Saturday, August 11, 2007

TERROR NEWS August11th

(U.S.) NYC: NYPD Taking Extra Precautions After Unsubstantiated Terror Threat -- due to online chatter mentioning a truck packedwith radioactive material - DHS states no credible info at this time

NYDT: Checkpoints, radiation sensors out after 'unverified' threat spooks city

NYPD on the alert for Al-Qaeda "Bomb" - Teams hit streets after "Net 'chatter'"

DEBKAfile report: New Al Qaeda threat of radioactive truck attacks naming New York, Los Angeles, Miami

Meet the New Face of Terror - increase of women in Jihadist terrorism

(Iraq) US forces kill 10 terror suspects, arrest 10 others

Iraq militants target Sunni sheik's home;_ylt=ApwPpIaFcGCuv3vXgJl70PBX6GMA

(Iraq) US claims success in Diyala River valley

Iraq airport dismisses report of attack on Swedish airliner;_ylt=Auf.ebPs0lJHZcDfW0cNZElX6GMA

Sweden cancels all air traffic with Iraq

Iraq: UN Security Council approves expanded role

(Afghanistan) Dozen insurgents killed in new Afghan battle§ion=subcontinent&col=

(Afghanistan) Taliban attack U.S. base for 2nd time in a week; 4 insurgents killed

(Afghanistan) Taliban: Koreans' release may come soon -- Taliban still seeks release of 21 Taliban from Afghan prisons;_ylt=An0rWf8.sZYa.QY4IzaQIMvOVooA

(Pakistan) More assaults on militants as Musharraf prepares for Kabul jirga;_ylt=ApSmxVLEQe0XQb.JawC8tNTOVooA

(Pakistan) Musharraf to address tribal assembly in Afghanistan

Pakistan jirga spokesman says Pakistan to follow jirga decisions\08\11\story_11-8-2007_pg7_3

(Pakistan) Officials: Pakistan troops fatally shoot civilian, wound 2 after escaping bomb attack

(Pakistan) 'Musharraf hasn't abandoned idea of imposing emergency'

(Pakistan) Legislator urges jihad to counter American threat - Syed Tanveer Hussain also calls for jihad for "liberation" of Kashmir

(Indian Kashmir) JEM militant: Ayodhya attack mastermind killed -- Saifullah Kari

(Indian Kashmir) Indian religious site attack mastermind killed: Kashmir police;_ylt=AocUFsUFYOtA1e.5iD3mAytA7AkB

(Indian Kashmir) At least 24 injured in Kashmir arms depot inferno -- Hizbul Mujahideen claims responsibility;_ylt=AmYRkccK8iNQpgiNvZfD.no1NXcA

(Indian Kashmir) Thousands evacuated after massive fire at arms depot in Indian Kashmir

(India) Majlis Ittehadul Musilmeen (MIM) threatens to behead writer Taslima Nasreen

(India Assam) 23 killed in northeast violence in India;_ylt=AkImS0JuJEjiCz47UYxlyGxA7AkB

(India Assam) Assam terror triggers exodus

(Somalia) 2 Somali radio journalists killed;_ylt=AnbS5O5kudD419ZwlpzDMqWQLIUD

Philippine commandos land on Jolo -- Muslim rebels after gunbattles this week;_ylt=Au3pzdxEew8PLTYa1FCJaJlUKYUA

(Indonesia) Possible Indonesia bomb blast kills two, injures four: police;_ylt=AtKNiCZJeyTRf1CtTSjsb2MTv5UB

Indonesia: Islamic Caliphate conference to attract 100,000 -- Hizb ut-Tahrir involvement -- Abu Bakar Bashir, spiritual leader ofJemaah Islamiyah, to address conference

(Thailand) 8 insurgent suspects detained in South

(China) Islamic separatists still a threat on China's borders\08\11\story_11-8-2007_pg4_8

Iraq-Turkey: Interview - Top PKK official warns against border strike

Hamas Detains 32 Fatah Supporters,,-6843057,00.html

Hamas completes establishment of naval force,7340,L-3436239,00.html

Egypt arrests 40 Muslim Brotherhood members

(UK) Stirring up racial hatred - not the medium -- analysis of UK Jihadist reports by Channel 4;jsessionid=MGRZ3O3HUT3UTQFIQMFCFFOAVCBQYIV0?xml=/opinion/2007/08/11/do1101.xml

(UK) Birmingham Mosque puts plans to sue UK Channel 4 on hold

Bosnian Government Begins Deporting Foreign Muslim Fighters

(Canada) Hezbollah Sign splits Lebanese, riles Jews

Russia accuses Georgia of bio-terror

(North Korea) Military exercise to proceed despite North Korean objections: US;_ylt=AvnfB7JjQQ1Cp4vzalQAeVKCscEA

(U.S.) NYC - WTC site open for Sept 11 commemorations - by family members,23599,22225970-23109,00.html

Commentary: Don't let them terrorize our freedoms -- by Diana West

Know Your Enemy - Seminar on Islam, Jihad, and Terrorism

Other News:

Egypt: Islamist cleric vows to seek Christian convert's execution as an apostate (my title)

Malaysia frees woman in Hindu marriage case -- her year-old marriage was illegal under Islam§ion=theworld&col=

Report: Muslim pop stars repudiate terror -- no mention of repudiation of blasphemy law, etc.

Commentary on NYC Arabic-themed public school

(Australia) State Government to oppose Islamic college

(Australia) Muslims in Australia: dilemma of integrating in "Western" society

(UK) MPs "struggle to recognize Muslims in the Commons"

Italy: Court discriminates against Muslim girls

(Netherlands) Dutch academic: don't ban Koran, protect Islam critics

Azerbaijan: Why Is 'Alternative' Islam Gaining Strength?

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