Saturday, August 18, 2007

TERROR NEWS August 18th

(Turkey) Turkish plane hijacking ends peacefully -- attempt to hijack plane from northernCyprus to Instanbul be diverted to Iran - claimed to be carrying a bomb - spoke Arabic -quotedas saying "we are Muslims"

Turkish hijackers claim to be members of Al-Qaeda

Iranian Terrorists Surrender After Hijacking Jet

Turkish plane hijacked, six hostages held

CNN: Turkish jet hijack ends peacefully

(Turkey) Chronology of Hijackings in Turkey,2933,293689,00.html

(Iraq) At least 4 killed in series of bombs in Kirkuk

(Iraq) Six Iranian guards killed in helicopter crash - close to Iraqi border;_ylt=AkC2.L0nqPGvmgIWpKlG4NxX6GMA

(Iraq) Interpol issues wanted notice for Saddam's daughter - on suspicion of terrorism;_ylt=AkixuZPmzPnprsI32PuC9AlX6GMA

(Iraq) U.S. plans gradual troop reduction

(Afghanistan) Taliban Mullah Omar urges Afghans to unite against Western troops

(Afghanistan) Suicide Car bomb kills 15 in Afghanistan -- near a convoy of private securityforces - death toll includes women and children - in Kandahar

(Afghanistan) A dozen Taliban killed in clash with police in Afghanistan - in Helmland province

(Afghanistan) Update: 2 Canadian soldiers wounded in bombing

(Afghanistan) Gunmen kidnap German woman in Kabul;_ylt=Avl8sZItL_N0BOWPil3Hy0vOVooA

(Afghanistan) Talks fail, ponder Koreans' fate: Taliban

(Afghanistan) Talks to free S Korean hostages have failed: Taliban

(Pakistan) Islamic militants scrap another peace deal with Pakistan

Pakistani soldier injured in fresh clashes with militants - in Miranshah --- also rockets fired atBanda security checkpost;_ylt=AtO1XCwOhjFId0D9SEVlvFPzPukA

(Pakistan) 60 terrorists arrested in Sui\08\18\story_18-8-2007_pg7_28

(Pakistan) Eight people killed in clashes between Lashkar-i-Islam and Ansaar-ul-Islam inKhyber Agency

(Pakistan) Mob attacks police, frees Taliban activists in Balochistan

Pak-Afghan jirga body presents proposals against terrorism\08\18\story_18-8-2007_pg7_21

(Indian Kashmir) Three Hizbul workers arrested in Jammu and Kashmir

Indian army chief rules out withdrawal of troops from Kashmir;_ylt=Amebqd6oIodr0SChgUWFK3Y1NXcA

(India) Taslima wants security after death threat

(India) ULFA camp busted in Arunachal Pradesh

Bangladesh SIM cards a major terror tool for militants

(Philippines) 16 soldiers, dozens of extremists dead in Philippines;_ylt=AsYuzuSwLVVTjLOpTOdAUgBUKYUA

(Philippines) Military foils bomb attack in southern Philippines

(Thailand) Insurgents attack polling station in South

(Thailand) Insurgent with high price head arrested

(Somalia) One killed, four wounded in fresh Mogadishu attacks;_ylt=AmfMFqV3CNvsVMWF9IWeHniQLIUD

(Yemen) Official: Authorities foil al-Qaida suicide plots in Yemen, detain 22 people

(Tajikistan) 2 former Guantanamo detainees get 17-year prison sentences in Tajikistan

(Bosnia) U.S. Diplomat Says Al-Qaeda Using Bosnia For Transit

(U.S.) Judges to consider request for spy docs -- ACLU seeking FISA records;_ylt=Atu4zvzyl6rHFcbGOni8wyETv5UB

(U.S.) Cambridge contacts U.S. libraries over "Alms for Jihad"

(U.S.) Padilla Trial - Terror Ties Shock Ex-District Officials - co-conspirator Jordanian Kifah W.Jayyousi - former DC school official

(Canada) Terror goes digital with Canadian help

(Israel) 2 Palestinians die in Gunfight with IDF

Palestinians say Israel prepared to offer amnesty to 110 more gunmen

Abbas fires senior Hamas government officials

Lebanese army attacks Fatal-el-islam, two militants killed

(Lebanon) Dutch to host special tribunal on Lebanon killings

Iran's Revolutionary Guards threaten to 'punch' the U.S.

Iran: Ahmadinejad: Israel is bearer of Satan;_ylt=AoKjiHSo_3Wsa2CcJ7JA5qJSw60A

Russia begins delivery of air defence system to Syria - report

(New Zealand) Devices explode in central Christchurch Small homemade bombs woundedone man.

(New Zealand) Bottle bombs rattle New Zealand city

(UK) Imam is backing police in TV row

(UK) Clarence House steps up security measures

(Spain) ETA: "Cycle of violence is history"

Sri Lanka names suspects in killings of Red Cross workers

Commentary: New York Times Covers for CAIR, Again

Commentary: More Overlooked History: Muslim Charities, Propaganda and Foreign Policy

Other News:

(Malaysia) Hizb-ut Tahrir Posts Slick Propaganda Video on YouTube: "For How MuchLonger?"

(Malaysia) Islam's war on sin dims bright lights in a nation torn between cultures

(UK) TV airing for Islam's story of Christ,,2151358,00.html

Washington Post: Risks in a Muslim Reformation

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