Thursday, August 30, 2007

TERROR NEWS August 30th

(U.S.) ISNA and Jihad: Why DOJ's Involvement in ISNA Conference Sends The Wrong Message -- by Jeffrey Imm

(U.S.) NYC: Chemical Weapons Scare at U.N. Headquarters - discovered six to eight vials of a dangerouschemical warfare agent, phosgene - found in Iraq WMD inspection offices

(U.S.) Air their 9/11 struggle, kin of jet victims implore judge - Relatives of 9/11 United Flight 93 victimswant cockpit recording aired in civil suit

(U.S.) Man pleads guilty to plot to sell weapons to Iran,1,3672652.story?coll=la-headlines-pe-california

(Iraq) Jaish al-Mujahideen Terrorists Accuse al Qaeda in Iraq of Stealing Video

(Yassin al-Qadi) Well Connected, A Saudi Mogul Skirts Sanctions

Yassin al-Qadi: the Hamas Connection

Yassin Qadi and the Failure of UN/US Sanctions

(Iraq) US says ready to step back into Basra as British pull out

(Iraq) Pentagon disputes parts of Iraq report;_ylt=Ag8sPrc3xoGgZr.2WQ87ghis0NUE

(Iraq) White House pushes back on Iraq report;_ylt=Ai3srnJrv5DRmtz1PosIDrN2y14A

(Iraq) U.S. Denies Al Qaeda Claim That It Executed U.S. Embassy Worker in Baghdad,2933,295137,00.html

(Afghanistan) Taliban Release Remaining South Korean Hostages - 7 remaining South Koreans freed

(Afghanistan) Canada criticizes S. Korea over hostage talks

(Pakistan) Fighters 'seize Pakistan troops'

(Pakistan) A Least Hundred Pakistani Soldiers Kidnapped By Militants
Algeria: Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb attached to bloody choice - Rejects ceasefire proposal by former AIS head

Kenya Muslims say U.S. backed torture and detention

(UK) London bomb survivors begin legal fight for inquiry;_ylt=AkzutKOfiRnHPbOK7IbCkTms0NUE

On Islamist Websites: How to Join Al-Qaeda, Form a Jihad Cell, and Select a Western Target - MEMRI translation

(U.S.) Plan for Terror Screening of Aid Groups Cut Drastically -- to pilot program with West Bank and Gaza aid recipients before expanding it worldwide

(Iraq) Al Qaeda Claims to Have Executed U.S. Embassy Worker in Baghdad,2933,295137,00.html

Iraq says 72 gunmen arrested after Kerbala chaos;_ylt=AhjFScRYMQWt3viskOtQ_X5X6GMA

(Iraq) Multi-National Force captures Al-Qaeda leader in northern Baghdad -- during Tikrit operations - linked to AQ in Samarra

(Iraq) US Military Says 2 Terrorists Killed, 36 Detained in Iraq Raids

(Iraq) US cautiously welcomes Sadr's militia freeze in Iraq;_ylt=AjYJd.HZHkuD91YV7BdFzX1X6GMA

(Iraq) U.S. soldier killed in roadside bomb attack in eastern Iraq

Iraq says Iran continues shelling despite protest;_ylt=AnytvMvTZZG.C1vKL1B1iMJSw60A

(Iraq) British withdrawal could lead to a bloodbath, Iraq minister warns

(Iraq) Majority in poll say U.S. can win war in Iraq

(Iraq) GAO Report Finds Slow Progress in Iraq Surge,2933,295110,00.html

(Iraq) Little progress seen on Iraq goals - U.S. Government Accountability Office report says at least 13 of 18 benchmarks unfulfilled;_ylt=As2nVNiUFI.WgA0H4_6Nhd.s0NUE

(Afghanistan) Wanted Taliban leader killed in raid: Afghan ministry -- Mullah Brother;_ylt=Atk7QDuNZIck5oCi0pXLokrOVooA

(Afghanistan) U.S. Military Commander: Force not enough to beat Taliban - Maj. Gen. Robert Cone;_ylt=AkpAN9Seg.vTtkd7Q4TT.aHOVooA

(Afghanistan) British soldier, Afghan interpreter die in explosion in Afghanistan

(Afghanistan) Taliban to free rest of South Korean hostages;_ylt=AgWR5qtj5OuU5_dnAnyEIC_OVooA

(Afghanistan) 6 killed in blast near Pakistan border - suicide bomber in Khost bazaar killing 2 Afghan soldiers and 4 civilians - on Wednesday\08\30\story_30-8-2007_pg7_2

(Pakistan) Three soldiers injured in Miranshah explosion -- militants also fired rockets on the Frontier Constabulary (FC) fort in Miranshah\08\30\story_30-8-2007_pg7_6

Pakistan: Christian group asks govt. for protection -- attack on Quetta church

(Pakistan) Anti-Terrorism Court Hearing in Lal Masjid cases deferred

Pakistan's Musharraf rejects 'ultimatum' on deal with Bhutto;_ylt=At3zTH.yLs8qyns0xTjPdpfzPukA
Pakistan: Musharraf-Bhutto deal is snarled over key issues

(Pakistan) London Times Report: Pakistan leader Musharraf quits as army chief in pact to share power-- with Benazir Bhutto

(India) Bomb found in train in Jalpaiguri district

(India) Bomb recovered from Farukhabad railway station in IP

(India) 185 railway stations susceptible to terror strikes: minister

(India) Bomb haul in Topsia factory

(India) Hyderabad blasts: Second suspect identified

(India) Two who planted bombs in Hyderabad identified

India needs more police: minister;_ylt=Aq7Qudt2xjaOOgZIpqCWqS0Tv5UB

(India) Mosque attack suspects freed under pressure, says Advani

(India) Chhattisgarh Naxal attack: Bodies of 5 cops recovered

(India) Maoists kill 12 policemen in Chhattisgarh

(Turkey) Reports: Troops kill 8 rebels in Turkey;_ylt=AoTmi_72y2298DnmKZW1.gvtfLkA

Turkish Army kills PKK rebels

Lebanese army stages air raids on militant hideouts in Nahr El-Bared camp

(Lebanon) U.S. pledges to support Lebanon army;_ylt=AtNS6P0rRyefA42szVt8Fl_agGIB

(Lebanon) No proof Israeli soldiers in Lebanon kidnapped by Hezbollah are alive: U.N.;_ylt=AoOUJuFb59iwr8sP2u1L5kPagGIB

(Lebanon) Hezbollah denounces watchdog's report;_ylt=Ane0zXsjjSC_NKPhuOi6OIDagGIB

Iran: New UN sanctions would end Teheran's nuclear cooperation

(Israel) IDF troops foil suicide attack near Gaza border -- 15-year-old Palestinian suicide bomber

(Israel) IDF arrests 12 terror suspects overnight in the West Bank

Hamas Blocking Exports from Gaza

Israeli law professors submit brief to U.S. Supreme Court on enemy combatant trials (my title)

(U.S.) FBI Probes String of Bomb Extortion Threats Against Stores Across Country,2933,295131,00.html

(UK) New anti-terror chief is building elite team

(UK) Scotland: Terror accused 'had videos urging jihad on laptop computer' - Mohammed Atif Siddique trial

(Ireland) Man to leave Belfast home after petrol bomb attack

French authorities arrest Tunisian on suspected links to terror group

France-Libya deal includes military hardware

Egypt: Four members of Muslim Brotherhood charged with belonging to Al-Qaeda-linked group (my title);_ylt=AutxYW01cJxgBqTPruN_Rg0wuecA

(North Africa) Islamists could kidnap Europeans in Africa - report -- by Spain's secret service

(Algeria) Former AIS commander calls for al-Qaeda surrender in Algeria

(Sudan) U.N. official warns of militarized Darfur camps;_ylt=AtXD0cguIDkzdVdig6FtZowShIMA

(Thailand) Insurgents shoot man, his daughter -- in Pattani province

(Philippines) 4 communist rebels captured in Quezon

(Philippines) Military goes on red alert in Mindanao after Sison arrest

Sri Lanka says fighting kills 11 rebels in north§ion=subcontinent&col=

(North Korea) US to deal with Japan's worries before removing NKorea from terror list

(North Korea) U.S. reaffirms N.K. terrorism list removal depends on denuclearization

(North Korea) U.S. hints at flexibility on N.Korea terror listing;_ylt=AogGZw5VhQ5y6hsUvamO4i.s0NUE

Other News:

(Iran) Ahmadinejad gives Oliver Stone OK for film -- Oscar-winning director wants to do documentary about Iranian president

(Turkey) Commentary: Turkish Islamists stress Muslim values, not laws

(Australia) Christ-like bin Laden image stirs debate in Australia;_ylt=AgqchKiv9ajbbV_pC0BvuoEwuecA

Belgium: Court blocks anti-Islam demonstration

Saudi Columnist: Saudi Arabia Must Be Culturally Open, or It Will Turn into a Taliban State

(U.S.) Terrorism Policies Split Democrats

(U.S.) Passenger dispute delays American Airlines flight overnight

(U.S.) PBS 'Sympathetic' to Radical Islamists, Filmmakers Say

(U.S.) Missouri offers families saving for college a 'terror-free' fund

Google to remove Nazi propaganda from YouTube

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