Thursday, August 16, 2007

TERROR NEWS - August 16th

(Iraq) US Army kills nine gunmen, including three linked to Iran's Guards

(Iraq) Car bomb strikes market district in central Baghdad, killing at least 9, wounding 17

(Iraq) U.S. forces launch air assault south of Baghdad;_ylt=ApH1tTcUiIA.8Kv2hq2ODfdX6GMA

Iraq: Army dismantles 'Islamic Army' cell in Kirkuk

(Iraq) Yazidis fear annihilation after Iraq bombings - state they fear being killed because not Muslim;_ylt=AqIVAuR4LFsPgUj02CuqvGZX6GMA

(Iraq) Petraeus paves the way for US troop withdrawals next year

(Iraq) U.S. military: 2 soldiers killed, 6 wounded in fighting north of Baghdad

(Iraq) Commentary: On the Move - Al Qaeda could beat the U.S. in Iraq if American political will collapses - Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

Afghan, U.S. forces assault al Qaeda in Tora Bora;_ylt=AjOV7feLXUPiugGbPte1KrfOVooA

(Afghanistan) Taliban, South Korea hostage talks delayed;_ylt=AobF254HwKiFP8K4kDWYWazOVooA

(Pakistan) Two soldiers killed, four wounded in Waziristan violence -- in Spinwara

(Pakistan) Explosion in Pakistani tribal agency kills govt official, driver -- tribal agency of Bajar in Khar area

Pakistan says suicide attacks thwarted -- in Islamabad;_ylt=Aq0gPxMz6Usd_YY46TnFBHvzPukA

(Pakistan) US State Dept states US would not hesitate to hit al Qaeda 'safe havens' in Pakistan

(Pakistan) US documents show Pakistan gave Taliban military aid -- prior to 9/11,,2149588,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=12

(Pakistan) How to be a jihadi: Taliban's training secrets

Pakistani tribal chiefs threatened over Kabul talks;_ylt=AnNA3oJROSOSu3DXetFig07zPukA

(Indian Kashmir) 20,000 flee Kashmir after threats -- after Muslim rebels told them to leave;_ylt=AosFW7dcGHC2CjlDlZy6jyxA7AkB

Morocco: Police 'smash cell linked to failed suicide bombing'

Moroccan journalists get prison sentences over terrorist threat report

Somalia: Two police killed, three wounded in land mine attack

(Somalia) 4 dead, 15 wounded in Somalia fighting - Wednesday attack;_ylt=Arc0Y8hNuVevc3XmL2qxo2KQLIUD

Nigerian security forces attack camp of gang believed involved in oil-region strife

(Thailand) Three soldiers injured in Narathiwat bomb attack

(Philippines) Indonesian terror suspect may have been wounded in Philippine clash, military chief says

(Lebanon) Violent clashes between Lebanese military, militants

Lebanese TV: IAF planes flying over Nahr el-Bared

(Lebanon) Report: UNSC to reject Israeli request to expand UNIFIL role

Hezbollah brings Israel war to computer screen

(Gaza) Israeli forces blast tunnel in Beit Lahiya

Israeli troops uncover tunnel in northern Gaza greenhouse

Palestinian Islamic Jihad launches missile at S. Israel

(Israel) Explosive device thrown at IDF troops in Nablus

Hamas forces arrest Abbas-linked attorney general after he returns to Gaza

Iranian Guard holdings extensive

Iran denounces US missile defense plans;_ylt=Ar.9a_PVXC9CGZB6K7eyVmVSw60A

(U.S.) In imams' suit, status of 'John Does' in dispute

(U.S.) NYPD Report Excerpt - The Road To Local Jihad

(UK) Radio system problems could hit UK's terror response -- report

(UK) London bombings survivors appeal for inquiry into July 7 attacks

Italy: Focus - Police probe possible links in attacks on Islamic targets

Italy: Blasts near mosque in Brescia

Indonesia's president claims victory in war against terror -- political statement ignores 70,000 Hizb ut-Tahrir rally in Indonesia calling for global Islamic caliphate rule

(Russia) Experts Confirm Jet Entered Georgian Airspace From Russia

(North Korea) US envoy expects substantive talks on N. Korea

Other News:

(UK) The hijab-wearing 17-year-old Muslim girl hired as a community police officer

(UK) Is Britain policing or appeasing Islamic extremism?

(UK) Doctors should not eat in front of Muslims during Ramadan says Scottish NHS

Giuliani warns against Palestinian deal

(Netherlands) "Jami's comments went too far"

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