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TERROR NEWS August 29th

(U.S.) Holy Land Foundation Trial - Government Lays Out Financial Connections in HLF Case -- by The Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT)

(U.S.) Members of Congress in Letter to DOJ: Don't Co-Sponsor Radical Conference

Representatives Peter Hoekstra and Sue Myrick say ISNA's roots in the Muslim Brotherhood andactivities in support of HAMAS – designated by the U.S. as a terrorist group – should disqualify ISNA fromDOJ outreach efforts to the Muslim community
(U.S.) Investigative Project on Terrorism Launches Groundbreaking Websitehttp://www.investigativeproject.org{E2F3A3E5-932F-4F08-A20B-4A0EC2C5833C}&symb=&sid=&siteid=NYT&dist=NYT&osymb=

(U.S.) Kansas: FBI: Safeway Bomb Threat May Be Tied To Others

(UK) Jurors view bin Laden images from terror accused's laptop

(UK) Lawyer's 'bribe' in terror trial -- Muslim lawyer Mudassar Arani in Abu Hamza trial faces police probe claims she tried to bribe July 21 bomb plot terror suspect,,2-2007400187,00.html

Hamas's Military Capabilities after the Gaza Takeover - "Hamas has significantly enhanced its military capabilities"

(Iraq) Al-Qaida leader killed in 'suicide vest'

(Afghanistan) Hostage deal fuels Taliban legitimacy

Israel considering construction of fence along Egyptian border

(Lebanon) Hezbollah to file lawsuits against Israel for damage caused in war

Palestinians: 2 children killed, 1 critically hurt by tank shell in Gaza -- Israel attacking rocket launchers

Iran nuclear: UN says plutonium questions 'resolved'

(India) 12 policemen feared killed in Chhattisgarh naxal attack

Pakistan: Controversial film was made to 'reform fundamentalists' -- radical clerics in Pakistan issued a fatwa against movie Khuda Kay Liye (In the Name of God) and its makers

(Turkey) Reports: Troops kill 8 Kurdish rebels in Turkey's southeast

(Russia) Gunmen kill 2 border troops in Russia's Ingushetia region

(Russia) Arrests of Chechen residents connected with guerrillas continue

(Philippines) Supreme Court asked to declare anti-terror law unconstitutional

(Thailand) Thai PM says peace talks fruitless in Muslim south

(Northern Ireland) Belfast politicians condemn bomb attacks on Protestant homes

Germany mulls 'Trojan' IT viruses as anti-terror measure;_ylt=A0WTcUodyNVGaIgASBVvaA8F

(UK) Commentary: The jihadists will never listen -- Don't waste time courting 'moderate' Muslims -- Carol Sarler

Other News:

Turkey: Military Boycotts Inauguration of New Islamist President

(Turkey) New president of Turkey approves cabinet of Islamists and secularists

(U.S.) Video: Is Islam off-limits in comic strips?

(U.S.) California: Your Black Muslim Hotel -- Marriott still employs security firm with Black Muslim Bakery ties

(U.S.) Michigan: School to Provide Muslim Students with Foot Baths

(Australia) Muslim awards coming -- on Australians they believe are Islamophobes,21985,22286025-661,00.html

Commentary: CNN - Amanpour's Apologia

Advertisers blast 'offensive' CNN religion series -- Christiane Amanpour special compares Jews, Christians to Muslim terrorists

(Italy) Cinema: 'Fatwas' against films unhelpful argues Italian Muslim leader

(Iraq) Six killed in attack on Iraqi police checkpoint - in Mosul
(Iraq) Iraqi soldiers killed in Kirkuk, policeman injured in Mosul

(Iraq) Car bomb explodes near Karkh court in Baghdad

(Iraq) Cleric Al-Sadr freezes activities of his Mahdi militia;_ylt=AtT1ALPWwrp0uPhkbGkzxF1X6GMA
(Iraq) Sadr set to ‘rebuild’ Mehdi Army

(Iraq) U.S. troops release detained Iranians — detained due to unauthorized weapons found in cars;_ylt=AjOP8BPykbZJuK7AuL.zuSFX6GMA
(Iraq) Iran says U.S. accusations on Iraq “not true”;_ylt=ApOvMSXtT0HIhCJq14wLqRFX6GMA
Iraqi forces free 11 hostages, detain 29 suspected terrorists in Baghdad

(Iraq) American soldier perishes in northern Iraq - in Kirkuk combat

(Iraq) UK Foreign Secretary Miliband: ‘We’ll leave Basra when it suits UK’

(Afghanistan) Taliban release 12 South Koreans freed in Afghanistan;_ylt=AuODV_fy2F7vJfEFm6hSAZfOVooA
(Pakistan) Islamabad suicide attacks’ mastermind arrested\08\29\story_29-8-2007_pg11_6

(Pakistan) Death threats against Peshawar Christians - Islamist threats of suicide bomber attacks (my title)

(Pakistan) ISI still supports al Qaeda and Taliban, says former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto

(Pakistan) Petition seeks Supreme Court action against top officials: Lal Masjid-Jamia Hafsa operation

(India) Sketch of Hyderabad blasts suspect released
(India) Actual Sketch of Hyderabad blast suspect

(India) Hyderabad police creating sketch of suspected bomb planter
(India) Harkat-ul-Jehad Al-Islami (HuJI) second unit behind Hyderabad blasts?
(India) Pakistanis, Bangladeshis quizzed; special anti-terror force on card

(India) The dossier of a terror mastermind — Shahid, alias Bilal alias Abdul Rehman

(India) ‘Intelligence warning on terror plot failed to spark police action’
India needs terror super-cop, say experts

(India) Andhra for special force to deal with terror

(India) The other Hyderabad attack: 2 bombs, 3 probes, both hands tied

(Indian Kashmir) Hizb-ul-Mujahideen abducts teacher, bomb blast at Laxmi Narayan temple (my title)

Thailand: Separatists target civilians in attacks, rights group — terrorists are killing or mutilating a growing number ofcivilians in their bid to establish a separate Islamic state in southern Thailand

(Thailand) 4 insurgent suspects arrested in South — in Narathiwat province

(Thailand) Insurgent raids close 7 Pattani schools

(Thailand) New security measures for South schools

(Philippines) Police warns of terror bombings in Metro Manila

(Philippines) 6 pals of arrested bomb courier sought

(Philippines) Army generals say force not enough vs terror, rebellion

(Somalia) Three killed in Mogadishu violence;_ylt=AncRmmNWdIzj6jhh5dJfsOCQLIUD
(Yemen) U.S. Embassy in Yemen Warns Staff of Al-Qaeda Threat

(Algeria) Fifteen terrorists killed by Algerian military in July - PM

(Algeria) Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb Issues Fifth Installment of the “Series of the Swords’ Shadows”, FeaturingAttack on Municipal Guards in Tipasa

Sudan rejects Darfur fighting accusations
(Sudan) Darfur: Sudan not cooperating on arrests of war crime suspects, prosecutor says

Nigeria: Bomb Scare - Nasarawa Gov Escapes Death

Kenya: Court Calls Anti-Terror Police Boss

(Iran) Bush warns of “holocaust” if Iran gets nukes
(Iran) Bush raises the stakes over Iran bomb with warning of ‘holocaust’
Lebanese Army still pounding Fatah Al-Islam

(Lebanon) US forces’ top commander in Mideast meets Lebanese officials

Lebanese minister slams Hezbollah telephone network
Lebanon Worried over Hizbullah Private Phone Network
(Lebanon) Rights group says Hezbollah trying to silence it

(Gaza) Rebel Terrorists Attack Hamas In Gaza
(Hamas) Report: EU officials holding talks with Hamas

Egypt Claims Hamas Is Stopping Hamas Smuggling
(Israel) Bethlehem ‘Nativity terrorists’ allowed to return — Jihadists took over Church of the Nativity, accused of Christian persecution

(Israel) Kassam lands in western Negev; none wounded, no damage

(Denmark) Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir incites war on West

(UK) Scotland: Terrorist files could be lost - from computer — Mohammed Atif Siddique trial,,2-2007400243,00.html

(UK) Scotland: Terror trial evidence ‘may have been risked by officer’ — Mohammed Atif Siddique trial

(UK) London editor prays for nuclear attack on Israel — Abd Al-Bari Atwan regular commentator on BBC and Sky News

Spain: ETA May Have Base In Portugal
(Spain) British Wife claims terror suspect husband Mohammed Fahsi was tortured

(Sri Lanka) Four killed in Sri Lanka fighting;_ylt=Alihpvf23vGIX4MFnDjGkActM8oA
Commentary: Following the money trail: drug money and terror —

Commentary: How strong has Hamas become?

Other News:
(Turkey) MEMRI: Antisemitism and the Turkish Islamist ‘Milli Gorus’ Movement: Zionists/Jews ‘Bacteria,’ ‘Disease’

(India) Violence in India’s Agra after 4 killed — mass rioting after four Muslims killed by truck§ion=subcontinent&col=
Indonesia: Muslim groups told to focus on poverty, not politics

(Sweden) Nerikes Allehanda defends Mohammad drawing,23599,22331108-23109,00.html

Sweden: Iran upset at “Mohammed dogs”

(Germany) Brothers to be retried in ‘honor killing’ case

(Germany) Anti-war activist admits to 11 German bomb hoaxes

(Belgium) Report: Right-wing groups to attend protest — Expatica reports that Nazi organziations “Blood and Honour and Stormfront have hired buses to bring people to the banned anti-Islam demonstration in Brussels on 11 September”

(France) Holy water can’t get past airport security,23599,22330038-23109,00.html

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