Monday, August 13, 2007

TERROR NEWS August 13th

(Iraq) US troops launch new assault on Iraq militants -- Operation Phantom Strike to attack Al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) and allegedIranian-aided extremist groups;_ylt=Alk4lhcnkbC7vidhlgHn47RX6GMA

(Iraq) US Army reports killing, arrest of 18 terrorists in Iraq's Sadr City

(Iraq) U.S. arrests 13 with Iranian links in Iraq

(Iraq) US Defense Dept Official: Ailing economy enables al Qaeda

(Afghanistan) Five police, nine Taliban killed in Afghan violence§ion=subcontinent&col=

(Afghanistan) Suicide bomber targets coalition convoy in Afghanistan

(Afghanistan) Report: Taliban Hand Over 2 Female Hostages -- to Red Cross,2933,293058,00.html

(Afghanistan) Fear of bloodbath thwarts efforts to rescue hostages

(Afghanistan) Purported German hostage says Taliban wants to kill him;_ylt=AnWRx49fGQfOPp22LTj0yHvOVooA

(Pakistan) Musharraf says not all Taliban terrorists\08\13\story_13-8-2007_pg1_1

(Pakistan) Car bomb kills four in Pakistan's Frontier Province -- near the town of Kalam

(Pakistan) Two Pakistan soldiers wounded in rocket attack -- on Mana check post near Miranshah;_ylt=AmduPeSD3ckuLjmTxzQl9r_zPukA

(Pakistan) Pro-Taliban militants killed in Pakistan attack§ion=subcontinent&col=

Pakistani security forces, militants clash in tribal region; 3 attackers killed

(Pakistan) Score of militants killed, wounded in clashes with Pakistan security

(Pakistan) Bomb blasts in Hub, attacks in Quetta, Sui

(Indian Kashmir) Jaish-e- Mohammad militant and Ayodhya mastermind had cellphone bomb plan for I-Day: police

(Indian Kashmir) Two die, 12 hurt in Kashmir grenade blast§ion=subcontinent&col=

(Indian Kashmir) Militants strike I-Day function venue in J&K, 2 killed
(Indian Kashmir) Top HuM Commander among 4 Killed, Plan To Cause Blast Foiled In J&K
(India) 11 Maoists arrested in Jharkhand

(Bangaladesh) Attacked Bangladeshi author faces charges of offending Islam;_ylt=AvNMeUM1qegeiVdD0Zt2u.RTQMQA

(Lebanon) Islamist sniper kills soldier at Lebanon camp;_ylt=AmuhZWAlqs929ehoqEK7vzcwuecA

(Lebanon) Islamist hints at attacks by militants outside northern Lebanon refugee camp

(U.S.) Closings set in Padilla terror trial;_ylt=Aq1xIWWxWRMcgwkgKS9EQpIwuecA

(U.S.) Additional Background on Goose Creek Arrests (my title)

(U.S.) D.C.-area counterterrror security devices idled by cost (my title)

(U.S.) Radical mosque to feed proposed N.Y. Arabic school? Foes fear publicly funded 'madrassa' will promote jihad

Somalia: Roadside Bomb Blast Kills Three in Mogadishu

(Somalia) Two killed in Mogadishu attacks;_ylt=AqvimNuc0iqDs2Lj9i4tV4qQLIUD

Yemen arrests terrorists involved in attack on Spanish tourists

(Nigeria) Foreign hostage in Nigeria dies en route to hospital for treatment, officials say

Philippines military offensive against Muslim militants;_ylt=AovjZ.UkqHsasFbIAQNXg1ZUKYUA

(Philippines) US warns of terror threat in southern Philippines -- in city of Cotabato and nearby areas on the southern island of Mindanao;_ylt=AifUeAdEnQGNauz2ytg_CIoTv5UB

(Indonesia) Hardline group rallies for world Islamic rule - Hizb ut-Tahrir;_ylt=Av_kIbUGsGBQs0Eg7pQ9tRXaHXcA

(Thailand) Muslim vendor shot dead in Narathiwat

Hamas cracks down on "unlicensed" rallies in Gaza§ion=middleeast&col=

Fatah says 120 of its men jailed in Gaza§ion=middleeast&col=

Syria buys advanced anti-aircraft missiles: Israeli report;_ylt=AurFFYOgXAnRACt2Uvr_ELnuyucA

(Canada) Backers defend controversial sign supporting Hezbollah terrorist group

(Europe) Calls made in Europe for dialogue with Hamas movement - UK and Italians call for negotiations with terrorist group

Italy: Hamas welcomes PM Prodi's remarks

Italy halts Iraq-bound weapons

Italy Probe Unearths Huge Iraq Arms Deal

(UK Car Bombs Plot) Man remanded on terrorism charge -- Dr Sabeel Ahmed, brother of Glasgow suicide bomber Kafeel Ahmed

(UK) Shiraz Maher analysis of experience in Hizb ut-Tahrir (my title),25197,22239474-7583,00.html

(UK) Exodus of officers hits war on terror

(UK) British Parliament Group: 'British Hamas boycott counterproductive'§ion=middleeast&col=

(UK) Mosques hire guards to protect worshippers as imam is attacked

(UK) News - Man charged over attack on Muslim cleric at mosque

Iran ends probe into 2 Iranian-Americans;_ylt=Aktzc81W9hKHzdomo32lGxpSw60A

Iran: Grumbles over aid to Lebanon's Hezbollah

Terror videos flood Internet,0,2171021.story?coll=ny_home_rail_headlines

UN website targeted by anti-Israel hackers

Sri Lanka says battles rebels on land, sinks boat;_ylt=AucvM.QYmxnDUwCb3PHEDN0tM8oA

Sri Lanka skirmishes leave four dead;_ylt=Atd9H9xmyJFIx6cPN8skCqwtM8oA

(Sri Lanka) 12 killed in fresh Sri Lanka violence;_ylt=AupdtMPQB3kHIBGbR9..AN8tM8oA

(North Korea) Nuclear negotiators from North Korea and the United States meet in Beijing

Commentary: Al-Qaeda not a matter for CSI: Terrorists more than criminals

Other News:

(Pakistan) Report: Pakistan: Christian Gang Raped

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