 horses - Operation “NobleMustang” to patrol rugged areas on Canada border

NY Times Editor Questions Timing of JFK Plot Terror Alerts

Denmark: Most Danes against veil ban

Sweden: No interest in Islamic banking

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