Friday, August 24, 2007

TERROR NEWS August 24th

(Iraq) Baghdad overnight clash kills 13 -- US forces clash with Shi'ite militants in western Baghdad;_ylt=At0bYW1HqL25j_gQ59bs.qlX6GMA

(Iraq) Three dead as Al-Qaida attacks police checkpoints in Samarra

(Iraq) Dozens of al-Qaida suspects strike police posts

(Iraq) US soldiers arrest Iraqi policemen after bomb attack - suspected in involvement in Rashid bombing

Iraq: Democracy is not essential, says the US

(Iraq) Report: Iraqi stability growing

(Iraq) Report raises strong doubt about Iraqi government

(Iraq) Sunni leader murdered after speaking out against al-Qaeda

(Afghanistan) Three NATO soldiers killed in Afghanistan;_ylt=AnTDEZIId.QFAIPLwLcn.YnOVooA

(Afghanistan) 1 suspected insurgent killed, 11 detained in eastern Afghanistan -- in Nagarhar province

Afghanistan: Return to the lair of bin Laden;jsessionid=4OV2KKMSTCP2VQFIQMFSFF4AVCBQ0IV0?xml=/news/2007/08/24/wafg124.xml

Afghan medics offer to treat German hostage;_ylt=Ak8X_wRAwedihTvbE5a2uxvOVooA

(Afghanistan) Kidnapped S. Koreans said to be healthy;_ylt=Atrikrqz_ZyOsqroBnztt2DOVooA

(Afghanistan) South Korean hostage gave up chance for release for other sick captives

(Afghanistan) Three British soldiers die in 'friendly fire'

(Pakistan) 250 militants, 60 troops killed in month in northwest Pakistan

(Pakistan) Official: 5 Pakistani soldiers killed - car bomb near Miran Shah - roadside bomb near Razmak;_ylt=ArIL2aY8nwf5yVhEKk2gUmTzPukA

(Pakistan) Frontier Constabulary fort attacked, militant killed in North Waziristan -- attacked by "hundreds of Taliban militants"-- Hangu district\08\24\story_24-8-2007_pg7_10

(Pakistan) Punjabi barbers in Quetta demand security\08\24\story_24-8-2007_pg7_18

(Spain) ETA blamed for car bomb attack - car bomb outside police station in Basque city of Durango

(U.S.) Seattle security alert highlights post 9/11 balancing act;_ylt=AheZ0vekzPx1j0h1Og3MZkwTv5UB

(U.S.) Seattle: FBI's release of ferry passenger photos resented

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services hid data from probers - on information-sharing breakdowns

(U.S.) Path To Jihad Starts In NYC: Cops

(Indian Kashmir) Lashkar-e-Taiba militant surrenders in J&K

India's fears of terrorists using sea routes well-grounded: US

(Somalia) Eight killed in Mogadishu fighting;_ylt=AtvT3ISxXReW5LZk7oHpOumQLIUD

Sudan: Govt Accused of Breaking Darfur Arms Embargo

Sudanese military called on to remove all remaining troops from south

Yemen: Weapons banned in capital and other cities

(Russia) Chechen militant leader killed in exchange with Russian police -- terrorist, two policemen killed in Grozny

(Russia) Violence hits Russia's N.Caucasus region;_ylt=AnKFyRAhIbDQgbG0DI4iHeZ_5GIA

Lebanese Army takes over militant stronghold in Nahr El-Bared

(Lebanon) Families of militants set to leave Lebanon camp;_ylt=AnlIAxkwhPr5nJfrxpN7H17agGIB

(Lebanon) Report: Hezbollah to move its Beirut HQ to a secret location

Lebanon: UN welcomes arrests in peacekeeper terror attack probe

Iran on anti-racism committee -- selected by UN for 'leading position' to plan anti-racism conference,7340,L-3441314,00.html

Iran: Israel the standard bearer of Satan,7340,L-3439002,00.html

Palestinian terrorists fire 2 mortar shells at western Negev; none wounded

Palestinians open fire at IDF troops in Nablus; no casualties

Palestinian gunmen fire on IDF troops in Ramallah, Jenin; none wounded

(Gaza) Blast rips through car east of Gaza City

Fatah protest in Gaza against Hamas turns violent

(Egypt) Two Muslim Brotherhood lawmakers released on bail

(Philippines) Abu Sayyaf Muslim rebel killed in military raid in southern Philippines -- Abdul Majid

(Philippines) Suspected bomb courier arrested at central Philippine port

Philippines to step up offensive against Islamic militants;_ylt=AgN7KQRXF1.m061SCtkQ_qJUKYUA

(Philippines) Cops ready bomb possession charge vs terror suspect - arrested in Cebu City

(Thailand) Insurgents kill ex-village headman in Narathiwat

(Thailand) Pattani school director killed by insurgents

Thailand takes battle to deep-South's Islamic schools

(Sri Lanka) Jihad armed men on the rampage in the East

(UK) Scotland: Student 'showed beheading videos' - Mohammed Atif Siddique trial

(UK) Gordon Brown's Britain รข€“ How to Lose the War on Terror

(Germany) Bail allowed for Berlin "terrorist supporter" -- group responsible for 25 arson attacks - leftist MG (Militante Gruppe)

(France) Explosives discovered at top French business school

France: Court to rule on former Red Brigades member's extradition

(France) Basque separatists plan rally during Sarkozy visit

(Canada) Letter-bomb delivery leads to evacuations in Guelph

(U.S.) Coast Guard may train with lasers - instead of live fire

Other News:

France helping Arab states with nuclear programs -- Libya, Algeria, UAE

Europe to host NGO attack on Israel

(Germany) Politician charged for Nazi Nobel push,23599,22303464-23109,00.html

(Germany) Swastikas painted on asylum seeker flats,23599,22302469-23109,00.html

(Belgium) Stories of Life: Domestic violence

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