Sunday, August 12, 2007

TERROR NEWS August 12th

(Iraq) U.S. military: 30 suspected insurgents detained in raids targeting al-Qaida in Iraq

(Iraq) 5 American soldiers killed near Baghdad;_ylt=ApiPWGCw5nf9iZLGOOU0Mtas0NUE

(Turkey) Kurdish rebels set off roadside bomb injuring 13 in southeast Turkey

Iraqi provincial governor, police chief assassinated;_ylt=AjECZLUBl8HLE4szqetLTwWs0NUE

(Iraq) Sunni leader appeals for help against what he calls Iranian-supported death squads and militias

(Afghanistan) 29 dead in Afghanistan fighting;_ylt=AuZrWkTqtsjCNoFUagchWmjOVooA

(Afghanistan) Taliban still says 2 Koreans to be freed;_ylt=ArPOpB0a6iaV_phcL0NWlRjOVooA

(Afghanistan) Voice of America Report: Taliban Says it Released Two South Korean Hostages

(Afghanistan) After Taliban news conference, Afghan government bans media from South Korea talks site

Pakistan, Afghanistan mired in militancy, extremism, Pakistan president tells Afghan meeting

Pakistan dismisses reports about nuclear arms security concerns

(Pakistan) Militants decapitate Afghan 'spy' in Pakistan,,22231980-5006003,00.html?from=public_rss

(Pakistan) Oh where, oh where have Taliban gone? 28 of 29 militant bases ID'd by U.S. intelligence 'dismantled' after information given to Pakistan

Bangladesh says Islamist militants on the run§ion=subcontinent&col=

(Indian Kashmir) Two dead in Kashmir ammunition depot fire (updated) - Over 30 hurt, Hizbul Mujahideen claims responsibility

(India Assam) Five killed in India ahead of Independence Day§ion=subcontinent&col=

(UK) Terror alert on freed UK suspects -- Pentagon has claimed that five terror suspects whom Britain wants back fromGuantanamo Bay have close ties to some of Al-Qaeda's most high-ranking leaders

(UK) Database of top-secret police phone taps stolen - Thousands of records from terrorism and other cases stolen

(UK/Iraq) Army warns on Basra deaths - Army warns selaying withdrawal would result in more deaths

Lebanese army turns down siege surrender offer;_ylt=AlgPc9q65zoM0Zsc04pzNTzagGIB

(Lebanon) Hizbollah buys frontier land to attack Israel - Buying large tracts owned by Christians, other non-Shias

(Lebanon) US declares Lebanese group terrorists -- Fatah Al-Islam -- State Dept to announce FTO designation on Monday;_ylt=AuX5FF27AWuF1j460QXg88ETv5UB,2933,292996,00.html

(Philippines) Military: 2 Indonesian terror suspects helped launch attack on troops

(Thailand) Things Fall Apart (on worsening situation in Thailand)

How To Beat Terror (how some Asian countries beating terrorism)

(Iraq) U.S. Pays Millions In Cost Overruns For Security in Iraq

Turkey agrees to put off incursion as Iraq agrees to subdue PKK in phases

(Indian Kashmir) Two dead in Kashmir ammunition depot fire (updated) - Over 30 hurt, Hizbul Mujahideen claims responsibility

(Somalia) Two Somali journalists, four officials killed in Mogadishu - update;_ylt=AqwPi5XbyDzsi69OqX8OOneQLIUD

(Somalia) 2 suspects arrested in Somali journalists' deaths

(U.S.) NYC: NYPD Scales Down Its Response After Dirty Bomb Scare

(U.S.) NYC: NYPD Operations Return To Normal After Unsubstantiated Threat

(U.S.) NYC: City Bomb Alert Eased

New York scales down extra security measures a day after responding to al Qaeda radiological threat reported in DEBKA file

The police department also confirmed to Reuters additional information received that a dirty bomb may go off on Friday eveningaround 34th Street in Manhattan, where the Empire State Building, Madison Square Garden and MacyĆ¢€™s department store are located. What To Do If Dirty Bomb Explodes

Iran wraps up probe into detained US-Iranians;_ylt=AsL.P6Gz4WOBSj.faxITLMJSw60A

Sri Lanka says rebels kill 5 with bomb, mortars

Other News:

Egyptian convert to Christianity goes into hiding after death threats

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