Wednesday, August 15, 2007

TERROR NEWS August15th

Iraqi officials: Tuesday Truck bombings killed at least 500

(Iraq) Supreme Iraqi Criminal Tribunal to try MKO: al-Mousavi - 150 Mojahedin-e-Khalq Organization members wanted in Iraq

(Iraq) Balance of Terror - March of the Mahdi Army,2933,293380,00.html
(Afghanistan) U.S., Afghan forces mount offensive near border;_ylt=AiK402C83C739gXamvkDsOswuecA

(U.S.) NY police chief says Internet is "the new Afghanistan"

(U.S.) NYPD report on homegrown threats - PDF file

US moves to use spy satellites for domestic surveillance;_ylt=AqdSE.OGjeq7Rbi1sRx7HsITv5UB

(U.S.) HLF Trial Update: 2nd Israeli Witness Takes the Stand

(Pakistan) Blast at teacher's home kills 2 in Pakistan -- in Swabi

(Pakistan) Five killed in Pakistan attacks - Rebel attack and explosion in Balochistan - update

(U.S.) TSA: New airport agents check for danger in fliers' facial expressions

(U.S.) KinderUSA and Al-Marayati Dismiss Lawsuit against The Washington Institute, Dr. Matthew Levitt, and Yale University Press on Hamas Book

(U.S.) Former Ashland charity director returning to face charges - Co-director of Al-Haramain Foundation in Oregon

(Iran Terror Listing) U.S. Terror Listing Would Squeeze Iran

Iranian Revolutionary Guard to Get "Terrorist" Label

(Iran) Tehran raps US intent to paint elite military as terrorists

Ethiopia New Year terror thwarted

Ethiopian Police Say They Have Foiled Terrorist Plot

(Algeria) Foreigners quitting Maghreb al Qaeda, says ex-rebel

(Philippines) New video shows jihadists in Philippines training Video:

Hamas Representative in Lebanon Osama Hamdan Justifies Suicide Bombings in Buses: Israeli Soldiers Ride Those Buses

Hamas Rules: The Talibanization of Gaza

Egyptians to face jihad charges

(Iran) The Role of the Al Quds Force in Iran's Revolutionary Guard

(Russia) Militants in Chechnya incapable of large-scale terrorist acts - Chechen President Kadyrov

(Russia) Self-Described Chechen Rebel Says Group Bombed Train

Russian nationalists likely train bombers: report;_ylu=X3oDMTBjMHZkMjZyBHBvcwMxBHNlYwNzcg--/SIG=12frdumpm/EXP=1187284729/**http%3a//

(Australia) Haneef terror scandal colleague plans hasty exit,23599,22253320-421,00.html

(U.S. & Columbia) Treasury Targets Financial Network of Ramierz Abadia - U.S. Treasury designates leader of Colombia's North Valle drug cartel

Colombia's Ingrid Betancourt: 2,000 days as hostage

U.S. Condemns Terrorist Use of Landmines in Colombia

Other News:

India to charge writer Nasreen with 'hurting Muslim feelings'

(Hamas) Animal rights group slams Hamas TV clip of man abusing cats, lions

(U.S.) California: Your Black Muslim Bakery's Yusuf Bey IV accused in real estate scam

CNN Program Next Week - "Gods Warriors" to address "Jewish Warriors", "Christian Warriors", and "Muslim Warriors"

Apparent attempt by CNN to draw moral equivalency to Jihad
Commentary: Islamic opposition to free speech in the U.S.

S&P launches three new Islamic indices -- Sharia-compliant financial indices

U.S. Studying Two Dozen 'Clusters' of Possible Homegrown Terrorists -- of young Muslim men in the northeast United States

(U.S.) NYC: NYPD report warns of mounting homegrown terrorist threat

Iraqi police: Clashes kill 14 northeast of Baghdad

Iraqi police: Suicide car bomb kills 2, wounds 7 -- Hillah area

(Iraq) Suicide truck bombs slaughter 200 Iraqis - on Tuesday - update;_ylt=Ar4xbEPwWiZQYHtuDf0cwRlX6GMA

(Iraq) U.S. suspects Al Qaeda in bombings;_ylt=AsS42YU0DDTyXNjNedle55FX6GMA

(Iraq) Top U.S. general may propose pullbacks -- Petraeus is expected to tell Congress that Iraqis can assume duties in some areas, freeing U.S. troops for other uses,0,4840766.story?coll=la-home-center

(Afghanistan) US hunts al-Qaida in eastern Afghanistan;_ylt=AsjdfZvdZf3lkQkMxWeh.vMwuecA

(Afghanistan) Taliban blast kills three German police in Kabul;_ylt=AuAhhJhbDMMpRcxRAlcI2CDOVooA

(Afghanistan) Taliban: Direct talks with South Korea on hostages to resume Thursday;_ylt=AgI8al6a_b192MaSAuCQkbfOVooA

Taliban wins media attention with South Korean hostages, gaining platform to push agenda

U.S. agents accused of aiding Islamist scheme

U.S. to Designate Iran's Revolutionary Guard as Terrorists - First national military branch ever named "Specially Designated Global Terrorist"

Online Islamist Forum Hosted in Texas Posts Guide for Kidnapping American - MEMRI: by RealWebHost in Texas

(U.S.) Ujaama faces more prison time -- update on guilty plea regarding Abu Hamza Oregon Jihadist camp

(U.S.) Deliberations Start in Padilla Trial

(U.S.) Prosecutors Insist on Al-Qaeda Link as Padilla Case Goes to Jury - update on Padilla trial

(U.S.) Defense: Padilla isn't al Qaeda 'star recruit'

(Pakistan) Militant attack leaves two soldiers dead in SW Pakistan -- in Baluchistan

(Pakistan) US presses Pakistan on militant threat;_ylt=AvnhrqeuXp43W6OH33PrmGnzPukA

(Pakistan) Terrorizing English-speaking elite: Terrorists planning hostage-taking at private schools\08\15\story_15-8-2007_pg1_4

(Pakistan) Foreign forces can't operate in Pakistan, says Aziz\08\15\story_15-8-2007_pg1_2

(Pakistan) Bush congratulates Musharraf, Karzai on 'peace jirga' - in concluding session Musharraf called for mainstreamed Taliban;_ylt=Aq8siizbg8IIz8Avx_8myjDzPukA

(Pakistan) US may not accept Musharraf's Afghan proposal\08\15\story_15-8-2007_pg7_1

(India Assam) Four explosions rock India's NE on Indpendence Day; no casualties reported

Indian police tighten security around Taj Mahal, citing threat

(Somalia) Eight killed in Somalia attacks;_ylt=Ah.dLQi1buBvZriYBuK33EWQLIUD

Somalia: Grenade Explosion Wounds 12 in Afgoi

(Somalia) Group: 31 killed in Mogadishu in a day;_ylt=AocAuSoNZi01T5mFuJygCTuQLIUD

(Thailand) Three killed in southern Thailand

(Thailand) Two suspects captured in Tak Bai

(Russia) Policeman, serviceman killed in Chechnya

Kazakh Prosecutors Say Police Averted Terrorist Attacks -- jihadist wing of the Salafi movement

(Turkey) Police thwarts PKK attack on Istanbul

(UK) British man Khalid Khaliq charged with possessing terrorist manuals -- arrested in July 7 2005 bombing investigations

(Germany) Terrorism suspect deported by Pakistan arrested in Germany

(Germany) Man accused of recruiting people for terrorism held in Germany

Hamas fighters pound border crossing, two occupation army soldiers wounded

Hamas: Palestinian militias preparing to destroy Israel

Abbas decree excludes Hamas from elections§ion=middleeast&col=

6 Palestinians killed, 26 wounded in Israeli raids§ion=middleeast&col=

Israel fears Syria war sparked by 'misunderstanding'

Israel: Officials: 'Syria is still arming Hizbullah'

Hezbollah warns Israel against attack;_ylt=ApNK1bdX71c2d1DUPhBED3jagGIB

Lebanese military analyst: Hezbollah possess sophisticated weapons

Lebanese helicopters shell militant strongholds in Nahr El-Bared

Lebanon appeals to besieged Islamists to surrender;_ylt=AiXazSP1aPo75LtZe25XUr_agGIB

Lebanese army blames lack of heavy weapons from US on long battle at refugee camp

Sri Lanka skirmishes kill 10;_ylt=AnY1Hc6dV7_0hmUC97n3ZFAtM8oA

Iran arrests Chinese nationals on suspicion of spying on its nuclear facilities

Other News:

Video: Muslim Brotherhood Leader Prohibits Vaccination of Children

Scotland: Doctors given Ramadan guidelines

German court upholds hijab ban for female Muslim teachers

(Netherlands) Letter of support to ex-Muslims

Netherlands: Support for ex-Muslims

(Russia) Suspect in Posting Video of Neo-Nazi Murder Surrenders,2933,293314,00.html

(France) Nazi war criminal 'had no regrets'

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