Friday, August 10, 2007

TERROR NEWS August 10th

Iraqi car bomb kills seven, US helicopter forced down -- car bomb in Kirkuk;_ylt=AkcinnTICNMoqL6cZdYiQCtX6GMA

(Iraq) UN Security Council to vote on Iraq mission

(Iraq) U.S. troops navigate fault lines of sect and tribe

(Iraq/U.S.) Websites Supporting the Jihad in Iraq รข€“ Hosted in the U.S. - MEMRI list

(Afghanistan) 10 Taliban killed in major Afghan battle;_ylt=AvWzjyelviprXh5pIGeumx_OVooA

(Afghanistan) Taliban says hostages safe for now;_ylt=AhZoI4nflRQJfAdeg_syxzLOVooA

(Afghanistan) Eradication key to Afghan anti-drug plan - New counter-narcotics planfor Afghanistan unveiled

Read plan from State Department

(Afghanistan) New Afghan police terrorized by Taliban

Pakistan gunships pound Taliban, Al-Qaeda amid US pressure;_ylt=AtVDsYoaXST.5OxIuyid5NHzPukA

Pakistani army targets militant hide-out near Afghan border

(Pakistan) Security beefed up in Pak amid fears of suicide attacks

Pakistan searches for abducted soldiers§ion=subcontinent&col=

Pakistan Supreme Court pulls up officials for 'dubious' Lal Masjid cases'dubious'+Lal+Masjid+cases

Afghan, Pakistan jirga won't stop violence§ion=subcontinent&col=

(Pakistan) Bush asks Musharraf to hold free elections

(Indian Kashmir) Violent clashes erupt in Indian Kashmir;_ylt=AmiqhJzm386gzTZ9E_s_07I1NXcA

(Indian Kashmir) Three soldiers injured in guerrilla attacks in Kashmir

(U.S.) Fort Dix Plot Trial: In U.S. Army base plot, lawyers of six Muslim men on trialobject to secrecy on jury

(U.S.) Specific defense barred in Padilla case -- cannot consider whether their actionswere justified by Islamic law;_ylt=AvTpZg9s5GLMBHyMMBhtRIATv5UB

Philippine military says 57 dead in clashes with suspected al-Qaida-linked militants,2933,292827,00.html

Philippines rushes more troops to restive south;_ylt=AqoavWJmG06_EcwNpw1kj7NUKYUA

(Thailand) Decapitated heads left next to bomb in Thai south;_ylt=ArQOdvPkJHgbNsVgnSGPM6fuNREB

(Somalia) Heavy fighting breaks out in Mogadishu - at least four Somalis killed Friday;_ylt=AmpitPqQiWXr97JWDrVhkAGQLIUD

Algerian army discovers arms cache in mountainous area

(Nigeria) Police: British oil worker kidnapped in Nigeria

(Israel) Gun fight in Jerusalem kills one, injures 10;_ylt=Askqgtv1FDMUinUv3QADxDbuyucA

(Lebanon) US moves to free Lebanon from Syrian influence (my title);_ylt=Aph.Z6fYVakcpU8d3HVZQ9ALtUsB

India Assam offers to free UFLA rebel leaders for peace talks;_ylt=AlHUzzkAkaGswJd9_RnnxL5A7AkB

(UK) 3 accused in London plot plead innocent - accused of conspiring with July 7 2005 suicide bombers;_ylt=AhUYyykF8m6QqyudtFy1UeUTv5UB

(UK) Metropolitan police scheme aims to identify Muslim extremists,,2145934,00.html

(Australia) 'Jihad Jack' loses High Court challenge

(Spain) Tribute to dead ETA man to be prevented

(Indonesia) Commentary: How Indonesia is Winning Its War on Terror,9171,1651213,00.html

(U.S.) NYC - 'Deal reached on 9/11 ceremony'

Commentary: Why We Must Label Al-Qaeda Terrorism "Jihad Martyrdom"

Guantanamo's Closure Depends On Countries Taking Suspects: Bush

The New Guantanamo Military Commission Debate

North Korea military tells US to halt joint exercise§ion=theworld&col=

Other News:

(Belgium) Protest against "Islamisation" banned -- Brussels mayor FreddyThielemans has banned a protest against the "Islamisation" of Europe planned for 11 September, the anniversary of the suicide attacks on the US

(Belgium) Dewinter insists on anti-Islam protest

(Netherlands) Wilders: Enough is enough

Italy: Pakistani woman's murder emblematic, minister says

(Saudi Arabia) Traveling Americans threatened with Bible confiscation -- Nationalairline warns also about ban on crucifixes, Stars of David

(UK) Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain

(U.S.) California: Judge orders troubled Black Muslim bakery to liquidate assets

Nigeria: 18 Arrested For Sodomy - Face Death Penalty

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